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Look What’s New at Origami Owl!!

August 29, 2015 By · 1 Comment

For those of you that would like to purchase your own Origami Owl Items I would love it if you used my link. 🙂 http://elizabethferree.origamiowl.com Recently released we have Officially licensed collegiate charms. Is your favorite listed?

Next up we have these beautiful watches.
Don’t forget our really spooky Halloween items!
Which do you like?

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Exciting Gift For My Origami Owl Customers!

November 20, 2014 By · No Comments

Disclosure: If you visit the link listed below and make a purchase I will make commission. 😉  

I am so excited to share this with all my readers and I had to post this as soon as I could so here it is.  I also wanted to take a moment right now to thank each and every one of my readers/friends/family members that have purchased from me. The commission always came at a time I really, really needed it. Thanks again. If you were already trying to figure out what to get someone for Christmas this could just be it.

Origami Owl Gift


From Thursday, November 20 at 9 a.m. (MST) through Saturday, November 22 at 8:59 a.m. (MST), my customers will receive a free Gift of Gratitude with each purchase of $59.50. This gorgeous gift includes a Large Silver Locket (LK1012) featuring the limited edition Snow Globe Charm (CH1924) and a 16” Silver Faceted Ball Chain (CN5017) to help your customers bring their Holiday story to life. This gift has a retail value of $39!

That’s right you get the necklace, locket and a charm. Isn’t that great? This is just on top of whatever you were already going to purchase.

Visit my Origami Owl page: http://elizabethferree.origamiowl.com  Click more to find exact details on how to do it. What will you be getting? These would make for some great Christmas gifts.

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I’m Your Origami Owl Consultant!

September 5, 2014 By · 32 Comments

I am so excited about my past few months venturing into Origami Owl as a designer and while my life has been pretty hectic but I am still trucking along. I know I could be so much further along on this ladder if I had only focused because Origami Owl is such easy jewelry to sell. I mean really it has sold itself many times while I am in dream land, however I am coming to you today to help me out and to let you know about it. I would LOVE to either get some major sells, parties (online) or consultants under me. Why? Because it would help me out financially and I know I can do this. As many of you know I’m a stay at home/work at home mother to five kids. 5! Yes, I did say five great kids, one of which will graduate this school year. The first time I saw these I fell in love, even more when I hear all my kids could fit into one.

1458682_358704117607787_1114254404_norigami owl charms

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I am an Origami Owl Independent Designer

January 8, 2014 By · 34 Comments

origami owl eliza ferree

Ever since I did my first Origami Owl review, I was in love with it and wanted to be a part of it. For a very long time I had wanted a mother’s locket, bracelet or ring and Origami Owl Locket there was this large locket that had all the answers. I mean with five kids it isn’t very easy to put them all in a ring, etc. When doing the review I was even more impressed with the amount of response I got from Michelle, she was so friendly and willing to talk to me about each piece, the company and my life. I loved the way my locket looked but even more the packaging was so cute and the product was safe inside a fortune cookie. How cute is that?

I became even more interested in Origami Owl when I learned more about young Bella (the designer/founder) and how it began as a  wish of getting a job to pay for her first car by the time she turned 16 and she did it. She had told her parents she wanted one and they informed her she needed to buy it herself.  She created this company and the rest as they say is history, only today it seems that this company leads the way for many direct selling companies.  I knew I wanted to work with the company immediately as I watched a video of her stopping off at schools and donating to kids that didn’t get much, you all know I love to pay-it-forward and donate to children every year.

I kept having to put it off though because of one reason or another, but then something magical happened (an elf gave me a little hand) and I became an Independent Designer too. I won’t lie, I had been reading all about Origami Owl ever since that first review, I read other people’s pages, the stories of how they got in, read reviews on locket just to see the stories people were creating. I kid you not I love stopping by and reading about why someone made the locket they did because their stories are so interesting. It’s like reading a very short book. Reading the stories and seeing the locket proves that no two lockets or people are the same. Once I signed up to be a designer I couldn’t wait until I got that first package, you know the Origami Owl Kit that makes you really feel official.

Many of you like to read why a person starts a business, truth is besides the above I also want to begin making more money then my blog makes (which isn’t much) in order to pay off debt (lots of it) and to continue to stay home with my kids, especially Nicoli. He’s at that precious point in his tiny little life where he’s just learned to crawl, pull himself up and next it’ll be walking and I don’t want to miss a moment of it.  Plus at the end of this year I start paying my college off.  I ordered my Origami Owl kit on November 27th and it got here Monday, December 2nd (due to the holiday). The kids wanted to see all the charms that were in it…okay well the girls did the boys didn’t really seem to care. BalletGirl (age 13) can’t wait to sign up on her next birthday to do this with me as a mom and daughter team. I was asked by my oldest “Mom when you start selling hundreds of dollars worth of these a month can you buy me the Playstation 3?” Hey, it means they believe in me right?

If you are anything like me you want to know how it is going and what everything looks like. Right? Not to worry I will show you what I get and when I get sales. I will take you along this journey with me, just like I do my parenting journey. Who knows maybe I’ll help some of you out but you may help me out too. http://elizabethferree.origamiowl.com (visit and buy something and help me stay home with Nicoli)

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Wordless Wednesday: My New Adventure

December 11, 2013 By · 3 Comments

In an effort to make a bit more income I’ve decided to take on a new adventure and join the other Owls. That’s right I am now an Origami Owl Independent designer. I actually fell in love with the product earlier this year when I did my first review, but had to come up with the funds to actually invest in it. So if you are looking for a last minute gift idea these are great because you can really personalize them.


My Origami Site! 🙂 Happy Wordless Wednesday! If you are ready to take on an adventure sign up now and together we can soar to new heights.

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