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Hallmark’s Valentine Day Card Review

February 8, 2015 By · No Comments

hallmark valentine Day card
I don’t now about you but I am one of those hopeless romantics which means it is probably super easy to get me anything for Valentine’s Day because to me it means you thought about me. I know some don’t like the day but what isn’t to like. It’s a day that means you show the one person you love or care about how much you care about them.

I have always LOVED Hallmark, besides the fact all their movies have just the right touches that leave me wanting more their cards are just the same. They have this way of putting words to paper that make you feel like it was written by you or for you or for your special circumstance. Am I right?

hallmark valentine Day card

Hallmark has a new collection that just hit the shelves called “Put Your Heart to Paper” (#PutYourHearttoPaper) and there is definitely something for everyone. Sometimes I hate looking for cards at the store because I can never find the one that fits just right. For my husband and myself we are complicated and all the little mushy stuff just doesn’t work, he’s told me himself he doesn’t like stuff like that.

But what do you get for someone that lives 2000 miles away? Heck, he’s the type of person that prefers to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day because Feb 14th to him is a store day, for me though….I’m just the opposite.  I told Hallmark this when I was first asked if I’d like to review their newest collection. I figured they could try but they wouldn’t find one.

They had quite a few in this collection, but not only that they sent over the whole collection so some of my amazing friends will be getting a surprise in the mail just because the cards fit them. Why am I sending these out to all my friends?

Simple …. because I love them and feel that they would get a great smile out of some of these and others don’t have someone that will be sending them one this year so they will need one. Why forget about those that are single/divorced/widowed? There’s no reason so get to the store and grab a few cards and send them one, not many will remember them this year.

Got a friend/family member that loves pets? The Puppy butt is the one for them then. On the outside they get to see the puppy behind but inside the card it says:  If a photo of a puppy butt doesn’t make your Valentine’s Day happy, I don’t know what will.” Oh and yes I know exactly who this one is going. There are some Hallmark cards that aren’t so mooshy as my husband would call it but gets right to the point and wishes them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

With Hallmark’s #PutYourHearttoPaper campaign they are challenging all of you to do exactly that this year, do not just go out and buy a card but make it mean something. Look inside many to find that perfect one, write inside and tell them exactly why you love them and how you admire them.  The best news is Hallmark currently has 6 different videos to help you find your words and they even teach you how to write a love letter to that special someone. Could you tell your loved one how you feel without using the word “Love” in it?


Make sure to visit the Valentines Hallmark Page to see some store locations near you, writing tips, fun videos, card options and more! Get tons of inspiration and the latest updates from Hallmark on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Disclosure: I was sent all the cards in the picture to perform an accurate review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

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