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Friday Chatter #3

August 10, 2012 By · 3 Comments

It’s Friday again! Pick a spot to get comfy and pour your beverage of choice as we sit down and talk about our week. Anything good or bad that happen this week? Want some advice on something?

The Good
Some stressful things that were going on have stopped for now which is always a good thing. We also found a used washer and dryer over the weekend so no more laundry mat. Okay the bad news on that is the dryer, even once we bought a few parts did not work. Guess you take your chance at yard sales right? The washer works though. School starts up next week and my little guy isn’t having accidents anymore. Trust me that last part was really stressing me out. No clue why he couldn’t stop having accidents, but he stopped the day I took him to the school to register him. Maybe he is just as bad of a procrastinator that I am and wasn’t wanting to grow up into a big boy. Either way I’m happy to see this stage is passing. My interview last week went great but won’t hear until end of the month if I get the job. I have another interview tonight, it is a night time position so wish me luck.

The Bad
Still have some stress so that is always a bad. Kids starting school is a stresser, especially when they have a million things on their supply list we haven’t bought plus book fees.

I have one question….For those of you with a blog do you think having a blogroll helps or hurts your blog? Why? How has your week been? Don’t forget to leave your link.

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