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Wordless Wednesday: Nicoli Says Hi!

May 7, 2014 By · No Comments

Nicoli decided he wanted to be on the blog today. Can you believe this little man turned a year old at the end of April? Where did the time go? We are actually sitting inside McDonald’s enjoying ourselves a little relaxation time.


Don’t forget to leave a comment so I can visit your page. Happy WW!


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Wordless Wednesday: Nicoli is 9 Months Old

February 5, 2014 By · 1 Comment

1010214_425832770881527_2100060665_nCan you believe Nicoli is 9-months-old now? Here he is sitting on the couch watching his favorite show “Littlest Pet Shop.” It is cute seeing how much he enjoys this show because this use to be BabyGirl’s favorite show too, which means they both still watch it together. haha. Happy Wordless Wednesday! Don’t forget to comment below so I can visit your page.


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Wordless Wednesday: Nicoli is Growing Up

November 13, 2013 By · 3 Comments

This past month has definitely been one of those milestone ones for my sweet 6-month-old boy. At the end of October he got his 6 month shots and in the same week his first tooth popped through. Last week he decided he would attempt to roll over and loved it so much he continues to do it. I tried him on peas this past week, check out his face!


Today, I placed him on the ground (his rubber alphabet mats) and he cried for me. I called him towards me just to encourage him and what happened, through tears and a cry he pulled himself forward. He’s on his way to crawling. He’s growing up so fast.


Happy Wordless Wednesday! Don’t forget to leave a link and visit my giveaway page, there are a ton of things for you to win.

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Wordless Wednesday: Nicoli’s Week

October 1, 2013 By · 5 Comments

Nicoli's chair His BuddyHe was sickAll Better!


This was Nicoli’s week. I thought ya’ll would like to see a few pics of him. He has learned to flip over and now seems to be cutting teeth. He loves to chew on everything, especially his little blue puppy and silky part of his blanket. He doesn’t seem to like the heat much but loves when we put him in the little toddler pool. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Nicoli is 2 Month’s Old

June 28, 2013 By · 2 Comments

Nicoli turned 2 months old yesterday.  I must admit there are days where it feels like just yesterday I was bringing him home, but then there are days where it feels like he’s 4 months old already.  Who knows maybe that is because I’m already in a routine or maybe it is because everyone always ask if he is much older because he looks bigger and has a lot of hair.  Lets go through his short life so far for a bit of fun and we’ll play around with some pictures too. Sound fun?


His birth was all set to be induced so there was no guessing when he’d come, we knew the date, however predicting the time was a bit fun. But he proved to be a quick learner, once he set his mind to something there was no stopping him. This little man came quickly and I almost gave birth to him on the floor of his hospital room. There were no issues nursing him, in fact the nurses heard he was my 5th and asked if I’d like to go around with them helping the other mothers. It was all in jest but still. Kind of made me wonder if I should look into that in the future. There is something about the birth of a newborn that opens your eyes to all things. Maybe it is the newness, who knows. This little man (Little Man) was loved from the start, his siblings couldn’t wait to see him and hold them, mom and dad of course got to hold him first. Once at home everyone got turns too.

I am so thankful that he has been such a great little baby, I know there are times when you have a baby that cries through the night, keeps everyone up, etc. But I think he knew early on that I needed a baby that was quiet and always happy. See the first few weeks of his life we would be preparing for a move, leaving our apartment and moving into hotels and then we’d be preparing for a very long road trip. He never gave me issues, which was a good thing because I was still healing. I would have a hard time moving around, my back would constantly hurt and I’d feel like if I stood up everything might fall out. (gross I know but it felt like that)

nicoli 045nicoli 010

Can you see the love between older brother and younger? The kids came to see him the day he was born but they were there for less than a few minutes and Soccerboy would later text me saying he was disappointed that he didn’t get to hold him. I had them come back the next day so he could hold him for a few hours. Can you see that grin on his face as he held him for the first time?  Yes that was him sleeping beside Nicoli but Nicoli did not fall asleep. He’s very close with his brother. I hope they will always be close even though they are years apart in age. SoccerBoy will walk over, pick him up and walk him around or just lay down with him on his chest as he listens to his tunes. Sometimes he’ll be on his video games and show him the game as Nicoli tends to love Pokemon just like his big brothers.

nicoli 014angelinonicoli 008

I even caught his two younger siblings holding him. For the life of me I never had my camera on me in the first month when BalletGirl would hold him on her chest but check out the post below, I would eventually catch him with her. Yes she fell asleep while holding him, I thought it was one of the most precious pictures I had to take it. Oh and if you notice he loves sucking his thumb and first two fingers. If you take those fingers out of his mouth he gets angry. He doesn’t cry, never really has (until he got his 2 month old shots) instead he shouts, stops, waits and does it again.  BabyGirl can get him chattering a mile a minute, I don’t know what it is she does differently but I love watching the two of them together. She will get him laughing, yelling, etc and his hands going as if he was telling her what happened. Little A is always trying to help and asks to hold him, he doesn’t understand that he is still too small to just trying picking him up and needs us to put him in his arms. But he is very proud of him and will tell anyone he sees that he’s a big brother and then go into whatever his baby brother is doing these days.

june2 016

I even got a picture of daddy holding him and myself holding him, which is very rare but they are here. I took the one of him and his daddy, BalletGirl took the photo of Nicoli and myself. These are two of his favorite positions to sleep. He loves the flat surface which is why he falls asleep so often on his big brother or dad. Myself, he instantly thinks it is time to eat and normally gets mad but he does like to cuddle and here he actually fell to sleep. BalletGirl loves making faces at him and trying to get him to copy her, so she’s constantly sticking her tongue out at him. I think it is cute, especially when he tries doing it back.

june6 005june4 041

Nicoli’s learning peek-a-boo, so everyone comes up and does that with him. He loves taking showers, likes his mamaroo but only on the car mode and he loves sleeping in the car. He has been sleeping through the night since day one, but on occasion will wake in the middle of the night and want to play. It is hard for me to sleep when I know he is laying in his bed trying to chat or play so I normally play with him for a few minutes before drifting back to sleep myself. Did you ever have that issue? He is smiling all the time (has been) and laughs, most of his laughs are silent but you are starting to hear them more. Would you all enjoy videos of Nicoli every once in a while? Let me know.


Nicoli is currently 12lbs 6oz and 24.5 inches long, he continues to grow like crazy and still has all his hair.  He tries crawling but right now is only going around in circles. He gets angry and yells while he does it because he can’t seem to get to where he wants. He arches his back when you ask if he wants UP. Puts his hands to his mouth when you ask if he wants milk. Final note: I think he has a cowlick, poor thing.

Note to all: I have always heard you will love each child the same, but I know many of us worry we won’t have enough love to go around when you have more kids……that is totally not the case. I love each and every one of my children so very much. I wouldn’t change anything about them either. Love them to pieces.

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