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Allergies Can Happen Anytime….

December 2, 2015 By · 4 Comments


I don’t always deal with allergies, Antonio (now 18) discovered he was allergic to turkey at age 3. It took twice to figure it out. Once immediately after Thanksgiving and the next day right after eating turkey leftovers. It was easy to figure out. We decided to cut turkey out of our family forever, well at least until he was 18 and knew better. So imagine my surprise all these years later when Little A (age 8) came home from the school covered in hives. I knew what hives looked like but it had been so many years. By the end of the night it was all over, I watched over him all night long, that was Monday right after lunch at school.


Tuesday I kept him home, it was still growing and now even on the bottom of his feet. He was itchy and it was driving him nuts. Pharmacist said it was a very bad reaction to something he’d had. With some benedryl it slowly went away, but it would strike again shortly after eating lunch. He’d go back and forth throughout the day, finally he slept. Phew. I feel horrible for him, as a parent I just want to take it away.

I sent him to school this morning with just a few dots, hoping that if he went to school and didn’t have a reaction I would know it was at home. I called the nurse she said he was fine. By 10 am the teacher sent me an email, he was okay. Right after lunch the nurse called, come get him, it is all over his face/ears/mouth/body. Took him to ER, hives. Yes, he’s allergic to something but not sure what. For now I’m taking out peanut butter, that is the one thing on all three days he had. He’s had PB&J for as long as I can remember. But upon reading I’ve discovered allergies can happen any time, even if they ate it days prior. Wow. Has this ever happened to you? We are going to keep a food diary just in case and take out PB for at least a week. If he goes to school tomorrow and has a reaction it is time for scheduling the allergy test as my little boy is simply not doing this every day. Suggestions?  Stories you’ve gone through please?!?

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