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Pack School Lunches Your Kids Will LOVE to Eat!

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Learn How To Pack School Lunches That Your Kids Will Actually Eat– and Won’t Trade for.

Summer is sadly coming to an end and school is about to start.  Yes, some of you will be shouting “Hurray.” while others will be sad to see the time end. Kids I’m sure will be counting down until they can see some of the friends they haven’t seen all year. But this also means it is time to start planning those lunches out and getting all the school supplies on that list.  Basically, it’s time to get back into a school year routine. Part of that routine in many households is packing school lunches. Yes, that sometimes dreadful task. Packed lunches are a great option when your child isn’t too fond of what the school has to offer or you want a little more control over what your child is eating.

This is good especially if your child has dietary restrictions or food allergies, packing lunches is a must. Surprisingly and thankfully because of this very reason I found out my son was actually allergic to peanut butter. Now he isn’t deathly allergic like some are but he does break out from head to toe. The other bonus to packing a lunch is that you get to pick what your kid eats, your lunch can be even healthier than the schools paid lunches for half the price. (of course, you have to follow school policy as well)

* Yes, they can become allergic to something overnight. The year before he was able to eat it and then suddenly he was allergic to it. We ruled it out after a week of him breaking out every day. 

Make it Fun!

Tossing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a swiss roll and a banana is boring. No kid wants to eat the exact same thing every day, plus it isn’t all that healthy.  Find out what your kid likes, yes that means actually sitting down with them and asking them or having them to make a list of what they’d like. Have them jot down things they see other friends have, ask which fruits or vegetables they enjoy eating. If they’d like to see it packed a certain way, etc.  Packing a lunch every day doesn’t do any good if your child doesn’t eat it or ends up trading most of it away for junk food.

Get Your Child Involved with the Process

The best place to start is to get your child involved. Depending on the age of your kids, you could even put them in charge of making their own lunches. Not only do you know that they’ll pack something they will eat, being in charge of packing lunch will teach them responsibility.

Start by talking to your kids about what they want in their lunch box. Make a list of options and then head to the store so you have everything you need for the first week of school. Make sure they know they must eat at least one vegetable and fruit if that is something you want them to get on board with. Find out which ones they will eat and how they’d eat it. (Some kids like vegetables raw with dressing, others like them steamed) Getting the kids as involved as possible will make sure that they end up with lunches they will eat. For older kids that may mean making their own lunches (under your supervision of course) let them know that you will check.

Younger children can help. Even your kindergartener can wash grapes and put them into a container, or pick a snack for his lunch box. Get in the habit of making lunches together the night before. Over time you can give the kids more and more responsibility for their lunches. This alone will help make sure they eat what they’ve packed. After all, it’s the lunch they made. Along the way you’re teaching them independence and important life skills.

Of course you want to encourage your kids to pack and eat healthy foods. Insisting on all healthy, organic food options all the time may not be your best strategy though. Strike a balance and make compromises. If your kids pack and eat a healthy wrap or salad for example, let them have some cookies for dessert. Teach them to make good choices, but don’t freak out if they decide to pack some Cheetos or a pack of Oreo cookies. Your goal is to get them to eat fairly healthy and make smart food choices, not restrict all access to junk food, causing them to trade with friends for forbidden Twinkies.

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