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Zenhale, a great assistance for asthma

September 21, 2015 By · 3 Comments

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There are certain diseases that are specific for young age. One of the most common child problems is asthma. However, it is necessary to recognize differences between asthma and allergic asthma. When it comes to allergic asthma, it is characterized by complex reaction of the mucous membrane after a contact with cells that are creating allergy. These substances are called mediators and they are resulting in reduction of bronchial vessels or bronchial obstruction.

Bronchial obstruction is caused by reduction (spasm) of muscles which are position in the wall of bronchiole or due to increased secretion of bronchial mucous. Both spasms and increased quantity of mucous are reducing space through which air comes to lungs so the child needs to put a real effort while breathing. This obstruction is the first sign that there is something wrong. During forceful breathing, you can hear whistling sound and at that moment, it is necessary to ask doctor for assistance. Wheezing is characteristic for bronchial obstruction and if your child starts experiencing this problem, it is necessary to visit doctor’s office as soon as possible. Asthma is usually followed by cough.

Diagnosis is based after thorough allergy and pulmonary tests. Information about child’s current condition can help medical professionals to establish quick diagnosis. Every educated pediatrician can establish diagnosis of child asthma if the symptoms are common. But, this doesn’t mean that asthma is caused by allergic reaction. This is why child needs to do the tests in order to discover if there is an allergic reaction behind the disease. [Read more…]

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