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Day 1 of #31DBBB: Elevator Pitch

July 19, 2010 By · 7 Comments

As I posted last week, I decided to sign up with a group online called SITSgirls in something called #31DBBB using Darren Rowse’s ebook. So now it is time to see if I can’t get all these blogs of mine in order. I started this challenge before with a few pals but it never went to the end so this time I want to focus, focus, focus. I’ve already discovered more about my blogs than I originally thought.

Before I would’ve just used the tagline: Take a journey through parenthood with as little mess as possible. But looking over my blog and all the things I post about I realized my blog isn’t just about my kids, reviews and giveaways but about my life as well. So it is time to rephrase that little tagline.

New Tagline: A Journey through Life…with our 5 kids.

I figure when the husband got out of the military I blogged the ups and the downs. When I signed up for college ya’ll knew about it and have followed along through the happy and the hair-pulling times. So why not make this blog about OUR life and not just about the kids. After all, we are part of them. Right?

Short Elevator Pitch: Learning As We Grow!

Longer Elevator Pitch: The Life of a Home Mom is a place I want everyone to feel comfortable with their own parenting and life decisions. This will be a place we share the stories of laughter, madness, sadness and reviews of our life. Don’t forget to read the reviews and enter the fun giveaways too.

This is obviously a work in progress. What do you think? Have I nailed it or does it need something else?

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  1. Hi Elizabeth- I have a few thoughts for you- first you have a typo in the longer pitch- you have fill instead of feel. I like your tagline concept, short pitch- not sure it sums it up-meaning who,what,where- and who are you pitching- if advertisers- then have a pitch that answers their questions (who is your audience and what is unique about your blog) and be true to your blog.

    Long pitch- kinda confusing or rambling- take 1 or 2 core ideas and cut out all the extra words b/c the core ideas are getting lost- don’t be too wishy washy or everyone is welcome (sure they are but from what I know to get a tribe/following you need to be clear who you are or what your blog is and is not.

    Come over and check out http://www.mommie911.com/blog and also check out our kids/parenting site/blog- http://www.ziggityzoom.com – we will soon be having some guest bloggers and blogger contests- so check back with me.

    Are you going to Blogher in NY?

  2. Oh, i think that this is great. It’s clear, concise and lets me know what your blog is about. As a soon to be mom, i look forward to reading your blog!

  3. You nailed it baby. I love it. What a great, clear, simple, informative pitch. I love it!! I got my tagline, but am still working on the pitch. You’ve given me inspiration. Nice!

  4. Asashia says:

    Hi there!
    I found you on BlogFrog—you were the post before mine!
    I think your elevator pitch reflects your content exactly. Because you are combining the chronicles of your life, mixed with hubby and the kids, it tells that exactly. And yes, you’re learning as you grow—learning through your kids, your school work, your marriage—life is a constant learning tool.
    Do be careful about “someone learning from you”—what do you want them to learn? how is your platform going to allow them to do this?

  5. homemom3 says:

    Thank you all. Yes, my blog definitely has more to add since I do giveaways/reviews and interviews frequently. Just not sure how to add that in a short pitch. Thank you for the error, I’ll correct that now. As for BlogHer in NY, no not this but I’m hoping to get there next year. This year I’m currently in hotels and will finally be moving into my house at the end of the week. Thank goodness!

  6. Learning as you grow, I really, really like that. Great idea.

    Good job SITStah.

  7. Al Boxall-Gordon says:

    Nice post and great layout. Was really easy to read. I’m doing the challenge too. The only thing that struck me was the immediate direct benefit to me as a reader. I get that I can hopefully learn from you, but do you do any extras that would make me compelled to follow you over and above other blogs?

    Hope this is helpful.
    If you have any feedback on my stab at this it would be great.

    Thank you


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