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Bursting with Energy

June 26, 2015 By · 1 Comment


Besides the fact I have been watching my oldest pack and repack his bags which means sometimes I begin to get that knot that grows ever so slightly when you know your bird is about to leave the nest. Yes, I said bird, but ya’ll know what I mean. Every time I see him pack his bag I get a sadness but a happiness that grows over me. See it isn’t like I’m just releasing him to a world unknown, in fact he will be leaving California with his dad and moving in with him until he has enough to move out on his own …. if he chooses to do so.

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Wacky Wednesday: With my kids

October 1, 2014 By · 49 Comments

It seems that a few of you are getting a kick out of my Wacky Wednesday moments with my kids. While I must admit that years later or moments after the incidents happened I was eventually able to find the humor in it, however, I did NOT at the time. I’m sure ya’ll can relate, even if it isn’t the same moments such as my child sticking tampons down our toilet and clogging it up or how my youngest puts eggs between his toes. Gross!

So I’m going to take you back to a few funny moments I had with them as the kids and I moved from Indiana (which I desperately miss) to Sunny California (where only I can manage to get a square sunburn only on my upper leg and nowhere else- I swear this is true) How can I find humor when we were moving across country in a minivan that had no air conditioning and 5 children, one of which was only a few months old.

The Cop will Arrest You
Mom! He’s here to arrest you. I’ll hide you.” That was all I heard as my 6 yr old little boy dove over the top of me as we were sitting at a table inside McDonald’s. I was a bit confused to why I was about to get arrested until he responded. “Mom you can’t feed him in here, the cop might see your boob.” haha. Yes, since I had just had a baby he wasn’t use to seeing me feed in public and he thought that I was showing my private parts meant I’d get arrested. For those that know me you already know I’m very discreet when feeding in public, but he knew I was feeding his brother under the shirt. I had to explain that they can’t arrest a person for eating, even at McDonald’s. By the way, I wasn’t arrested, he didn’t even notice us.

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Life in Hotels

July 16, 2011 By · 6 Comments

As many of you may have already figured out, we are no longer living in our home anymore. Long story short, we didn’t get to renew the lease and have been in hotels since July 1st. We had two days to have everything packed and out, I lost all my kitchen items as we just didn’t have time and I stayed up for over 48 hours doing most of it myself. At one point I even told my husband I wanted out of our marriage during all this. I won’t lie, it is extremely stressful and I’m seriously trying to hold it together as we try to sort out our life. There have been a lot of bad moments since getting notice of our departure of our wonderful home to the life in hotels. But to be honest there were a lot of bad moments leading up to this as well. Many of you may remember that exactly this time last year we were also living in hotels, so as you can imagine I’m getting pretty tired of that type of life.


Hotels are suppose to be for those that are moving into a house if they have to wait a day or two to get things turned on, moving across country or even going on vacation. However, one is NOT suppose to LIVE in a hotel, not unless there has been some natural disaster where you must. Or maybe it is just me. Who knows? You try staying in a hotel room with four kids and keeping up with your online college classes. I won’t lie, I’ve even considered calling the school up and putting that on hold. But I know if I were to do that even when life gets back on track I may not ever get back into it.


I’ve wanted to tell ya’ll so long, however I was told I shouldn’t blog about my life. Not blogging about it meant holding it in because this is the place I come when I need to vent. It’s my friend, ya’ll are family. Not sharing this has been bugging me but after talking in the Bloggers & Brands Summit11 thread today I learned that ya’ll may want to hear about the good and the bad. If not let me know now. But I think I need to get this out.


As the days tick by so does our time, the kids begin school just next month and so far every number I have called has not called back. I’m grabbing at straws at this point, I want a house. I’ve heard stories here how the families have lived here for months, this is not something I want for me or my family. During all of this though I am also becoming more and more home sick no matter how indifferent we are towards one another they are always my family and I really miss them. Tell me all will be fine will ya? Because until this year, I thought no matter what things had happy endings (yes I’m a romantic and had always been an optimistic until the last few years) but so far I see one dark storm after another, sure things go great for a while but then it hits and you are on the floor looking up wondering what could possibly happen next. I know I’m normally a chipper self but I no longer want to hide from ya’ll. This is the real me, I can be happy one moment but when life comes at me from every angle I just can’t keep the smile on. Be prepared because I can see this blog is about to become more honest than you’ve ever seen. I hope you are ready. Not to worry though, I’ll still chat about my weight, my kids, products and lots of giveaways coming up. Until then, thank you for reading this much.

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Get Ready for School Checklist

July 22, 2010 By · 1 Comment

Friday we leave all hotels to begin our new life in a new state. What does this mean? Well it means a lot, new school, neighborhoods, shots if the kids need them, getting movers to come and so much more. Basically it means I need to get myself into gear and ready, so I think I’m going to  try a checklist for next month just to see if I can stay on top of things.

–  Drive to Indiana (Yes, me, the one person who has never driven further than 2 hours away. The person who happens to have a huge fear of bridges, tunnels and overpasses…lets not forget going over 45) I’ll let ya’ll know on Saturday how well I do. For those that don’t know I also have a fear of driving, so much that I refused to learn until I turned 26 and that was only because I almost gave birth at home to our 3rd child.

–  Figure out where all Furniture will go– By this I mean which room goes to the boys and girls and then where my couch and hutch will fit. Something tells me I’ll need to put the hutch in my room. Eeek!

–  Schedule Movers- Yes I need to call and find out exactly what time the movers will be out there. Prefer Monday, but not sure if they can do it that quickly.

–  Begin unpacking. Unless of course movers aren’t there.

–  Begin Lumixyl’s Topical Brightening System which is suppose to make me brighter in 8 weeks. (I’d love for my skin to look healthier and with all the hotel stays and driving it looks gross). I’ll need to take a pic to begin it. I want to take that same picture every week.

–  Begin losing weight, which means no eating junk and replace the soda intake with water.

–   Begin a walking routine with the kids.

–  Enroll the kids in school– I have three kids that’ll be going to school this year which means I need to sign them up for school. I’ve already peeked and they start around the 3rd week in August. No time to goof off, I need to figure out where all documents are, see who needs shots and do this.

–  Get SoccerBoy on a bus schedule- his school happens to be between two VERY busy roads (highway) and there is NO way I’m letting him walk or ride his bike.

–  Schedule a Physical– All three kids want to do sports which means getting physicals.

How’s that for a to-do list?

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Overwhelmed with Stress

July 16, 2010 By · No Comments

As all my readers already know I’ve been in hotels now for over a month, first to go find a house to live and then to wait to move in once we got back here and had the movers take everything. I’d love to lie and say it has all been a piece of cake but I’m not going to do that because anyone knows that moving is anything but that.

The House Drama
We got the house but not without a struggle and the monthly bills will probably be pretty high. Which means our moving to our permanent home will probably take 6months to one year more than we had planned. I knew immediately when I saw the house I wanted it, even though it was small inside and meant our boys would bunk together and our girls would bunk together but I felt good about it. More than likely our youngest will end up in his toddler bed in our room. No big deal. There’s a BIG backyard with a fence, which means Little A can run and I don’t constantly have to chase him or keep him inside. ..especially when the others are at school and daddy at work. The girls’ school is located less than 2 blocks away so they can walk, SoccerBoy’s is down the road a bit but I feel safe about it. After many issues with the lease everything was signed and cash sent. Cash took forever to get to him even though we sent it priority mail and every day we got a call asking where it was. Only problem we knew it was out there and would get to him, he didn’t really know us and wasn’t sure if he could trust us. Finally, we move in a week from today. Phew.

Car Drama
Man this is one of those things that I barely want to talk about but I feel I must or I’ll explode. For as long as I can remember we’ve always had one car, since being out of the military and boy is that tough. One car after another breaks down and leaves us with something worse than the one before. I miss my mini van that’s for sure. I hate the Subaru. I get that my husband loves it, it’s a fix-me-upper, but it is also a vehicle that means one of us will always stay behind, that or we make double trips. Being in hotels this has got very aggravating. Hubby went to a dealership and decided I needed a new car, one he could trust even if it were used for me.

After 2 weeks of dealing with the dealer, we went home with my baby. She’s a 2004 Buick Segal that I named Regina. I found out last night what I thought was mine may not be. 🙁 Apparently they let us “test drive” the vehicle until today, today we take it back and see if we are bringing her back home with us or if we will all pile inside the Subaru until our move is complete. The car honestly isn’t worth $10000 they want, but I don’t see them lowering the price $2000 to fit the blue book price, which means we’ll leave her in the lot. If we leave her we will not look again until we get to our destination and try that weekend to get anything we can. This worries me, anytime we’ve had to wait until last minute we get left with crap. Hubby says we’ll only worry about it lasting a month but that worries me more. I don’t want a car I know will only last a month, I want one that’ll last for MANY months, even years and something I’m at least kind of proud of. I leave in an hour to figure what happens.

School Stress
While college seems to be going great I worry about signing the kids up for school. How will it be for them going into a new school yet again and making friends. Soccerboy seems to have a harder time making new friends which worries me more. The girls, well it just seems to be easier for girls, but he is older and has more of those pressures of the kids already having the groups they been in for years. I also worry about finding all the paperwork to sign them up. We couldn’t find every social security card, birth certificate, etc and am just hoping I find it all in time. More stress. See, yes I am stressing out.

Hotel Stress
Believe it or not it has been okay staying here, I prefer something more like the Fairfield Inn or Hampton Inn but we’ve been in the Super 8 and do get clean sheets and towels. But breakfast is far from what it was at the Hampton and I miss it, yes slightly spoiled on that. But also worry because kids are getting restless and want to run in the room but I want to keep them quiet as we are three floors up. Okay had to get all that off my chest. Thank you.

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