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Holiday Gift Guide ~ Blingles

December 9, 2013 By · No Comments

I was provided the product below free of charge for review purposes to ensure I was able to give my honest opinion of it.

Blinges Glimmer


Do you have a little girl that loves glitter? Or maybe you have one that just wants to shine? If you’ve got one of these you may want to consider getting her the Blingles Glimmer sticker set. This kit creates 60 glitter stickers which is great for girls (and boys I’m sure) ages 6 on up. I know my 13 and 10 year old girls have loved this. The stickers went straight to their school notebooks, BalletGirl even stated she wished she had a locker at school she could put the rest. They loved designing their own stickers and rolling the glitter over them.

BalletGirl-  “I like that it is easy to put on and you can stick them on anything, anywhere.”


Glitter Studio (so she can do up all the stickers right at the table)
8 sticker sheets (mine loved the hearts)
4 glitter colors
4 glitter rollers
Glitter pen
Glitter brush 10 gems
Instruction booklet

You can purchase these inside most retailers including Amazon.

Note: I do have a 6 year old that tried to do this and lets just say it can become a glittery mess but it was a ton of fun. But it is definitely a fun kit for kids to do this holiday season. Will you get Blingles?


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Holiday Gift Guide ~ Gelarti Enchanted Forest Series

December 9, 2013 By · No Comments

Disclosure: I was sent a Gelarti kit for review purposes, pictures and opinions are my own. Affiliate links are in the post.
Gelarti is something we’ve seen before but now they are Glow in the Dark. How many have kids that love stickers? Well, now they’ll get even more excited because they glow in the dark and come in a variety of colors such as pink, blue, neon green and bright yellow. The paint for the Gelartis looks almost like a feather or a fox tail and inside is the colored paint that you use to fill in the stickers.

Place the Gelarti sticker sheet on a flat surface and color with the Gelarti pens provided. These will take up to 6 hours to dry so keep them in a safe place. Once it is dry peel it off and stick it on just about anything. We liked sticking them on notebooks but another idea is to make a scene on a bedroom wall that gets a lot of light during the day so when it becomes night time they can see them glow. Cool right? These would make great stocking stuffers. I actually had all three of my middle children at the table using the gels to make their own. I can tell you these glow in the dark, if they’ve been under a light for a while. We lost electricity one night due to a storm and were able to see the stickers from across the room.BalletGirl wants me to get more and she is 13 if that helps you out any.
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Holiday Gift Guide ~ My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

November 19, 2013 By · 1 Comment

Disclosure: We were sent the product below for review purposes, there was no monetary compensation.  All opinions and pictures are mine. There may be affiliate links in this post. 

If you or your child has ever loved My Little Pony you will surely love the new girls that have started popping up…the Equestria Girls. In the My Little Pony show they pony has stepped through this magical mirror and it brought them to a new dimension creating these little girls, it’s the same ponies but in human form. I must have missed this episode but my daughter didn’t and she has wanted them ever since. I’ve only just began seeing them hit the stores. There are six Equestria Girls, we were lucky to be able to review the Rainbow Dash. But for those that do not know there are: Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie.


Rainbow Dash is a baby blue skin color and her hair is a rainbow of colors and she is dressed to be athletic and always on the run. Ours came complete with an outfit (2), shoes (2 pairs), hair clip for your child, a clip for her, a backpack, wings, jewelry for Rainbow Dash and a brush.  Oh and a little sticker sheet to decorate with. The Rainbow Dash feature that I liked best as a mom is the fact she is bendable. The knees, hips, elbows, etc all move, it is unlike your typical Barbie doll which I like.  I know I kept telling my daughter there were no doll My Little Ponies, boy was I wrong and it is good because these really are cute and if you know the ponies they really do match the characters/looks of each.  As  you can see she absolutely loved her Rainbow Dash.


Disclosure: We were sent the product below for review purposes, there was no monetary compensation.  All opinions and pictures are mine. There may be affiliate links in this post. 


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How to Train Your Dragon Movie & Toys

March 26, 2010 By · 2 Comments

How many of you will be hitting up the movie theaters this weekend to go see, “How to Train a Dragon”? I wasn’t really sure about this movie when I first started hearing about it because I hadn’t watched any of the previews and just kept hearing the kids talking. Now it only sounded like something really cheesy to me and it hadn’t been made into a cartoon so didn’t sound like anything exciting. That is until the hubby and I watched a movie recently and got to see one of the previews for “How To Train a Dragon.” It looks really cute and he (and the kids) love dragons and swords so this would definitely be a good one for them. I liked that it didn’t look like your typical cartoon and I loved the theme of it.

How to Train Your Dragon Movie:
A young teenage Viking is learning to hunt dragons but suddenly meets one face to face and learns they are nice. He asks if anyone has trained them and is basically laughed out of the place but decides to try anyways. Can he teach this dragon to be friendly? Can he teach his people they don’t have to fight them?

Of course everyone knows that with one hot movie coming out kids are going to be begging for the books, coloring books, posters, toys, etc. This is perfect time since Easter is only a week, these would make for some great basket fillers.

I already have a few asking for the books and two asking for the toys. Little A wants any of the toys, his sister wants the stuffed dragon. It really is cute. Here’s a preview of How to Train Your Dragon:

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A Breastfeeding Doll for Kids

August 5, 2009 By · No Comments

Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe the trend hitting the internet today so I looked it up and sure enough there is an actual “Breastfeeding Doll” for kids. Yes, now your daughter can breastfeed a baby doll just like mommy. While I may have breastfed my four kids, I’m not okay with my daughter pretending to breastfeed a doll. Am I wrong here?

A Spanish toymaker by the name of Berjuan has created Bebe Gloton (the first ever breastfeeding doll). There is a little nursing bra you would put over your daughter that has a flower where her nipple would be. When the baby starts to cry simply place the baby up to the bra and she begins nursing and making sounds such as suck suck (sounds) and once she’s done burp it by hitting it on the chest. I don’t know there is just something about seeing this on a younger child that makes breastfeeding look bad. Breastfeeding is natural, but not on a 7 year old.

I won’t lie, the doll itself without the whole creepy breastfeeding part is very cute and everything else would be great if they left that out. Replace the breast and give the baby a bottle, not my 6-year-old’s boob. Ikkk. Maybe give the baby a bottle and a sling in replacement for the breastfeeding and the nursing bra.

How do you feel? Would you by this doll for your young girl? I’m definitely keeping this post away from BabyGirl and BalletGirl as they’d love it because it is different. I’d be scared of the thing and would not want to see them doing it. Yes I realize this goes against all those that breastfeed but then again so does this doll.

By the way here are a few that thought Bebe Gloton was also creepy:

EcoChild’s Play said: Play Nursing: The Creepy Breastfeeding Doll

NJ.com says it’s a ‘sucky’ Idea. I must agree.

Parent Dish said: New Doll Leaves Little to the Imagination.

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