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So You Think You Can Dance Contest (with Snuggles)

July 31, 2008 By · No Comments

How many of you watch reality tv shows? Got any favorites? How about “So you Think You Can Dance”? I know many of you probably tune in, in fact I’ve read a few of your blogs where you give updates.

For those that don’t know each dance tells it’s own story through its own musical way. Watch as these great dancers team together and just flow with the music. Watch the theme of the choregraphers and see what they were trying to do. Know how much work is put into something like this just by the dancer alone, all that practice they endured to get to where they are. Children love to dance along as well so this is definitely one of those things you can do with them. Tune in and watch.

Now I will be the first to tell you I CAN’T DANCE, therefore the “So You Think You Can Dance Contest” would’ve been no good for me but maybe you. For now you can head over and check out the “Happy Dance Contest” that is sponsored through Snuggle. Watch the dances, even Snuggles is getting in the groove. Snuggles sponsored this Dance Contest with the release of their Fresh Release Product, and boy does it smell good. (look forward to that review coming up)

You can even upload your own video. Here is the list of entries to date. Which one is your favorite. These videos are cracking me up. Oh there is even a current So You Think You Can Dance tour date list. They’ll actually be in my area in October. Who else is going to the Kansas City, MO tour? Anyone?

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