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How to Train Your Dragon Movie & Toys

March 26, 2010 By · 2 Comments

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How many of you will be hitting up the movie theaters this weekend to go see, “How to Train a Dragon”? I wasn’t really sure about this movie when I first started hearing about it because I hadn’t watched any of the previews and just kept hearing the kids talking. Now it only sounded like something really cheesy to me and it hadn’t been made into a cartoon so didn’t sound like anything exciting. That is until the hubby and I watched a movie recently and got to see one of the previews for “How To Train a Dragon.” It looks really cute and he (and the kids) love dragons and swords so this would definitely be a good one for them. I liked that it didn’t look like your typical cartoon and I loved the theme of it.

How to Train Your Dragon Movie:
A young teenage Viking is learning to hunt dragons but suddenly meets one face to face and learns they are nice. He asks if anyone has trained them and is basically laughed out of the place but decides to try anyways. Can he teach this dragon to be friendly? Can he teach his people they don’t have to fight them?

Of course everyone knows that with one hot movie coming out kids are going to be begging for the books, coloring books, posters, toys, etc. This is perfect time since Easter is only a week, these would make for some great basket fillers. Now they even have the Netflix series.

I already have a few asking for the books and two asking for the toys. Little A wants any of the toys, his sister wants the stuffed dragon. It really is cute.

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