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2 Fun, summer Kids games

June 20, 2006 By · No Comments

During the school year my son had lots of trouble in english. By this I mean reading, writing, etc. You get the drift. He had a very hard time, even harder for me I think since I love to write.

However, I am determined to get him up to where he should be and I have found two fun games that he LOVES and I thought your kids might too.

The Dot Game: This game many of you probably know. You make rows of dots (even amount) horizontally across the page. Then you connect the dots with a line. You get a turn, he gets a turn. Whoever can make a box gets to put their initial in it. Try to see who gets the most initials. We have played this every day so far since he’s been out. Today, he’s beating me by A LOT.

5 letter Alphabet game: This one, think of a 5 letter word. Let’s say it was CHILD.

Write that word on a piece of paper. Now take that word and on another piece of paper put it in alphabetical order.

CDHIL Now have your child figure it out. They will have a blast with this and will want to see if you can figure their word out too.

Have fun this summer. More ideas to come.

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