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Lugz Footwear Make Great Shoes

December 13, 2017 By · 64 Comments

This year I decided it was time to have a man doing some of these reviews on The Life of a Home Mom, so one of the first things I searched for a man’s gift were shoes. I don’t know about your man but mine will use the same shoes until there are holes in them as he is always making sure everyone else is taken care of. I asked Lugz if I could try a pair of their boots out, I mean I knew the ladies footwear was awesome. Am I right? I love my boots that I have got from them in the past and highly recommend them to everyone that asks. So, let’s try a man’s shoe this year.

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My husband had been telling me that he needed new shoes for his security job since he was always walked around. Of course, let’s get them. But one thing or another would come up and he never got them. I was determined. He kept coming home with blisters on his feet, they were sore but he sucked it up as most men do. I asked him if he could choose any boot for work from Lugz site what would he pick. Knowing I tend to window shop he offered up Brigade Hi in black.

Lugz are great for all types of weather.  He loved them and said they were definitely comfy, that’s his word not mine but I totally agree. He’s worn the boots every night he goes to his security job and they look really nice to top it off. The padded collar makes for a secure fit that keeps the person wearing it warm.

The design is made for extreme comfort, it has a full grain nubuck leather upper. Thinsulate lining and a flexastride memory foam insole cushioned insole to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Inside is soft, not nearly as soft as my Tambora boots but for a man they don’t always like that thick fur lining. The Brigade Hi are perfect for those that are doing a lot of walking and in extreme weather. As you know it gets cold and sometimes it snows in Indiana so these will get a lot of use out of them.


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  1. Antoinette M says:

    I like the Empire Hi WR in coffee/black.

  2. I like the men’s kings sneakers.

  3. kathy Persons says:

    ZEO MOC MID in black



  5. Jaque Richards says:

    I like the Avalanche Hi….in every color! 🙂 Thank you.

  6. Margaret Smith says:

    I also love the Drifter 6 ST boots in black. Thanks so much.

  7. Cindy Schierl says:

    I like the Drifter Mid ST

  8. My husband would love the Pathway 5 in black

  9. Ann Fantom says:

    I would get the Lugz Empire Hi WR boots for my husband

  10. Abigail Gibson says:

    I really like the Zeolite style.

  11. Michelle Hill says:

    I like the Briarwood Mid in Sand.

  12. I like the Pine Ridge WR in Mushroom/ Black.

  13. Bobbie Smith says:

    I like or should I say my husband would like the Drifter Mid ST in Black.

  14. I like the Drifter Lo ST Wide in black. Thank you for the chance to win. Happy holidays!

  15. Jeanne Rousseau says:

    I like the Empire Hi, but think they all look great!

  16. I like the Drifter Mid ST

  17. Azeem Isaahaque says:

    I love the Drifter Mid ST!

  18. David Basile says:

    Brigade Fleece

  19. Briarwood in mid-black

  20. Drifter 6 ST in black.

  21. Charlene S. says:

    The Men’s Drifter Lo ST Wide is a fave.

  22. Julie Bickham says:

    I like the Brace HI. My fiance would look nice in them.

  23. Drifter 6 ST Wide in black.

  24. I also like the “DRIFTER 6 ST” boot.

  25. Lori Walker says:

    We also like the Brace Hi.

  26. I like the GRAVEL HI WR in Brown/ Olive/ Henna/ Bone.

  27. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I like the EMPIRE HI FLEECE WR boots.

  28. I like the ZEO MOC MID. My hubby would probably find them to be very comfortable!

  29. I like the Drifter Lo ST in Black

  30. Hubs would like the Empire lo in black

  31. Lisa Samples says:

    I like the Brace Hi in Wheat

  32. I like the Mantle Mid Black.


  34. Michelle Donovan says:

    My husband could use the Men’s Drifter Lo ST for work most def

  35. I think my husband would also love the men’s zeolight MID boots!

  36. love the briar wood mid!! how awesome are those wow

  37. My husband loves boots and needs a new pair.

  38. Fredrick Pauly says:

    The Drifter Lo ST black are cool.

  39. susan smoaks says:

    i like the coffee/black EMPIRE HI WR

  40. I like the DRIFTER 6 ST .

  41. Darcy L Koch says:

    I like the women’s drifter fleece in black.

  42. I like the Drifter 6 st boots!

  43. i like the empire hi wr black

  44. i love the DRIFTER 6 ST WIDE

  45. I think the Pathway 5 are pretty awesome!

  46. I like the DRIFTER 6 ST

  47. I like the mantle mid in grey. My husband would like them.

  48. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    I like low top boots… I’m partial to the Drifter Lo, Pathway, and Empire Lo styles.

  49. I also like BRIARWOOD MID Black.

  50. I like the Men’s Drifter 6 ST pair, very nice looking.

  51. Jennifer Reed says:

    Another pair of Men’s Lugz shoes I really like are the CHANGEOVER II ICE sneaker.

  52. My husband would like the Empire Lo or the Nile Lo in black

  53. Docia Vagnerini says:

    We like Pine Ridge WR, by the way thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  54. I like the DRIFTER 6 ST Black.

  55. DRIFTER Lo ST Black is my item of choice!

  56. I like the Empire Hi in black.

  57. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I believe that my guy would like the SEABROOK canvas shoes.

  58. Laurie Emerson says:

    I like the Pathway 5 ankle boots.

  59. Kathy Green says:

    Gravel Hi WR Charcoal, black, bone, gum

  60. Trisha McKee says:

    He loves the DRIFTER 6 ST in black.

  61. I like the Drifter Mid ST in black

  62. Philip Lawrence says:

    I like the Empire Lo style.

  63. Betty Curran says:

    I like the Mantle Mid.

  64. I would love a pair of this for when we’re riding offroad. 🙂

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