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Hug a Cub From Build-a-Bear Review

May 9, 2013 By · 8 Comments

Nicoli was sent a Hug a Cub from Build-a-bear for review purposes.

I recently discovered that Build-a-Bear weren’t just for the young kids on up but they have a very special edition to their set, a newborn type called “Hug-a-Cub.” The Hug-a-Cub Club has tiny gifts just for little babies, which includes newborn babies. Now as you all know, I (as well as my kids) am a very big fan of Build-a-bear, one of the reasons is because there is always something for everyone and now that I know they have something even for the newest member of our family that seals the deal.

hug a cub

The Hug-a-Cub has brown bears, a blue puppy, a green frog, pink bunny and a white lamb to choose from. One thing I always worry about when someone gets a baby (especially a newborn) a teddy bear or doll are the eyes and nose, these little guys have sewn in eyes, in other words nothing sharp or hard. So you are probably wondering what we were sent to review, right? First, I wasn’t sure which would get here the gift or my “Little Man” but it seems they are faster than he wanted to be and his gift was waiting here at the house when he decided to come out. Oh with the exception of his Blue Puppy dog that Little A insisted I bring to the hospital for his baby brother.

Hug a cub Blue Puppy
The Hug-a-Cub package comes with:
– Baby Bag
– Snuggler (what we call a plush rattle)
– Lil Buddy Puppy (tiny baby blankie with puppy head)
– Very soft baby blue blanket
– Bear (for us it was a blue puppy)
– Their papers

Hug a CubThis costs $49 and if you add embroidery it is an extra $10, I think adding a name to the bag is totally worth it. Now they will have their own bag to carry around. Currently the kids take the bag with us with one of his toys (normally the bear or rattle), diapers, wipes and his pacifier. So it is being used as a hug a cub bagdiaper bag which is handy for me. The gift comes in either a signature colorful bag full of tissue paper and your collection or the cub condo. What do you think of them?

As far as what Nicoli thinks of his new gifts….lets just say he sleeps wrapped up in his really soft, baby blue blanket. His slightly bigger brother loves to shake his rattle for him and as far as the lil buddy and stuffed puppy goes….he sleeps with them every night. In fact I fell asleep last night with him on my bed (Boy was I tired) only to discover Little A decided that if his brother was sleeping he must still sleep with his puppy dog. I woke up an hour later to find the puppy beside him.

Disclosure: We were sent the Build-a-Bear Hug-a-Cub for review purposes. As always, all pictures are my own as well as our opinions.

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Wordless Wednesday: Nicoli

May 8, 2013 By · 1 Comment

Hug a Cub

This is Nicoli with his tiny Hug a Cub that Build-a-Bear sent him.  (all but my precious little boy and pacifier came from them) I still can’t believe how tiny he is.  We went to the doctor today and found out he has gained weight and inches, but his head is still the same. We were worried at first because doctors told us at the hospital his legs and feet may have some issues that needed worked on, but his pediatrician said they are perfectly fine now. Woo hoo!   Happy Wordless Wednesday. Please drop your Link below and comment. 🙂

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