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31 Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

October 28, 2016 By · 4 Comments
31 halloween crafts toddler

Halloween Toddler Craft

Halloween Toddler Crafts: 
Halloween is just a few days away!  This means some of you are trying to get creative or just looking for some Halloween crafts for your preschooler to do. I love doing crafts with Nicoli and I’m sure you have a little one you’d love to do some crafts with too. Am I right?

I mean who doesn’t love little hand-print ghosts to hang up in their window or proudly display feet witches on the refrigerator door. My little guy gets so excited to see his creations displayed for all to see. Some of these crafts are geared just for those little ones, but some Halloween toddler crafts need a little help.

I’ve compiled a list of 31 Halloween Crafts from cute pumpkins and bats to spooky spiders and monsters. Happy Halloween! May your toddler have a ton of fun with these Halloween crafts.

31 Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

1. Paper Plate Witch Hat from Cutesy Crafts
2. Fuzzy Belly Ghosts from Sunny Day Family
3. Handprint Spiders in DIY Lace card Web from MomEndeavors
4. Felt Pumpkin Preschool Craft from The Nerd’s Wife
5.  Trick or Treat Smell My Feet portrait from Pinkie for Pink
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Halloween Craft Link-up

October 31, 2014 By · 1 Comment

Happy Halloween!


I would love to say I’m all mom and am able to do remarkable arts & crafts with my kids but that is not the case, but I do try as hard as I can and the best that I can. Instead I’m the mom that gets inspired to try to do arts & crafts by other mothers like the ones below. I thought to myself that I simply couldn’t be the only one that loved Halloween as much as I do and maybe, just maybe others would like to try some of these really neat Halloween Crafts that I found around the blogosphere. So now I am going to share these spooky creations with you all. Let me know if you try any of them and if you create your own I’d love to do a round up of a Tried-and-true craft link up on Monday. You can either email me your attempts at homemom3@gmail.com or write a post and link it up to me.

For Little Ones:

I have five kids, one in just about every age group which can making crafting time fun but sometimes a little hard. First I’ll share with you some of the easier crafts with you that your younger kiddos could do, with minimal help from you. I’ve always been a fan of anything dealing with fingerprint artwork because it is the one thing that is always the same but gets bigger, which is probably why I loved the Thumbprint Spiders that Trisha of MomDot did for Life with Levi. How many of you remember doing any thumb or fingerprint artwork as a kid or with your younger ones? If your child loves to get paint on them you may also want to try something I’ve done in the past and coat the bottom of their CLEAN foot with white paint and have them step on a piece of construction paper (heal towards the top). Let it dry and then either put googley eyes on it or draw with a black marker some and you will have a ghost footprint to hang on your wall. Don’t forget to label it at the bottom with the year so you know how old they were. Robyn of The Neighborhood Moms posted some great Halloween handprint art that makes you think of a scary tree at a cemetery. Ghosts make me think of skeletons of course, which reminds me of the Q-tip Skeleton that Bre created over at The Small Things. Want to toss up a few Halloween decorations around the house tonight before anyone gets there? Have your kids make a paper plate spider web and hang up egg carton bats.  Oh and don’t forget to make the Lollipop Halloween Booquet over at A Cowboy’s Wife, the kids and I are going to pass out a few of these tonight if we get trick-or-treaters out here.

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Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas with RM Palmer’s Candy

October 31, 2013 By · No Comments

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links (if you click on them I may get a few cents) and we were sent product in exchange for this post.

We were sent bags of RM Palmer Candy for a review purpose. We’ve had the stomache flu going around our house for the last two week so sadly I didn’t get this post up quick enough but I still wanted to give you a few last minute Halloween Party ideas using RM Palmer’s Candy. I must say I have always enjoyed these candies, the chocolate eyeballs have always been my favorite, I just didn’t realize that was who made them. We were sent Palmer’s Ghostly Goodies (fudge filled boos, creamy peanut butter cups, double crisp googly eyes), Trick or treat mix (fudge filled skulls, double crisp witches & peanut butter pumpkin cups) and Snappin Skulls with crispy chocolaty skulls (pop rocks inside). The kids loved the ones with the poprocks, me, they freak me out but I loved the other chocolate goodies. I’m sure the kids that come to my door will too.

Our Surprise Cheesecake


Note, this is a just add milk cheesecake mix that I got at the store but I chopped up the kids’ favorite pop rocks chocolate pieces to add a bit of a surprise in every bite.  Sprinkled on top are a few chocolate pieces and skulls to top it off.

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