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Killing a Weekend

February 25, 2007 By · No Comments

Well you didn’t expect me to actually do a bunch of stuff right before delivering this baby did ya? Okay well I did go to the movies, hubby and I took the kids to see that museum movie. Great, now I can’t think of the name…one moment while I go look it up, I know it has Robin Williams in it though. Hang on….

The Night at the Museum, that’s the name of it. Okay I’ll blame that on the whole pregnancy brain thing you hear everyone talk about. It was a free viewing on the base and ya can’t pass that up, expecially a good movie like that. I won’t give much away but I will say it taught a bit of history throughout it and it was funny. Of course everyone that sat near me was afraid, especially when the kids would whisper, “Mom, ya in labor yet?” Talk about nerving up those around ya. Hubby of course got us drinks and LOTS of popcorn, this popcorn had LOTS of melted butter. The other theater normally doesn’t do that, they give you the fake stuff to sprinkle on the top. So yummy.

Other than that, we went home and off to the bed I went. Ooops but lets not forget hubby took me to the book store to grab two more books. “Cyber Cinderella” is the one I’m reading now, couldn’t wait to get home to start on it. 😉

Today, well it is really windy outside and I’m still sick so I won’t attempt an escape. Hubby is working but has his phone by his hip just in case I call. Ribs hurt like crazy and don’t seem to be getting better but at least don’t seem to be getting worse. I have used a heating pad (on low) on occassion which tends to make it feel better as long as I don’t get up after it.

So, no baby and nope not better but hoping both will come very soon. Doc did say baby is head down and ready whenever. I’m just waiting on the whenever, nope it isn’t passed the due date but I’ll go with ANY DAY now. 😉

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