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Most Embarrassing Moment as a Mom

October 29, 2014 By · 8 Comments

As a mom to five I’m sure there were tons of times when I had an embarrassing mom moment. I mean how many moms out there have had their child do one thing or another to embarrass them? Now I could lie to you all and say I’ve had this perfect life and never had a moment like this but we all know the truth. I’m the mom that just can’t seem to think of a ton at the moment so I’ll go over a brief few, I’m sure I’ve mentioned them here or on Facebook (The Life of a Home Mom) from one time or another. I do want to say sometimes embarrassing moments can be the silly ones and I hope my kids always find the silly in those situations.


Back in 2002 I would have more embarrassing mom moments, or somewhere around there my oldest was attending preschool and his teacher had recently told the students if they ever got into trouble to call 9-1-1. She apparently didn’t explain she meant trouble like a house fire, or a burglar because later that week I grounded him to his room for something…probably throwing a fit or a toy. I went outside to check the mail, this is like 15 steps walking, when I came in I told him to come down. He loved on me, told me sorry and all that so we went out back to play in the water. It was a hot year so we already had the sprinklers out, we’d been outside for about 30-45 minutes when I declared it was time to go back inside, cool down and get some water. Just as we were heading in the fire/police department swarmed around the back freaking me out. They explained someone had just called 9-1-1 from inside. After they did a complete search and finally left he came clean and told me he did it. He didn’t let on the entire time. So may not be too embarrassing but it is when you are in bathing suits and have law enforcement at your home.

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Welcome to California!

July 26, 2013 By · No Comments

To all my readers, so sorry I have been out of contact, but as many of you know I have moved from Indiana to California and there have been a few adjustments. Currently I’m not really around the internet, which is why no reviews or updates have been done on here. However, I will try to get to the local library more often, but with five children in tow things are still a little chaotic. We all love our internet time and thankfully the youngest is sleeping.

Currently we are very thankful to my parents who have provided a roof over our heads. They are great and I am so happy, however as everyone knows it just doesn’t feel like home until you have your own so I am in search for a place to call home and have begun the search. Once I have a place I will work quickly to get the internet back and become active again. Life is definitely different, the kids miss their friends and daddy very much. However they have met so many family members they either never met or haven’t seen in years that have been keeping them extremely busy. I just signed them up for school out here so they are counting down until they can make some friends of their own.

I must admit it is so strange being back in not only California but my hometown, seeing old friends popping up every where I go but the kids love hearing all the childhood stories I had forgotten about and some I wish others had forgot about. It feels strange that things have finally come full circle. Some good news or maybe bad news I arrived here at 204 and am now 193. The California heat really kicks butt on weightloss course I’m also breastfeeding so I know that contributes. Either way things are going good and bad. It is hard when everything is so uncertain and kids are sad. I like seeing them happy with smiles all the time.

Things I have learned:

You can always go home, but not all things about home stay the same. You may come back to your hometown to discover places missing, friends gone or changed, etc.

Children are resiliant (sp) and do bounce back but sometimes it takes a bit of time.

No matter how much you know you are doing a good thing, it will still feel like the wrong thing when you see your child cry.

Things will either go one of two ways, things will get better or they will get worse.

I’ll try keeping ya’ll posted, in the mean time look for me on Facebook and I’ll be posting my California pictures. Eventually I’ll post SpongeBob and Patrick’s Vacation photos. They had a blast even when the dinosaurs tried eating them.

What have you been up to these days? Any advice?

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First Breastfeeding Doll, Now a Pole Dancing Doll?

September 3, 2009 By · No Comments

A pole dancing doll? I’m serious, that was the google trend, someone thought it would cute to make a doll that dances around a pole. I couldn’t even picture and occasion you’d give this doll to a child. I mean she’s a pole dancer. I guess sure if she plans on growing up to become a pole dancer/stripper that’s the perfect graduation gift but I haven’t heard very many girls say that’s what they want to be. Okay, maybe get it for the child that has a mom taht is and mom wants to explain what she does for a living. No, that isn’t good either. Ikk. This doll is just wrong, but then again that’s me. How many of you would get a pole dancing doll for your daughters?


To be honest at first glance I would think this was one of those porcelain dolls, but it isn’t. This is a doll that looks a bit cheap (my own opinion) and winds up and dancing around a pole. She’s a doll with brown hair that dances around a pole while wearing a shiny green dress. I guess at least we can say she isn’t taking her clothes off while doing it. No one knows for sure if this doll is real, but the box sure does look it. Some are saying it was photoshopped, but you never know what people will sell. This isn’t the first time someone has made a pole dancing toy, back in 2006 Tesco made a “Pole Dancing Kit” but it was.
Remember just last month a breastfeeding doll came out. There was a lot of conflict about that one, granted I doubt it will get pulled off the shelves. But this one? Some are saying the pole dancing doll was inspired by Miley Cyrus. Course she didn’t even dance with the pole at the Teen choice awards, she did use it as a support so she didn’t fall off. To which I’m sure now she wishes she never did. What do you think about all this? Bottom line….do you want one for your child?
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A Breastfeeding Doll for Kids

August 5, 2009 By · No Comments

Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe the trend hitting the internet today so I looked it up and sure enough there is an actual “Breastfeeding Doll” for kids. Yes, now your daughter can breastfeed a baby doll just like mommy. While I may have breastfed my four kids, I’m not okay with my daughter pretending to breastfeed a doll. Am I wrong here?

A Spanish toymaker by the name of Berjuan has created Bebe Gloton (the first ever breastfeeding doll). There is a little nursing bra you would put over your daughter that has a flower where her nipple would be. When the baby starts to cry simply place the baby up to the bra and she begins nursing and making sounds such as suck suck (sounds) and once she’s done burp it by hitting it on the chest. I don’t know there is just something about seeing this on a younger child that makes breastfeeding look bad. Breastfeeding is natural, but not on a 7 year old.

I won’t lie, the doll itself without the whole creepy breastfeeding part is very cute and everything else would be great if they left that out. Replace the breast and give the baby a bottle, not my 6-year-old’s boob. Ikkk. Maybe give the baby a bottle and a sling in replacement for the breastfeeding and the nursing bra.

How do you feel? Would you by this doll for your young girl? I’m definitely keeping this post away from BabyGirl and BalletGirl as they’d love it because it is different. I’d be scared of the thing and would not want to see them doing it. Yes I realize this goes against all those that breastfeed but then again so does this doll.

By the way here are a few that thought Bebe Gloton was also creepy:

EcoChild’s Play said: Play Nursing: The Creepy Breastfeeding Doll

NJ.com says it’s a ‘sucky’ Idea. I must agree.

Parent Dish said: New Doll Leaves Little to the Imagination.

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Giveaway & Review: Evenflo Comfort Select

May 10, 2009 By · No Comments

I have four children, each of which were breastfed babies. Obviously I have nothing against breastfeeding and would encourage it if asked, this does not mean I frown on those that can’t or don’t. With all four of my babies (yes I still call them that) I had dealings with all types of boob talk, by this I mean breasts leaking in public, spilled milk, the pump, breast pads, etc. If it dealt with the milk supply, I’ve probably experienced it. Yes, I’ve even had mastitis.

With all this being stated I want to inform you that thanks to MomCentral and Evenflo I got to review the Comfort Select Performance Dual Automatic Cycling Breast Pump. (Man try saying that two times) I really, really love these pumps. I’ve never been good with the pump I would always do something wrong or when I tried a pump it wouldn’t get enough suction or too much. I’ll also be giving away one of every item I mention. So Stick around for the giveaway.

Comfort Select Dual Action pump: Comes with it’s very own black bag with zipper compartments, a shoulder strap, nursing pads (4 pads and a .50 coupon for more), breastfeeding info card with websites, instruction booklet. All that is inside the front pocket.

Up top are two zipper compartments, the small one has two ice packs for you to freeze. 2 suction cups and the cord to plug it in. The two pumps and 4 oz bottles come as well. The only thing that doesn’t is the 6 batteries. The box also states “without BPA” which I know makes many feel a lot better. A positive you don’t have to have them both going at once, but you can if you choose to do it. This is the perfect bag for those on the go, someone traveling across country (perfect for the summer) or just needing to pump your milk. You can also adjust the tightness and min or max speed.

Comfort Select Disposable Nursing Pads with Lanolin: While I do like the ones you don’t have to throw out and can wash again, I like the occasional toss away type. The with Lanolin is great because it’ll help those of us that have chapped nipples. I don’t know about you but I got that plenty of times breastfeeding. These light liners as I call them are thin enough to catch everything but not make you look bulky. I know you know what I mean. These are the ones without the tape on the backside of it, so you do have to worry about it slipping out but not about it yanking on the nipple because during the middle of the night it got flipped over.

Both the with lanolin and without have 48 pads in them. Now who wants to win the breastfeeding package?


RULES: Leave me a comment (with your email in it) telling me one reason you love nursing or why you want to nurse. Or you could tell me a funny nursing story. (ie, the time the mailman had a package and you opened the door and flashed him with your boob because you had been breastfeeding, or maybe the time you were in the doctor’s office and heard another child cried and you leaked through that tiny blue sheet they have you wear, or just that moment when your eyes meet their eyes for the very first time and it is just you and your baby, yep all happened.)
Extra Entries: stumble this, tweet it or blog about it.
Deadline: May 30, 2009.

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