OurPact App Protects When You Can’t

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My three oldest are now all online, well for the most part. This isn’t one of the easy things to do for me, in fact I’m the type that always has rules for things and precautions. Hey, I’m a child from your worst nightmares I know if something can happen in life it could be you that it happens to. Don’t think for a moment that I won’t try to protect my own children from avoiding all the dangers and issues I went through as a child. I will protect them as much as I can and when I can’t I am open to things that can. I didn’t like the idea that all three wanted online, nor that I wouldn’t see everything they said or visited but that didn’t mean other things couldn’t. I also knew that they would try to sneak things, but not with OurPact parental control.

OurPact App is available for iPhones, iPads and iPods (sorry not for Androids yet which makes me terribly sad). This is a great app because it allows the parents to still control the amount of time their children are online.

– Know when your children are online. You get to set up the times.
– Know how long your kids are on. Once again you set it up, you will know.
– You control the apps.
– You can restrict times and allowance.
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Hallmark Puzzles are Great for National Puzzle Day!

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Today is officially National Puzzle Day so of course we are going to talk about Hallmark’s new line of …… Hallmark Puzzles! When was the last time you did a puzzle? I had no clue they had puzzles to be honest up until last year I thought they were only cards but let me tell you this company has EVERYTHING. Currently they have 550 or 1000 piece puzzles and the scenes are amazing. I got to pick out any one I wanted and I am a total country girl so this one was totally me. Puzzles have been something the girls and I have been doing even on the Kindles lately. So doing this on a table where we all gathered around to do it was even more fun. Sure we do game nights but this is one of those things you sit and just do something together until the very end.

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An Expensive Way to Find Out You have Pneumonia

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Yesterday I went in for a check up because I believed I had a bad case of bronchitis, in fact I get it every year. A week prior I had woke up to a weird rattle in my chest, which I told my husband I felt like that toy in Toy Story that lost his squeaker, only mine was there and it would rattle every once in a while just not in place. I knew it wasn’t good, he insisted I had pneumonia but since I hadn’t been sick I didn’t believe that was the case, it had to be the beginning of bronchitis. Over the weekend I would get the feeling of someone putting a weight on my chest. He told me again to call it in or he would. On Monday I did but I had to wait a few days due to the times they had available.

Throughout the week my chest would get worse. The rattle was back and constant, until Wednesday night it had completely disappeared but it was replaced by phlegm and a deep cough that hurt. When I went in on Thursday I thought “great they aren’t going to hear what I hear in my lungs and think I’m some person trying to get attention.” I knew I had heard it, my kids had heard it and my husband knew that I get this every year, only I always thought it was bronchitis. The doctor checked me out and told me my lungs were clear. Clear as in no liquid at all and I just had a dry cough which could be because of the cold air lately. Really? Really? But that isn’t what concerned him at all. It was my heart rate. Gulp? Ummm, I went in for my throat/chest…a cough, nothing else. [Read more…]

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The Game is On with Progresso Soup

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The Super Bowl is gearing up to be played at many homes around the world which means lots of entertaining and Game Day recipes will be looked after. Some will wants dips for chips and desserts, others will look for nacho mixes while some find wings and ribs. This is a time to have fun, laugh a bit and share lots of finger foods. Am I right? I love the Half time show the most. What will you be making for the big game? Can’t wait to hear. [Read more…]

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Lugz Makes for Great Snow Boots!

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Be Prepared for the Weather with Lugz

When I moved back to Indiana all I had were my faithful summer shoes, which means they were basically fancy flip flops and for those that know the weather doesn’t always stay warm. In fact we would quickly get rain, summer again, rain again, torrential rain, etc. I knew I’d have to get something warm and with the winter months coming I’d probably want to lean more towards boots, actually Lugz. I mean who wouldn’t when you are about to get snow. The only problem was this year we wouldn’t get snow before Christmas like I originally thought, in fact we had a Spring-like Christmas…it was almost as if I had never left Twentynine Palms.

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