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Busy Moms can Earn Money Back While Cleaning

July 3, 2017 By · 5 Comments

Over the weekend I had a surprise visitor show up. Okay, so he wasn’t much of a surprise for me but the kids had no clue he was coming out. Yes, my oldest military boy came home for a week long visit. I can guarantee you this means lots of BBQs, cooking, arts and crafts and basically messes. Why? We all have fun and don’t care about a mess.

This was right after he got here, which was around midnight. I knew he would get there late so I set up a makeshift bed in the living room for his little brother. I wanted him to see him when he first got up. We did wake him as soon as he got home, I placed him in his arms thinking he’d wake up but he refused. haha.

So we decided to have him lay him down only Nicoli started to pout. He had realized who it was and thought he was leaving. SoccerBoy immediately laid down beside him and pretended to sleep, I had to snap the pic. Okay back to talking about families visiting.

With this week approaching, errr, tomorrow being 4th of July means a lot of you will have family and friends stopping by. I’m guessing you’ll be cleaning non-stop to make sure the place looks sparkling. Perfect time for the earnings I have discovered for Clorox Cleaner + Bleach to make sure everything is clean. Wait?! Did you just read that? I said you can actually EARN money while cleaning. Yep. First, you need to download Ibotta.

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