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The Benefits of Board Games for Kids

May 5, 2017 By · No Comments

Benefits of Board Games

Many of you grew up playing board and card games with the local kids or siblings. Board games are still quite popular contrary to what seems to be a tech-driven world. My family has always made sure we take the time to play board games. It is the one time you know everyone will gather around enjoying one another and talking about their week. Board games are the type of game where family or children of all ages can sit down to enjoy some quality time while learning a few skills. It’s amazing what skills your kids can learn when you start having a family board game night, here are some of the benefits of board games for kids.

Kids Learn Patience

Through the natural game play of board games, your kids will learn patience. Patience is a much-needed skill for all ages and when you can teach this through fun, it will come naturally to your kids. Having to wait your turn or pause to hear what the other family member is saying during their turn allows your child to sit quietly and calmly while they watch what their family member will do on their turn.

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Bounce Off Board Game Adds to the Family Fun

January 6, 2017 By · 1 Comment

Disclosure: I bought this game, we love it. The links in this post are affiliate, if you click them I might make a few pennies. A few pennies add up and then I can buy more board games. hehe

Family Fun Night: Bounce Off the Board Game

We are a Board Game Loving family. Why? Simple! It’s a TON of fun, plus you get to spend time with your kids. What better excuse to go out and buy board games? Every Friday I pull out a board game and we play it for a few hours. After a few hours we settle in the living room and watch a movie together.

Little A got Bounce Off Board Game for Christmas. Honestly I had never heard of it but the three older ones talked non-stop about it when we were looking through store catalogs and flipping through Amazon. The only time I had heard of a game like this was ummm….Beer Pong. No, I never played that game and that isn’t this game.

Bounce Off Board Game


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Games for Kids

November 24, 2011 By · No Comments

Games make up great holiday gifts for either party gifts or to give to someone for the holidays. This year we were lucky enough to attend the Chicago Toy & Game Fair which means we got to see a few games that others have not yet been introduced to just yet.  If you have a board game you’d like featured please let me know: homemom3@gmail.com


Stratego Board Game

This is one of those strategy war games that my oldest son, SoccerBoy (age 14) loves to play with me whenever we have  spare moment.  Set up your board, hide your flag and hope that your opponent doesn’t find it.  $20

Limited Edition Top Trumps – Moshi Monsters

The Top Trumps game is a lot of fun and very much like the card game WAR. Pick what you think will be the highest number on your card, tell the other players rarities/brains/cuteness/etc and see who has the higher number. If you do you collect all the cards. The winner will have all cards. $6.99

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is straight from the phone application.  In this game you will find Angry Birds, green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and mission cards. Get it for the kids so they can stop playing with your phone. $19.99

Richard Scarry Busy Town

You remember reading Richard Scarry’s books as a child, now your child can play the board games based off the books. $24.99

Doggie Doo

Not everyone will like this game but kids will love it. You know kids like the weirdest and grossest toys. Mine loved playing with this dog at the toy fair. They fill it up with a treat, push the pump and out comes doggy doo. $20.99

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2 Fun, summer Kids games

June 20, 2006 By · No Comments

During the school year my son had lots of trouble in english. By this I mean reading, writing, etc. You get the drift. He had a very hard time, even harder for me I think since I love to write.

However, I am determined to get him up to where he should be and I have found two fun games that he LOVES and I thought your kids might too.

The Dot Game: This game many of you probably know. You make rows of dots (even amount) horizontally across the page. Then you connect the dots with a line. You get a turn, he gets a turn. Whoever can make a box gets to put their initial in it. Try to see who gets the most initials. We have played this every day so far since he’s been out. Today, he’s beating me by A LOT.

5 letter Alphabet game: This one, think of a 5 letter word. Let’s say it was CHILD.

Write that word on a piece of paper. Now take that word and on another piece of paper put it in alphabetical order.

CDHIL Now have your child figure it out. They will have a blast with this and will want to see if you can figure their word out too.

Have fun this summer. More ideas to come.

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