Funniest Childhood Memory

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This is a hard one because when you try to sit down and think about what the funniest childhood memory is a ton flow through and you can’t decide which one was the funniest. My mind raced through as I remembered going with our little group of friends up to the store to gather up picnic supplies. After shopping we would always go to the top of the hill during the summer with our little group and picnic up there. We thought it was a cool place since no adult would ever go there and most were at work during the day so it was our own little world. Isn’t it fun to look back on your childhood and think of all the silly stuff you use to do.

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Favorite Fall Recipe

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peanut butter pie

Today’s prompt is to write down our favorite Fall recipes and as you all know I’ve been experimenting with making different types of meals in the past year. Honestly my all time favorite Fall meal has always been….and probably will always be chili because it always warms you up from inside out. There are so many ways to make chili too, with or without chili but always with some form of a cracker. A fond memory for me was my dad’s chili with saltine crackers. A few years ago I discovered white chicken chili and to this day I love making it.

Just so you know that while I LOVE white chicken chili I can’t make it the way I like it because my younger children can’t stand it the way mommy makes it. I have to leave a few ingredients out when I make them some so I don’t typically make it. I love my spices and love it to have a kick, their tiny mouths can’t stand it though. I found this out the hard way not thinking about the ingredients I put in it the first time. After tears and screams I’ll never do that again.

Peanut butter pie(a link to the recipe we tried last year) is another favorite recipe we discovered last fall and make it every few months. The kids are looking forward to making it for Halloween. I mean it is a tan color anyways which goes great with Halloween. Add a bit of milk though because it is rich in peanut butter. Do you have a favorite Fall recipe?

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Best Advice I’ve Been Given

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This is a hard one because throughout the years I’ve been given a ton of advice, sometimes it was wanted and others it wasn’t. Course isn’t that how we all feel sometimes? For this post I am going to go as far back as being a kid and having my dad’s phrase that can be applied to just about anything in life. Whenever I would fall my father’s advice would be, “Get up and try it again!” I remember many times I just wanted to yell back, “No, I don’t want to try that again. That hurt.”  Did you ever hear that phrase?


Yes, this phrase can be used for anything. As I was trying to learn to ride my bike and I would crash and scrape my knee I heard this phrase. When he would try to get me to learn to run faster, jump higher, etc because I wanted to do better at track I would hear this phrase. Sure, the phrase works great for anything you can fall at but I never really thought about it other than that. But now as I view life I can’t help but think of how much we all deal with this one. This is kind of the same phrase as “Try and try again” or “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” To me this is okay you failed at your first attempt but that doesn’t mean it should stop you.

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I Never Thought Blogging Would…

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This is part of Blogtoberfest but I have had a lot of fun with it. Maybe you would like to join too. If you would click the picture at the bottom of this page. Today’s prompt is I never thought Blogging would. Tomorrow we will discuss what it would be like if I were president.
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When I began blogging it wasn’t about readership or a dream of any sort to be honest. I started blogging as a way to share our daily lives with my husband who, at the time was in Iraq. I began posting about what we would do and then one day I got mad about a product I didn’t like and let him know. Then I started posting things I did just in case he decided to ship anything our way. My blog became my diary that he could read, no one else seemed to be reading at a time until I joined a mom group through yahoogroups and then I started getting others to comment. This was such an amazing thing to me. I loved the fact that now I was getting replies since he wasn’t really able to view them during that time but I figured he’d read them once he came home. I never thought blogging would stick around, nor did I ever think blogging would bring me friendships like we have always known each other.
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Worst Halloween Memory

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When I first sat down to write about my worst Halloween memory I thought I’d write about the time of my sister’s 13th birthday, but then I started thinking that wasn’t my WORST Halloween Memory. No, falling against a broken television set the night before Halloween and profusely bleeding from my knee which would later require stitches was not the worst one. See, that was a bad Halloween, I mean not many can say they ruined their sibling’s birthday by falling into a television. Now for all fairness I did try very hard not to ruin it. Everyone was playing kickball in the road and in order not to show anyone I was bleeding I sat down in a pile of leaves. That was until someone noticed the leaves were leaking and it wasn’t pee but blood. Yeah the party ended about 10 minutes after that. But that wasn’t the worst Halloween. See that was more the day before, Halloween that year meant I had to hobble around but that’s kind of fun, even as a teen. ahalloween
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