Christmas Cookies To Make For Santa

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Disclosure: This is a paid post, however I think these cookies are great, especially during the holiday season. 

Christmas season is always fun for families, whether it means spending time with family that you don’t see every year or the countdown until the Jolly Old man shows up at your house and shimmies down the chimney. Chances are at one point you will be baking and I know for my family that always consists of baking up some Christmas Cookies. Am I right? Long ago I took a Home Economics class in junior high and during it I had to find a cookie I had never made, which would later become something I make during the holidays. This cookie was the Candy Cane Cookie, you now the red and white candy cane shaped sugar cookie that you sprinkle a bit of crushed up peppermints on it. Yummy. This year I plan on teaching my younger daughter how to make them. I know it’ll be fun. So far we haven’t done much baking and not because we are busy but we’ve all had the tummy bug for the past two weeks. Yuck.

Check out Christmas Cookies

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

Talking about cookies. Do your children leave cookies and milk under the tree? What type of cookies do they leave? We normally leave chocolate chip or sugar cookies for Santa. This year I went to Foodie.com and found 12 interesting Christmas cookies. I won’t lie to you I’m a bit bias and favor peppermint types. My dad’s favorite type of cookie was always the oatmeal cookie and over at This Mama Cookies made some delicious looking chocolate chip/raisin oatmeal cookies. To me it always feels like Christmas on the East Coast but as you move further west it seems to be harder to get that magical feeling. I guess I’m a bit more partial to a “white Christmas” which is probably why I have a fascination when it comes to the Almond Snowball Christmas Cookie.

Don’t forget to make a few Peanutbutter and Hershey’s Kisses cookies.

If you are on Foodie please look me up and follow me on there. Can’t wait to hear what type of cookies you like.

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My Crazy, Bad Luck Saturday

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This past Saturday was one of the worst for me when it comes to luck. I mean how many of you can say you broke an ATM machine? Hmm, stopped you from leaving the page didn’t it. Well it is true but let me start from the beginning.


Normally I get the kids up by 5 am so we can take a trip to our local Walmart and spend about 2 hours as we explore the store. Hey, when you live 2 hours away from anything you’ll take a 45 minute drive to Walmart to browse. We got up late because we were tired, left a bit later and ended up having my oil light go off in my car for half the trip, which meant I had to hear the beep, beep, beep noise for about 25 minutes which was not fun but eventually you learn to tune it it. By the way I have no clue why it makes that noise I think it doesn’t like me. Once we got there we started our morning and were having a blast. Kids were preparing for our Northpole themed party and I had decided I was going to get an outfit for each of them. Soccerboy (who now earns a paycheck by working at the church) asked if he could borrow my credit card to finish his Christmas shopping for his BalletGirl, I thought nothing of it and handed it off to him. About an hour later the kids convinced me to get myself something for an upcoming Christmas Dinner the church is having so I’d have something nice to wear. How many of you always shop for your kids and always forget yourself? Yeah, me too, so the kids eventually convinced me. SoccerBoy is going to be my date that night and told me he didn’t want to dress up if I wasn’t.

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Northpole Movie Review

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Northpole was really funny especially since little Kevin is constantly telling his mom (played by Tiffani Thiessen, who I was so excited to see in a movie) all about his elf-friend, Clementine (played by Bailee Madison) and she just thinks he has a very active imagination. Clementine is an Elf that is trying to find a way to keep her hometown from being destroyed, the only way it can stay powered up is with the magic of Christmas. We all now the magic of Christmas is good cheer, laughter and the belief in Santa and each other. But what happens when everyone is too busy for that? As the town snowflake begins to fade she is the only one left to save the town and she steals Santa’s reindeer to do it.


This is definitely a great family movie to watch during the holidays to share with about the magic of the Northpole and Santa. We got a lot of laughs out of it especially during the snowball scene and the attempted snowball fight. BabyGirl’s favorite part was the family scenes like baking cookies because it makes you feel good. SoccerBoy loved when the mom had to explain it was HER child getting in trouble. Eeek! I remember all too well when he did something similar to me. Can Clementine convince a single mom and her son that she needs their help to save her own town? It’s a race against time and the snowflakes are quickly fading."Northpole" Hallmark Channel

Currently Northpole is being played on the Hallmark channel but if you aren’t lucky enough to have that channel or catch it this cute movie was just released on DVD. We loved this movie so much that it inspired us to have a Northpole themed Party, which I will be including on this blog during the week. The best part of this movie is you see it everywhere you go, especially at Walmart. Each time when we’ve went shopping the kids would ask me to pick something up, the first time it was the Northpole themed plastic cups. I grabbed one for each and used a permanent marker to put their names on it. This last time we got Rooftop drop so we can play it at our party. I can’t wait to share all that with you. Stay tuned and please if you have seen the movie let me know what you think of it.

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Mega Bloks First Builders Bus

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Mega Bloks has been on my children’s Christmas wish list for as long as I can remember. Truth is it is a company I know and trust and I love the fact they aren’t just for babies/toddlers. He got these recently and couldn’t wait to open them, in fact as you can see in the picture he tried to start playing with the top of the box because it had the blocks on top too. How many of you have purchase Mega Bloks for your little ones? I love these because they are so big you can introduce building to your little one at a much younger age than before. I remember being afraid kids I use to babysit (as a teen) would choke on them, later I still worried about that with my oldest, but when I discovered these all my kids would get them for holidays and birthdays. I really like the Mega Bloks First Builders because it really is what they are, the child’s first set of building blocks/legos they will encounter.

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ABC Family Christmas Countdown Schedule (12/7-12/13)

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

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