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Baby Teeth: How do I get Him to Stop Grinding his Teeth?

February 6, 2014 By · 5 Comments

Nicoli recently turned 9-months-old and for some moms that means watching them learn to crawl/pull themselves up/or trying to walk. For me though, yeah sure I have all that but it also means getting more teeth. To date Nicoli has 5 teeth, actually more like 4 but the other one is just about all the way out of the gum so I count it too. How many did your baby have/has at 9 months old?


There isn’t even a timeline to say when a baby will get those first teeth, just that between 1-3 years your infant will have a mouthful of teeth. I have read most will get that first tooth between 4-7 months but that isn’t always the case.  Why? Because every baby is different, I even had one baby that had teeth at birth. Yeah that wasn’t fun, thankfully Nicoli didn’t. He began getting his teeth at 6 months.

Nicoli loves showing off his teeth, but he recently discovered how to grind them. Have you ever heard a baby grind their teeth? Eeek. This is like nails on chalkboard for me and I have no clue how to get him to stop. I took my older daughter to the dentist earlier this week and they overhead him grinding his teeth and informed me that’s a bad thing if I can’t get him to stop it now. Umm, how do you get a baby to stop that, especially one under 1 years of age? Any ideas? A day ago I discovered he has chipped (just a tiny bit but still) the top tooth.

Once again, how do I stop him? I know I can’t give him a mouth guard for this young. I have heard some state put something in his mouth like a finger or food. Others have told me to give him a pacifier. I’m beginning to think that the pacifier would be good, only he has never been on it except those first few weeks of birth. Do I want him on it now to have to break him of it later? I’m at a loss.

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