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Moving Day and Homeless

December 15, 2007 By · No Comments

Yesterday we officially handed over the key to the house. What does that mean? Well for us it means it is just about over, military life that is. The housing office came to inspect the house but due to an infestation we didnt’ even have to clean. Course they tell me the day before inspection. Eeeekkk! Let’s just say I wasn’t very happy this past week, another reason you didn’t catch me blogging, instead I was stressing.

Stressing over: getting house prepared for inspection, trying to take the last few things with us and not forget them, get kids out of school, make sure one of us was back in time from errrands to pick up kids, baby duty of course, writing ….well that last part didn’t go as planned. Very sorry to all my readers and of course the list goes on.

But the house is now done, keys handed over and no longer have to worry about that. Instead it feels strange, at the moment I have no forwarding address. I ask you….does this mean I am homeless? A week before we moved out we began staying in hotels, we are in a very nice one, which I’ll review later this week. But I still could not get packages, letters or xmas cards. So my kids ask if we are homeless and I have no clue. Am I?

Hopefully we begin our journey to our new life at the end of next week. Cross your fingers and wish us luck, it’s going to be a LONG 6 weeks.

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