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Lice MD Strikes Back!

April 25, 2008 By · No Comments

What’s a parents worst fear when their kids go to school? Mine is a tiny slip of paper that warns us of a certain outbreak and to comb through our children’s hair. Ikkk. It gives me the crawlies just thinking about them. LICE!

As a child I got this and as many of you know I have REALLY thick hair and lets just say it wasn’t fun. It took hours, upon hours for them to look through my hair and boy did it hurt. Before they were done combing through it with that cold, metal comb I was begging for them to shave my hair all off so I’d never have to go through it again. When asked what I’d do about hair I replied, “I don’t care, I’ll buy a wig and never get lice again!”

Here’s a myth for you: Lice only strikes those with dirty hair. This is NOT true, it strikes those with shiny, clean hair and those with oily, dirty hair. Lice, or nits don’t care where they find a home as long as they can suck out your blood and lay more eggs. Gross right?

Well the two older ones got that message the same time MomCentral asked me if I’d like a chance to review “LiceMD” I jumped at the chance. Since it’s been so many years without worrying about it and suddenly I get that awful note I had to do something. I mean what if they did get it? This way I’d be able to stop it as soon as I saw it and not wait until the hubby isn’t at work or college to buy the stuff and the bugs to jump on everyone else.

The box came in the mail a few days later, it looks like a small box of medicine you’d buy at the store. Inside is a small, plastic (not metal) a sheet of instructions with a $1 coupon attached and the bottle of lice shampoo. It goes over step-by-step on how to eliminate head lice. (with pictures) The LiceMD is pesticide free and pediatrician tested. (4fl oz bottle) Thankfully I haven’t had to use it, but it’ll stay right here in my living room until I do.

Symptoms of Head Lice:
– itchy scalp
– seeing bugs jump
– notice tiny eggs (looks like white dirt)
– feel something moving on the top of your scalp

Now if you feel your scalp itching suddenly keep in mind you just read this. Ikk. But if you aren’t sure I’d grab a box of LiceMD, just to be on the safe side.

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