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Get Your Kids Cooking with Curious Chef

August 23, 2016 By · 18 Comments

Disclosure:  Curious Chef products were sent to us in exchange for an honest review. Pics and opinions are our own. By the way, Nicoli loves cooking with them.

I’m the mom to five kids which means sometimes I’m not always around to do up the cooking. I could be dropping off someone to a school activity, picking up from a sport or running out to get some groceries. It is always so much easier to instruct one of the older children to start or finish a meal so it can be just finishing when I get home. This is why I believe in teaching children young that they can cook for themselves even after they move away. Curious Chef allows young children to help out in the kitchen with their own utensils that are meant just for them. Don’t think just because it is a “child’s item” means they are fake plastic that will break. They actually look really nice and they can cook with them, with force even.

Baking a pizza with Curious Chef

We decided to make personal pizzas for everyone. Now I won’t lie I did cheat a little bit and bought the pre-made pizza crust for this and it is one I will continue to buy going forward because it is healthy. For those that do not know Nicoli calls Olives, “ILOVEYOUS” and if you haven’t heard why because you aren’t following me on Instagram here’s the story. One day I was eating pizza and he saw the olives and freaked out thinking I was eating bugs. I explained that they were olives and tasted really good. I gave him one and he said “Oh sweet” and plopped it in his mouth. Next time I had one he asked if he could have some “ILOVEYOUS” and I tried kissing him, he shook his head no, pointed to my pizza and picked one off. Apparently he thought I said it was showing him I loved him. He loves them now and I love them even more. Obviously Nicoli had to have olives on the pizza, not everyone else is a fan so we got ham and cheese for them. Sadly as far as I know Curious Chef does not come with pre-boxed meals to make with the supplies, but it would be cool.

Here’s a few items that we used to make our pizza:

Cooking up pizza with Curious Chef

Now on to Nicoli baking the family personal pizza with Curious Chef. (Thank you to Curious Chef for supplying his tools. You have inspired another chef in this Italian family) First you need to have everything laid out for those little hands, they can’t always open things themselves the way they are packaged. Spread a thin amount of olive oil over the pizza, plop on some sauce and let them spread it using their spreading spatula. Next let them sprinkle cheese over the whole thing and put on their favorite items before placing it in the oven. Please be aware when cooking a parent should always be watching out. Use your judgement when it comes to your kid. I always take things in and out of the oven.

Making Pizza Curious Chef

Curious Chef provides kids ages 4 and up with safe cooking tools so they can get inspired and creative in the kitchen. This means no longer do they have to stand back and just watch mom and dad could. Now they can be part of the process. By getting kids involved in the cooking process early on, they help foster a love of healthy eating while making fun memories. And, featuring color-coded measurements, the tools help refine kids’ math and measurement skills.  The best part for the kids is the lasting memories and the fact they have their very own supplies.

Cooking pizza with Curious Chef

The Curious Chef 3 Piece Pizza Set features a silicone spatula for spreading sauce or scooping wayward toppings back onto the pie; a kid-safe nylon pizza cutter for making perfect slices; and a nylon pizza server to dish it all out. These are sharp enough to cut through the pizza but not to cut off their fingers. He loved using each one and has asked me multiple times to make pizza so he can use his chef set. Doesn’t that pizza look good? I think I’ll have to be getting him a Curious chef hat next.

  • $10.99 on CuriousChef.com
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free

Curious Chef Cutting Board with ham slices

This adorable Curious Chef Tomato Cutting Board will make your kids excited about chopping veggies! Designed to stay in place, this cutting board will help keep your kids safe and your kitchen less messy. This was great for Nicoli because it was just his size. He had fun cutting up slices of ham with me for his pizza.

  • $6.99 on CuriousChef.com
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free

Made mushroom pizza with curious chef

Know a little guy or girl that would love to cook with their own supplies? This is a great set and I definitely recommend it for anyone with kids that either want to learn to cook or just want to help out in the kitchen. Don’t worry if you aren’t into making pizza there are a ton of different sets you can purchase to use to cook with your little one. Make those memories because they are the ones they are going to cherish forever. How many of you remember cooking something with your mom or dad? Plus as I said before they’ll be able to move away knowing how to make some food for themselves when they are out on their own. What have you made with your kids?

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Disclosure: We were sent the above items to use to review. All opinions and pictures are our own.There are affiliate links in this post, if you click them I may earn a few pennies.

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  1. I love these utensils for kids! It’s so cool to see their confidence when they learn they can make food for themselves, way to go!
    Denise recently posted…Check Out Best Buy at Tech Home MinneapolisMy Profile

  2. I love getting little ones involved in cooking! Makes them so much more likely to eat what they make!

  3. This is adorable and so perfect for new, little chefs!
    Carissa Pelletier recently posted…Breaking Up: Help Your Teen Get Over Their First LoveMy Profile

  4. What a cute line of kid-sized kitchen gear! I think that is a great way to pique children’s curiosity and to get them to learn to try new things. After all, if they prepare it, they are more likely to try it.
    Lynda S recently posted…Explore Like a Local – Three Must Visit Hotel Bars in New OrleansMy Profile

  5. This is so cute! My daughter loves to cook. I may look into getting some things for her.

  6. I love Curious Chef products!! I think teaching kids kitchen skills (from an early age) is so important!

  7. Those are so cute!! I may pick some up for my niece and nephew!!

  8. So fun! My two kids would love this. They love helping in the kitchen.
    LaVonne recently posted…Neat-Oh! Pony Toys, Organization and More!My Profile

  9. I love involving my boys in the kitchen. This looks like a really fun kit!

  10. I totally agree. My daughter loves to bake and it’s one of our bonding activities during the weekend. She loves pizza so this is definitely a good idea for us to make soon.

  11. I love baking and cooking with my kids. My oldest daughter and I will talk about what we want to bake in that month and go from there. You can catch us on Facebook posting on the other’s page to see if we want to make it. She actually dreams of becoming a pastry chef. Pizza is always an easy one to make. Next time we are going to have him make a big one.

  12. It is fun to cook with them and make all those memories. Yes, he had fun with the kit. I think he really likes to have the same things I have but to be able to say they are HIS and have his own area for them.

  13. They have so many other items too if they don’t care for pizza. They have one for cookies, pies, etc. I really need to get him a stepstool since he has now taken claim to helping anyone that is cooking. What is their favorite thing to make?

  14. Don’t forget to show them how to use them in your kitchen. Just be prepared for the mess. 🙂

  15. I do too. As I said in the post, I didn’t know how to cook much. To me they must know how to cook before I let them leave this house. I need to know they can survive lol.

  16. What is your daughter’s favorite thing to cook?

  17. I love that they have tools specifically for kids. I loved making Boboli pizzas as a kid. They’re so easy and fun to make!

  18. I really like the Cooking utensils just for kids. They can really help my kids learn how to cook. I am checking out these tools and the pizzas look so delicious!

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