It’s All Worth it, Every Single Moment

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As a mom to five I can tell you that every Moment is an important one, even when you think it isn’t. Later in life you will be happy for that tiny little moment, which is why each of my kids have been #GrowingUpGerber. It was the number one product I knew for infants from my own childhood but also other parents that had children. When someone asks me what product I recommend I always state Gerber which is why I’m excited to be teaming up with Gerber and Linqia for this post.

12 Days Old
From the moment Antonio (aka SoccerBoy) was born I would be told how cute he is and how he reminded everyone of the Gerber baby. No surprise that we would buy everything Gerber for those first few years. I remember using rice baby cereal with Gerber and introducing him to his fruits and veggies and how he did not always like certain ones and they’d end up all over me. Or the time when he learned he could feed himself and would try and it would normally end up all over the tray or my arms as I tried to help guide the spoon into his mouth. No matter how many messes he made, he and I always had a smile on our face. I remember being a by the book type of mommy throughout his first few years. I would drive myself crazy over every sniffle, cough, rash, etc. Let me tell you, every moment was worth it. Last year that little baby graduated high school, this year he is finishing up his first year of college and (I’m not suppose to say this yet) next he will be joining the military. It all happens so quickly, never blink.


Through all the trials and joys, I’m glad I’ve went through everything I have with him, it really was worth it. The joy I had watching him at his first graduation (preschool) to his high school one. The tears I would have when he moved out of the house to Indiana with dad, leaving me and his siblings behind to go off to college. To the smile and the huge hug I would receive after a few months of being apart and happy to have everyone in one house again, meaning no worries for mom. To the excitement I had when he first signed up for college and got his list of classes to hearing about him wanting to join the military and now preparing for it. Every tear that has been shed, tooth lost, heart broken to all my happy moments with him, I am so happy to go through them all. Ever little bit is important, you don’t want just the happy moments because you won’t appreciate them as much.

As you know I have 5 children but I won’t go into each of the moments or children with you. I’ve started by telling you the little moments of my first child, I’ll add to it in the next two weeks so I can share with you the joys of each. Maybe I’ll even share with you the trials.

I’d love to hear a story about raising your child/ren and explain to me how it is “all worth it”.

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The Choice on Blu-ray & DVD Now

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I have loved every Nicholas Sparks movie so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I couldn’t wait to see this one. Now sure I wanted to see it in theaters but didn’t get a chance. I counted down the days to catch it on Redbox but thankfully I was sent one for review. The movie is great, make sure to have a thing of tissues nearby though because you’ll need them.  Perfect movie for a date night or even to give to your mom for the holiday. Basically what happens when a medical student moves in next door to the bachelor neighbor, Travis, who just seems to be obnoxious and causing her issues. When Gabby’s current boyfriend, Ryan, goes out of town on business she will continue running into Travis and fall quickly in love. Their back and forth banter will have you giggling.  They must go through a ton of “Choices” and figure out if their love is meant to me, later Travis will have to make a decision that will change their lives forever. Great movie!

From novelist Nicholas Sparks, the author of classic love stories The Notebook and Dear John, the year’s most moving romance, The Choice, will be available on Digital HD April 19 and on Blu-ray™ (plusDigital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) on May 3 from Lionsgate. Based on Sparks’ best-selling novel, written for the screen by Bryan Sipe (Demolition), and directed by RossKatz (Adult Beginners), The Choice stars Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies), Maggie Grace (Taken series), Alexandra Daddario (San Andreas), Tom Welling (TV’s “Smallville”) and Academy Award® nominee Tom Wilkinson (Best Actor, In the Bedroom, 2001), in a touching love story that will make viewers laugh, cry, and wonder how far they would go to keep the hope of love alive.
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Orkin Mosquito Scientist Summer Bug Kit Giveaway

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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Orkin Rollins INC. I will be receiving a pack as a thank you for posting this giveaway.


Summer is almost here! That means picnics, baseball games, barbecues and all the fun of enjoying the great outdoors with your family. There’s one thing no one likes about being outdoors, though: mosquitoes! They not only are a nuisance, but they also pose potentially serious health risks. Fortunately, the experts at Orkin study the science of mosquitoes and other pests closely in order to better tailor plans that help keep them out of your home this summer.

How many of you get bites every year around this time? How about your kids? It seems that every time my two boys go outside they get bites on their arms or legs, in fact I thought my 9 yr old my be allergic to something that was in the air but turns out we’ve got mosquitoes already.

Watch the “How to Deal With Mosquitoes” & “Do Mosquitoes Prefer Adults over Children” videos, as well as the rest of Orkin’s How-To video series, to get the most up-to-date knowledge on dealing with pesky home invaders.  Are you prepared for mosquito season this year?

At Orkin, they use the latest technology and unparalleled training to develop an effective treatment that’s right for your needs. To learn more about their pest control based in science or to schedule an inspection, visit orkin.com or call 1-800-800-ORKIN.

Take the quiz below to see if you’re ready to earn your badge in Mosquito Season Prep.  Download Orkin’s yearly “Mosquito Cities” list and find out if your city made it!

Talking about summer and bugs makes me remember back when I was first married and very pregnant I met a life-long friend and her little 3 year old. Lauren (the 3 yr old at the time) was fascinated with bugs, so much she would catch them and play with them. She’d watch them in little cups but we did learn you must watch them very closely because they may just try to stick a rollie-polly up their nose. haha. Yes, it happened, no at the time it was not funny. So while your little one is bug watching, please make sure to watch them very closely. If something goes missing check places.
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Curious George Exclusively on Hulu

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Disclosure: Samples are being received for this post. Pictures are courtesy of Hulu, minus the one of my son.  Prizing and samples are courtesy of Hulu.


Curious George adventures are now all on Hulu. Yes, all 9 seasons are up for your viewing pleasure. Let your children watch the little monkey that gets into tons of trouble just like you did at their age. I have always loved that little monkey.  Curious George is an animated series based on the popular books by Margret and H.A. Rey. Aimed at preschool viewers (ages three to five), the goal of the series is to inspire children to explore science, engineering, and math in the world around them. And what better guide is there for this kind of exploration than the world’s most curious monkey?

Your favorite monkey is swinging into your home and getting into all types of trouble. He is definitely going to keep your kids guessing what he’ll do next or how much trouble he is about to cause. All 9 seasons of Curious George, as well as the animated film Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey, are now streaming only on Hulu. As with all Kids programming on Hulu, Curious George streams commercial-free.

(click to get to the giveaway)

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3 Steps to a Working Garage Door

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garage_door_not_opening_smallIt’s Spring which means Spring Cleaning so why not start with the garage.  Whether you need to go through your garage to find the things to donate or trash or maybe you just want to make it spacious and clean enough to park your vehicle in it. Chances are you don’t think very often about the garage door itself. Am I right? I didn’t always either, at least not until you heard a funny noise or it got stuck as you tried getting it up. I’ll never forget the one day though that my door would get stuck and when I pulled it shut the top fell off the hinges and came crashing down on my head, making me drop to the ground with my three kids (at the time) worried I was dead. Now, I make sure it is working and you can too.

With GarageDoorCare.com, you’ll find a 3-step program that helps you make sure your garage door is working and running smoothly. Don’t wait until it’s too late and repairs must be done. Not only can those take be expensive, but it can also take time to find a trusted professional to make those repairs. Check out these 3 tips on maintaining your garage door.

1 – Lubricate your garage door twice a year (it isn’t that hard, believe me.) Most homeowners have never lubricated their garage door. ACK! That’s why you may hear squeaks, groans and why it can stick. Over time, that could lead to trouble. But lubricating a garage door is easy. A quick visit to GarageDoorCare.com will show you how to lubricate the door, rollers and hinges. Five minutes of your time and a five dollar spray can of garage door lubricant that you can pick up at your local hardware store are all you need to potentially save a costly service call down the road. That’s it! The site also demonstrates several other easy steps homeowners can take to keep their door in peak operating condition.

2 – Sign up for a free twice-a-year email garage door lubrication reminder. You don’t want to miss the reminders.

3 – Find a trusted, local garage door pro well in advance of a problem. Following these maintenance tips will extend the life of most of your garage door parts, but sometimes despite your best efforts your garage door will need professional attention. Unfortunately no amount of lubrication can keep a worn out spring from breaking. When your garage door stops working you’ll need a professional. It’s not something a homeowner should try to repair themselves – a garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in a home, and can cause severe injuries or even death if damaged or misused.
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