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Half Day With the Kids

April 1, 2010 By · No Comments

While we had “Spring Break” the week before today the kids were released on a half day due to the upcoming Holiday weekend. What does this mean? Simple the kids are coming home and will be arguing with one another. No, not really or at least I hope they won’t be.  It is windy so they are cooped inside today.

First- Chores, each one will get their own set of chores and before you ask I don’t make them do much. SoccerBoy must wash the dishes, kitchen counters and clean his room.  BalletGirl cleans the kitchen/dining room floor (they are small), table and her room. BabyGirl cleans the hallway and her room. Little A picks up the toys he continutes to dump out.

I also plan on watching movies with the kids tomorrow on Netflix. Oh did I tell you? I decided to go ahead and do a membership with Netflix. You pay $9.99 (or $9.95) a month and watch as many of you want instantly on your computer or have them come to you. We’ve currently watched about 12 movies on Netflix, the hubby has this insomnia thing so it helps him out. Myself, I’ve watched: Baby on Board, Second Chances and of course Barney for Little A.

The hubby’s been watching the Spartacus TV series and I kind of began watching with him on Friday, but they only come out with a new one once a week. He’s also into Japanese and animation movies so he’s watched a ton of those while I’ve slept. We also watch comedians on their a few nights a week.

I learned a lesson this week, never leave anything in your queue unless you want it to be sent to your house. I had Mrs. Winterbourne in mine and got an email on the 31st telling me I should have a movie in my mailbox on April 1st. I honestly didn’t believe it would be there that quickly but it was there today. Kids are already making plans for tomorrow. Got any?

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