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Halloween The Movie by Rob Zombie

August 8, 2007 By · No Comments

Wow! Did you know that Rob Zombie actually written and directed the latest, “Halloween the movie”? I had no clue until today. Now I knew a new one was coming out and of course I knew I’d watch it but now it is a MUST-SEE movie for me. Will you be watching it?

As ya’ll know I LOVE movies, whether they are scary or romantical…I just have to watch movies. Take a peek at the trailer now.

Okay, do you have a favorite Halloween movie? This year even though it is not a Halloween movie, I’m going to watch “Messenger” a bazillion times, followed up by all the Halloween movies. Okay, maybe not all but at least a few. Oh and lets not forget Nightmare on Elm street. My son insists he wants to do as I call, “Halloween Scare Fest” this year with me. We’ll see, he is 10 now, but he won’t be watching all the shows.

I remember being his age and staying the night at a friends house. We were all watching scary shows, their favorite was Freddie. The girls, except for me, were scared to death, wouldn’t even leave the room. Pops and I decided to scare them, he went around outside as I walked the girls back to the room. They wouldn’t go without me as I was the only one not scared. Once inside he ran across and scraped the screen with something so that the window made a screeching sound. Everyone screamed, it was so funny. To this day, I love watching scary movies.

I’ve read that Rob Zombie was calling this movie more of a prequel of it. So, if I had to guess he’s going to do a before Halloween and after. Kind of like showing the ENTIRE story we never get to see. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be fun, scary and interesting. I’m going to be watching it. Will you?

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