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Friday Thoughts

June 8, 2007 By · No Comments

Okay this is a bunch of thoughts for Friday and wasn’t sure how I wanted to blog it. Sorry but better than having 10 different entries right? Today is mine and my husband’s 11 year anniversary so I’m trying to post all of this by noon because he’s coming home early. Not really sure what we’ll do but spending some time together is great since he works two jobs and we haven’t seen much of each other.

First up- Don’t forget to visit Casual Fridays over at Casual Keystrokes, join in on the fun summer talk. Do you have rules for your kids for the summer already planned? How about ideas of how to keep them occupied?

Next up- Laura over at Writing Thoughts tips all of us on a freelance calculator that’ll help us when we need to figure out how much to charge our clients. Thank you Laura.

I can’t seem to visit another favorite blogger, “Life With Heathens.” If ya stop by tell her I said hi.

More on interesting NEWS-

Did you hear…Japan is trying to pay people to have babies over there. One couple can make $60,000 if they have 5 children. Imagine getting a raise of $8000 just to have an additional baby. WOW! I just got a diaper bag when I had my fourth child.

Paris Hilton went to jail, and got out of jail (long) before her time was up…supposibly under “Medical conditions” the hubby says it must be “CelebrityRichness Syndrome” I wonder if he is right. What’s your take? Oh and of course now they are going back to court to see if MAYBE she was treated unfairly. Give me a break, anyone else would’ve went straight to jail for what she did. It would be UNFAIR to let her off, UNFAIR to let Paris be on house arrest after first putting her behind bars. What’s your take on it?

I’d like to invite everyone to another blog carnival: Father’s Day

Entries must be sent to me by Friday, June 15th. I’ll be posting them every day just like last time. Anything on father’s day, as I’m not sure how many dads really read this blog.

Ideas: What to get dad for Father’s Day? What’s your favorite Father memory? What do you do on Father’s day? etc.

Final Note (at least for this hour)
This week I adopted three blogs which came from Gayla McCord (also known as MomGadget), I hope I can do it as much justice as she did. Want to head over and wish me well?

Step by Step – it’s a site all about being a blended family. No, I’m not in a blended family but growing up I was and I still have strong connections with everyone. I’m a sister, half-sister, step-sister, step-daughter, daughter, wife and mom. I think I can cover this one.

The Teen Zone – everything teen related. You’ll find me posting on teen celebrities, hot trends, new teen gagdets and other fun teen things.

Work At Home Mom – A blog to talk all about being a work at home mom and help others to become a work at home mom.

Do you have a blog just sitting around doing nothing? If so do you leave it be or try getting someone to take over it? Would love to hear everyone’s take on this subject.

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