LG TV Giveaway

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Disclosure: This giveaway is only being hosted here, I am in no way responsible for delivering the prize.


Do you need a new TV? How would you feel towards an LG TV? With Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us there are many shows coming out that would look great on an LG TV. Every year I love sitting in the living room and gathering up with the kids watching Christmas movies. It doesn’t matter what month it is either, but the closer we get to Christmas the better. Last year we watched at least 35 Christmas movies, by this I don’t just mean your regular Christmas movies either. We’d go on Netflix and type it in and watch whatever (minus a few), rented Christmas Cartoons and reviewed Christmas romantic type of shows.
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Our Halloween 2014

November 5, 2014 By · 3 Comments

This year was a low-key but really fun Halloween with the kids and I. We didn’t buy many costumes, in fact the only one we got was the Skylander’s Spyro Costume (which will be in the next review) that Little A wore. The rest of the costumes were basically face-paint, minus the one that BabyGirl wore that was her sister’s from last year.


Many of you know I like to go all out when it comes to my kids, this doesn’t stop for the holidays. I tend to make a meal-themed for whatever the holiday is. St.Patty’s Day everything is green. This year was no different, except we went to the Wild West Fall Fest thrown by our church and had our own Halloween on Saturday. BalletGirl was volunteering for her class at school and manned a booth to get some community service hours. (In California for AVID they must do 10 hours a semester) Yes, this meant I made my Halloween menu which consisted of black (turned out a darker grey) snakes with leaches and eyeballs swimming in a bloody swamp. (Yes, it is spaghetti and meatballs in sauce) The kids went as far as throwing on string cheese and melting them in it to make it even worse. We watched Halloween cartoons and scary movies and hung out with each other. As you can see by the photos the kids had a ton of fun. I did try dressing up Nicoli as a puppy but as soon as I tried putting dots on his face he was done, so he went as himself. Comfortable.

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KitchenAid Mixer Group Giveaway

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Disclosure: This is a group giveaway, there is no compensation for this on my part. The Life of a Home Mom is only hosting it, I am not responsible for getting the prize to the winner. 


My husband and kids recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday (which is November 30th) and Christmas. One of the things on my list was this Mixer. I told them, “You know the mixer your aunt has?” Nods were given, “That’s the one I want, the one she makes her awesome mashed potatoes with.” Sure I have the small mixer you hold in your hands but I want the heavy duty kind. The kitchenaid mixer, I mean I have 5 kids and a very large family and with the holidays this would definitely be a time saver. I’m tired of mixing and mixing or mashing. Now is your chance to win this beautiful mixer. Want it? Enter by filling out the widget below.
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Thanks and Giving Back

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Disclosure: This giveaway is only being hosted here, I am in no way responsible for delivering the prize.


With the holidays so close and getting closer every day some of us are scrambling to figure out a way to make some more money for Christmas. Wouldn’t an Amazon Gift Card be great? I’m working with a group of bloggers for this giveaway, I’m just hosting it so hope you have fun and if you win come back and let me know. To spread the thanks, some of our favorite bloggers are participating in this giveaway which means you have even more ways to enter! Make sure you check out all of the entries and give them some love! For a full list of participating bloggers, please look below the widget.

November to me means a time when family gathers around, being thankful, shops and celebrates milestones. One of my sisters’ birthdays is later this month, as well as mine so lots of celebrating to do. Thanksgiving means lots of recipes popping up online and food to be served, but it also means I have to be edgy on everything served at the table as my oldest is allergic to Turkey. November is a time to begin or end your Christmas shopping, for me it’ll be the beginning. I want to take a moment to thank all of my readers at The Life of a Home Mom for your continuous support.
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Halloween Craft Link-up

October 31, 2014 By · 1 Comment

Happy Halloween!


I would love to say I’m all mom and am able to do remarkable arts & crafts with my kids but that is not the case, but I do try as hard as I can and the best that I can. Instead I’m the mom that gets inspired to try to do arts & crafts by other mothers like the ones below. I thought to myself that I simply couldn’t be the only one that loved Halloween as much as I do and maybe, just maybe others would like to try some of these really neat Halloween Crafts that I found around the blogosphere. So now I am going to share these spooky creations with you all. Let me know if you try any of them and if you create your own I’d love to do a round up of a Tried-and-true craft link up on Monday. You can either email me your attempts at homemom3@gmail.com or write a post and link it up to me.

For Little Ones:

I have five kids, one in just about every age group which can making crafting time fun but sometimes a little hard. First I’ll share with you some of the easier crafts with you that your younger kiddos could do, with minimal help from you. I’ve always been a fan of anything dealing with fingerprint artwork because it is the one thing that is always the same but gets bigger, which is probably why I loved the Thumbprint Spiders that Trisha of MomDot did for Life with Levi. How many of you remember doing any thumb or fingerprint artwork as a kid or with your younger ones? If your child loves to get paint on them you may also want to try something I’ve done in the past and coat the bottom of their CLEAN foot with white paint and have them step on a piece of construction paper (heal towards the top). Let it dry and then either put googley eyes on it or draw with a black marker some and you will have a ghost footprint to hang on your wall. Don’t forget to label it at the bottom with the year so you know how old they were. Robyn of The Neighborhood Moms posted some great Halloween handprint art that makes you think of a scary tree at a cemetery. Ghosts make me think of skeletons of course, which reminds me of the Q-tip Skeleton that Bre created over at The Small Things. Want to toss up a few Halloween decorations around the house tonight before anyone gets there? Have your kids make a paper plate spider web and hang up egg carton bats.  Oh and don’t forget to make the Lollipop Halloween Booquet over at A Cowboy’s Wife, the kids and I are going to pass out a few of these tonight if we get trick-or-treaters out here.

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