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Nope, no Baby here yet….

February 17, 2007 By · No Comments

But as you may recall I’ve been sick since the beginning of January with that bronchitis crud and it still isn’t gone. It has went through the house as well and just when I thought I’d get better I caught it a second time. Doctors say they can no longer give me anything for it, not unless I catch pneumonia and then they’ll have to give me something.

It sucks I won’t lie to you. Half the time I’m upstairs laying on the bed or the futon just hoping to catch sleep. At first it was easy to sleep with the medicine they gave me but now it isn’t. Plus all this coughing has seemed to hurt my rib on my right side and slowly it seems to be doing it to the opposite side. Let’s hope this little boy decides to show up a bit early for mommy. That way I can actually push him out.

As for progress, I can now see that he has moved down…at least the bump has and now I can eat more if I ever felt like it. Which I love! hehe. 🙂

Hope you are all doing well and out of all those storms. So much for what the Groundhog said right?

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