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Pay it Forward with Clear American Water

August 2, 2011 By · 1 Comment

Last week the kids and I went to Walmart and purchased more #ClearAmericanWaters this time we were on a mission to pay it forward. The first thing I asked the kids was who they wanted to give the Clear American waters too since I wanted this to be a lesson as well to them and show them that you can give to someone without expecting something in return. I was proven wrong by the way but not for the reason you think.

The kids decided it would be totally random, people they didn’t know and people that “looked hot.” We had bought 4 of their favorite Clear American Water flavors and stuck them in the fridge for a few hours before we ventured out. But Little A wanted to do something too and asked to give them candy bars. By the way when he calls something a candy bar he is meaning granola bars because those are HIS candy bars. So armed with a video camera, my phone, (for quick pics) the waters and granola bars we all gathered into the car. We went around 1-2pm which meant it was HOT out here in Indiana.

The first stop would be a man holding a sign for “cash for gold” and immediately BalletGirl requested him. She is right he’s outside every day with headphones in his ear and just holding this sign up. I kind of felt sorry for him. I quickly got out, let him know what we were doing and asked if he’d be okay if she’d give him some clear american water and a granola bar. He happily said yes and smiled and said thank you when she gave them to him. He got key lime water, which is her favorite.

The next one was actually in the same area, he was mowing a huge lawn so I stopped, explained and once again he too said yes. This time it was BabyGirl and she gave him the Kiwi-strawberry water and Little A gave him the granola bar (he gave all them one). Once again we got a big smile and a thank you. She went back to the car with all types of smiles on her face.

We couldn’t find many out, we had hoped we’d see the man that is always holding a “please help I need money and I’m homeless” but we didn’t. So we stopped off at Walmart to where they were having a race car thing and saw some workers that looked hot under an umbrella area with no drinks. I explained what we were doing and they said they’d happily take them, it was kind of funny seeing how they worked there and that was originally where we got them. But as we walked around we did notice them drinking the drinks.

That night I asked the kids what they learned: “Mom, you do get something when you do something nice.” They explained they felt good about doing it and that they all got a thank you and a smile. Now that’s paying it forward. Will you pay it forward?

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American ® brand beverages. All pictures, videos and opinions are mine and the kids’.

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Review: Bigoven.com

November 15, 2006 By · No Comments

This is a possible paid ad, I say possible because I may and may not have already passed the deadline, however I still wanted to tell ya’ll about this neat little site/download.


First, Big Oven has over 160,000 different recipes to choose from and if you are anything like me, ya just never know what to cook. Or maybe exactly like me and just don’t cook and rarely feel like looking through and entire cookbook. Am I right? At BigOven they take that step to much easier routes, you type in what you are thinking of.

For instance, I’ve been craving sweet potato pancakes. I know most are thinking of gross, but they are GREAT and you don’t even need syrup. I typed sweet potato pancake in their little search area, it reminds me of a small oven, and I got two pages worth of different recipes. Now the thing is to narrow it down. This is easy as well since most of the recipes are marked with the best by ratings of little stars. What could be easier right?

If you don’t know what you want to make you could always type in the ingredients you have on hand and it’ll find something for you. This just made cooking a whole lot easier for me.

Maybe you already cook and just want to talk with other cooks, there is even a messageboard. There’s even a section that you can find in the drop down menu about the recent raves, so if you just want to try making something you’ve never tried and everyone else is raving about this is it. Currently there are Great Apple Stuffing, chicken enchiladas (a favorite of mine), and my kids’ favorite…sloppy joes.

Currently this site is offering a free trial, download it for 30 days and if you like it it only costs $29.95. For me the cost is one night of taking my family out, which means it could be saving us a LOT more money in the end. Now think about it, you get 15,000 recipes, you can have a calendar which makes knowing what ingredients you need just that much easier, tips, dishes you’ve never tried and of course a messageboard to always help you out. Is it worth it? I think it is.

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