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Make School Lunches They Won’t Trade!

August 26, 2017 By · No Comments

Make Your Kids Lunch Exciting so they won’t want to trade it!

School has already started up in some states while it’ll still be a few weeks in others. Get ready to start the daily routine of packing your child’s lunchbox. Parents and kids both hate the topic of lunchboxes but it is a very important task. Instead of starting your morning off with a headache find out what your kid likes and compromise. No one wants the same boring lunch every single day, change it up a bit. Here are some ideas to make lunches your child will love.


Don’t just slap two pieces of bread together and smother on the peanut butter and jelly for your child’s lunch. Make it fun! Cut the crust off it and slice them into four small squares. If you take sandwich ingredients and put them on a skewer, you get a fun-to-eat meal that can pack a lot of variety. Here are some suggestions:

* Bread and cheese cubes
* Fresh fruit and a small container with some cool whip
* Chicken chunks, cheese cubes and pineapple slices
* Small cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and turkey chunks
* Pineapple, ham, and Swiss cheese cubes
* Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, bread cubes, and green peppers
* Cubes sandwich pieces (make the sandwich, then cut it into cubes), fruit, and vegetables
* Shortcake pieces, strawberries and cool whip for dessert [Read more…]

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