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Wordless Wednesday: Fingernail Polish

January 30, 2013 By · 5 Comments

A perk with being pregnant is how quickly your hair and fingernails grow. Many knew that it had taken me years to finally wear any type of make-up after my first painted the house with it. Finally, last year I started buying stuff, little bits at first but recently I went hog wild on the wet-n-wild Fergie nail polish. I look at it this way I have the nails why not make them look good. Right? So I think I’m going to start trying them out and see if I can’t design them, after all I have an entire section on pinterest devoted to this. hehe. Maybe I can post them once a week and get your opinions. What do you think?

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Don’t forget to leave your link.

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Wordless Wednesday: Cold Morning

January 23, 2013 By · No Comments

Brrrr, waiting at the bus stop in the morning can be a chilling experience but they sure know how to cuddle up.

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Wordless Wednesday: Snowmen & Forts

January 3, 2013 By · No Comments

This was the fruit of the kids’ labor after the first snowfall. Of course we did have a much bigger one but with myself and two of my other kids sick SoccerBoy took it upon himself to build a snowman and fort with his sister who wasn’t sick.

Happy Wordless Wednesday, even if I am a day off.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping with the Baby Bump

December 12, 2012 By · 5 Comments

Little A is already a very loving big brother to the tiny one inside my tummy, which we have nicknamed Johnny 5. Every day after school he runs up to me or comes into the house and wraps me in a hug and then quickly looks to the belly, lifts up the bottom of my shirt and talks to his baby brother. Yesterday was no different but I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to lay down. He asked if he could talk with his brother and if I’d scoot on the couch. I did, a few minutes after talking with his brother, arm wrapped around the belly he was sleeping. Thought it was too cute not to share. Brotherly love. 🙂

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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Wordless Wednesday: Baby Pics

December 5, 2012 By · 6 Comments

Yesterday was the day we found out if the baby was a boy or a girl. We are having a little boy, which will be we will have 3 boys and 2 girls (B,G,G,B,B). He was doing all types of flips in the beginning of the ultrasound, by the end he was laid back and relaxed. It is too bad most were dark or I could share all with you, instead I will share the two that my camera could bring up. I was told I will need a pregnancy belt with this one. Any recommendations? Have a wonderful day, for us baby planning and naming has begun.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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