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The Benefits of Board Games for Kids

May 5, 2017 By · No Comments

Benefits of Board Games

Many of you grew up playing board and card games with the local kids or siblings. Board games are still quite popular contrary to what seems to be a tech-driven world. My family has always made sure we take the time to play board games. It is the one time you know everyone will gather around enjoying one another and talking about their week. Board games are the type of game where family or children of all ages can sit down to enjoy some quality time while learning a few skills. It’s amazing what skills your kids can learn when you start having a family board game night, here are some of the benefits of board games for kids.

Kids Learn Patience

Through the natural game play of board games, your kids will learn patience. Patience is a much-needed skill for all ages and when you can teach this through fun, it will come naturally to your kids. Having to wait your turn or pause to hear what the other family member is saying during their turn allows your child to sit quietly and calmly while they watch what their family member will do on their turn.

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Accident Prone Kid or Something Else?

October 14, 2013 By · 1 Comment

What’s sucks is when you have a parent that is so accident prone that it seems to be a genetic thing. Right? Can being accident prone be something that is carried down from one generation to the next? I’m actually serious, I know as a kid I was always falling down or bruising easily but with that in mind I was also in track and cross country. In track I did the high jump and was constantly hitting the metal bar and bruising myself so there was an actual excuse, as an adult I just bump into things and bruise. Don’t ask me why it just happens.

I have kids that seem to be be magnets to getting hurt, but the one that never did is suddenly getting hurt constantly but not at home…instead it is at school. Last week Little A (age 6 and before you say it yes I know that age tends to get hurt a lot) came home in two of those big bandages like you’d wear for your whole knee cap or something. One was on his left elbow and the other he showed me by lifting his shirt, it was on his left side. He explained to me that he was playing tag at recess (which I’ve been told they are not allowed to do) and was pushed down on the ground during it. OUCH. I never got a phone call, but I know schools can be busy too.

Today I did get a call, this time it was the nurses office. Little A was at recess coming back to class when another kid was rushing to his own class, this other kid had a stick and poked Little A in the eye with it. Little A is currently in the nurses office with an ice pack on his eye, she says it is really red and will probably get worse before he is home but wanted me to know about it.

Is this a kids will be kids or do I need to start watching more? What do you think? Or just accident prone? I’ll update after I see my poor little guy.

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Reluctant Reader Reading Guide

July 21, 2012 By · 43 Comments

Do you fear approaching your Reluctant Reader?  Have they been spotted this summer participating in questionable behavior with

their books like building forts and extreme paper dolls?  Identified by their atypical behaviors, the Reluctant Readers Road to Recovery Guide is here to help you create successful encounters with hesitant young readers everywhere. Panic no more and take control of rainy day havoc, poolside chaos and playground mayhem with a great book for your unique reader.

Reluctant Readers Road to Recovery Guide

The Make-Believer has more imagination frequent flier miles than a Pan Am stewardess! The best cure for this case of Reluctant Reading is Elliot and the Last Underworld War by Jennifer Nielsen (Author of The False Prince).  The Make-Believer will be thrilled to join the sarcastically hilarious Elliot in the Underworld.  As the King of the Brownies, Elliot has battled Goblins, tricked Pixies, and trapped a Demon. But now, the Demon has escaped and he’s ready for revenge.  So, the Pixies, Shapeshifters, Elves, Goblins, and Brownies must join forces to battle the Demon head on before he has the chance to destroy Earth.

The Daredevil thinks trick-or-treating should apply to everyday life, especially the tricks! Cure their hunger for trouble with Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire by Francesca Simon. Not even your daredevil will believe what Henry is up to next in these four new wonderful and wacky tales.  The international bestselling Horrid Henry series provides readers with a prankster whose relentless antics create a laugh-out-loud read.  WARNING: Do not allow daredevils to consume milk while reading or milk may spray from the nose!

The BFF has matching bracelets with all her friends and wins Miss Congeniality every year. This is a case of Reluctant Reading that can only be cured with Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch by Lauren Barnholdt.  Hailey Twitch and her spirited sprite Maybelle, return in the fourth installment to the fab, fab, fabulous series.  The BFF will be delighted to read as Hailey gets ready to be a flower girl in her cousin’s wedding!  Maybelle’s mischief and fairy magic is back and might land the duo in trouble!

Bruce Lee 2.0 can quote Enter the Dragon from start to finish and has broken table lamps with leg kicks. The only cure for such readers (and your house) is to follow the UK’s youngest secret agent in Jason Steed: Revenge by Mark A. Cooper. Set in a fast-paced 1970s Britain with non-stop excitement and martial arts fight scenes, Revenge is perfect for kids who aspire to be the next martial artsmaster and are looking for adventure stories and heroes who aren’t afraid to take action.  In the thrilling follow-up to Fledgling Jason is sent on a new undercover mission and must infiltrate a shadowy criminal organization –but his luck is running out.

Don’t forget to search for the following:


Elliot and the Last Underworld War by Jennifer Nielsen

Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire by Francesca Simon

Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch by Lauren Barnholdt

Jason Steed: Revenge by Mark A. Cooper

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Fun-filled Weekend with the Kids

October 3, 2010 By · 1 Comment

So this was the weekend the hubby goes back to Missouri (once a month) which meant doing something with just the kids and myself. I’m sure if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you’ll know that I treasure these times, actually I treasure any weekend I get to spend with them since they are in school all week long. Thankfully they don’t go to school as long as they did in Missouri, well at least not the horrid hours (8-4pm) and Soccerboy was 7-2:45. However, if Indiana School board gets their way they will give them all year round. I hate this idea, not only because it messes with their schedule but it messes with mine and my hubby’s. As you know I’m going to college online and I get excited during our breaks but if things change I might not get to spend the time I want, not to mention the camps and fun thing we can plan for the summer. I recently wrote my thoughts about this in the comment section of The Indy Star post: Ideas sought on year-round IPS calendar Any thoughts on year round school?

On to other exciting topics! Friday the kids and I basically chilled, they went ahead and played video games, tag, read books (BalletGirl and I are reading Autumn Winifred Oliver for a Mom & Daughter BookClub) and watched movies. Each one came to me at one point asking to make a lens. Lens are these little what I call Micro-sites about a niche item. A few examples:

Squidoo Lenses Made by Us:

My First LeapPad books (created because Little A got this at a yard sale)
New My Little Pony (Made for Babygirl with her help)
Toy Story 3 Kids Toys (I actually bought this but added on to it, Little A just LOVES these guys)
The Justin Bieber Report (you guessed it, this one is BalletGirl’s as she has a major crush on him.)

Basically you create a lens, the more popular it gets and more clicks it makes you make money. Since you can add affiliate links you can earn even more. If you’d like to join squidoo feel free to click the following link and sign up under me. 🙂  Join Squidoo

Saturday was full of rain, which meant we had to stay inside. I had planned ahead of course and asked hubby to get us some goodies for a Movie Marathon. We ate chocolate, ritz crackers and easy cheese, muffins, juice and made 2 batches of croissants. Want to see some of our new croissants? We made chocolate and some cheese croissants. Next time we are trying to make scrambled eggs and ham croissants. What did you do this weekend?

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A Quiet, Peaceful Morning

June 8, 2010 By · 1 Comment

Today began at 5 am, a crack of thunder and a tiny buzzing from my phone. For those that don’t know I use my phone as an alarm clock so I normally wake immediately to it. Today it was annoyingly LOUD. I couldn’t hit sleep so I got up and the house began to stir. This was the day we would scrub all the floors, windows and walls before taking a break. The kids had this task (with my help) done before 8:30a.m. and to think of all the times it took them this long just to clean their dining room table. Yeah I didn’t think it was impossible.

Currently GeoTracks is on the tv with Little A watching it on the floor, BabyGirl decided she’d go back to sleep, Soccerboy and BalletGirl are sitting on the couch playing their video games. It is quiet, dark and all I can hear is the show, a few noises from the machines and the pittering of raindrops. Peace!

What do you do to get peace and quiet in your house?

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