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Garden Lites Muffins: Delicious Muffins without Mom Guilt

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Garden Lites Muffins Freezer

I’ve been leaning towards eating healthier for a while now, not everyone is completely on board and when that happens you know how hard that can be. It doesn’t matter if it is spouse, friends/co-workers or your kids. When there is resistance it is hard to fight and stay on track. My goal right now is to start with the young ones. Why? My girls already love to eat healthy, they just tend to eat sweets when allowed. I found a new snack idea that the kids love and I feel great about. Rich in veggies too……They are….. Garden Lites Muffins!

Garden Lites Packaging

I end up snacking during the day and so does Nicoli.  Instead of giving him some junk I can now give him a chocolate muffin without guilt. Why? Simply because Garden Lites have mixed up veggies into their muffins. We got two different ones to try out: Chocolate Muffins (made with fresh zucchimi & carrots) and Banana Chocolate Chip muffins (made with fresh zucchini and bananas). Nicoli will never know the difference. Truth is as long as I start him early he will always love zucchini muffins/cupcakes. Isabella once tried them at a Farmer’s Market and has loved them since.

Garden Lites Muffins

Don’t think I didn’t try these out on the other kids. Little A saw Nicoli trying a muffin and immediately asked for one. Soooo I handed him one and let him eat it. I asked how it was and he asked for a second one. Now I could’ve never told him about what he just ate but I thought if he knew he might not judge. He’s the type that if you tell him it is a vegetable he will suddenly be full. I told him, “What/!” Quickly I responded, “But you liked it right? You liked it before you knew that was in there.” He smiled, shook his head and asked for another. Healthy Muffins wins!!!

The girls of course ate them. Sadly there are only four in a box, momma only got a bite of one. The second box was Nicoli’s and mine. I love that they are individually wrapped and can be quickly tossed into the microwave to be heated up or left on the counter for one to eat later. Early in the morning I can now leave it on the table for Nicoli to get later in the day when he starts saying he’s hungry and needs to eat.  Or I can toss them in my purse and give it to him while we are out and about. Perfect on the go snack or for home.

Garden Lites

“I found my Garden Lites Muffins at Target!  (freezer section) When I saw them I told my husband who first gave the nasty-gross look. I told him they were healthy. In a desperate attempt to prove to me how wrong I was he went to the ingredients to show me. Instead he had to eat his words. I told him, “Yes it says zucchini, carrot, egg whites, sugar and started to go on.” That’s right, these are packed with nutrient-rich superfood veggies and they are also gluten free.  I knew what he had thought it would say, this wasn’t a company that has words I couldn’t pronounce like he thought. I smiled and he took the two out of my hand and put them in the cart.  Oh and for those on Weight Watchers these are 2 points and only 120 calories.

NOTE: This is Nut free, dairy free and gluten free. (My oldest daughter was happy at the last two. Little A was happy about the first) This definitely works for our family.

You can find yours in the freezer section of your nearest Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, Shop-Rite, HEB, Kroger or Costco. Before you head out, go to the store locator and make sure your store has them.

Garden Lites Coupon

Want a $1 of coupon?    https://ooh.li/fe3e1e2 <—-Click here and go to coupons! I hope that helps. I would love to hear what your kids think of them.

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