Saving Money makes me Happy

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Today’s prompt was to write about something that makes me happy, well for me saving money makes me happy. For those wondering yes my kids make me happy and seeing their smiles melt my heart but that’s a given so now we go to something else. Lets be serious, when it comes to me it doesn’t take much to make me happy. To show you how happy I get I went to a book sale this weekend with my kids, it said 5 for $1 so I let BabyGirl get 10 books for $2, she came back with $1. I was impressed and let each child get 5 books and still had more than enough.


I get so excited when I drive down to get a Sunday paper (because I love the coupons) and find out that the French lady didn’t take them all and left me a few. Yes, that really happens and I’ve been told who takes them all. So I get all excited over two papers. Hey, it’s money in the bank people. I get a huge smile on my face when I’ve saved up enough money to pay off an old debt. Yes, I realize I shouldn’t have debt but oh well I do and I am trying to fix that now, so for me this is a big deal. I recently signed up for Savings Catcher at Walmart and learned after a few days I had .56 in the account. Yes, it compares prices of stores in the nearby area and gives you back money if another store beat them. hehe. So I’m making money even after shopping.What makes you happy?

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A Kid’s 52 Week Money Challenge

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Many bloggers around the world are jumping into the 52 week money challenge, however some are asking how to get their children involved in this but a smaller amount. I wondered about the same thing and saw a few references for ideas for kids to do it so I’ve jotted only a few down. Let me know if your child would do this and how much you think they’ll save in 2014…or what they want to save so they can buy later on.penniesinajar

Penny for the Day

Similar to the dollar per day for the adults but instead they put a penny for the day of the month it is. January 1st they would put 1 penny in, on January 17th they put 17 pennies in and so forth. Each month starts new and by the end they should have roughly $55. (I did not sit down and do each day but it will equal out to being very close)

A Dollar a Week

Have your child put only a dollar in the jar for every week that passes and by the end of the year they will have $52 saved up. This method may be done with a nickel, dime or a quarter a week, each week though you put that many in it. If you they are on week 23 they should place 23 quarters in the jar, week 2 would only be 2 quarters and by the end of the year they would have $13 in the jar. With dimes they would have $5.20 at the end of the year, with a nickel challenge they’d end up with $2.65, with a penny a week they get 0.52 at the end of the year.
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52 Week Money Challenge for 2014

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52 Week Money Challenge
By now you’ve probably seen the 52 week money challenge on either Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or a blog…well I’m going to try doing it this year. I tend to save money fairly easy and now that the kids and I are experimenting with Crockpot meals and other home meals at home we are saving more than before. Yes, I am a penny pincher, but I still need to figure out how to best use coupons so you can bet I’ll be looking more into that this year too to save even more money. If you got a tip on coupons or some other cheaper way of doing something at home instead of buying it in the store, let me know in the comments below.

Getting an Emergency Fund
Dave Ramsey tends to state, as well as many other financial advisors that the best thing for anyone to have, not just families is a $1000 emergency fund. I’m like most Americans and do not have one, so this is one of my first goals. I want an emergency fund but I also want to be able to save up money for other items I am in need of here, plus fun things to do. How does one save up when they really never have? You do it with a bunch of others doing the same thing so  you can see others doing it right along with you. You pick up how they are doing it, what method they are using, how to coupon better, etc. You learn and grow together, sometimes couples will do it together, other times seeing another person such as a friend doing it, have a family member do it with you and see who will be there in the end race. Make saving fun!
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Best Western’s Summer Promo

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It’s summer time and I’m sure some of ya’ll will be stopping off at hotels. Check out Best Western’s summer deal going on right now. Many of you know that I am moving this summer, which means traveling from Indiana to California, I’m guessing some time during this trip we will be stopping. I love reading that after a third night we’d get a free night, since I know we won’t be in one town more than one night until we get to where we are going. If you are planning on traveling cross country or from one state to another you may want to take advantage of their summer deal. I’m putting up their press release below:

best western Summer Promo

Best Western Rewards members who stay three separate nights through August 18 at a Best Western hotel, will earn a free night voucher that can be used at any of Best Western’s 2,000+ hotels in the U.S., Canada or Caribbean.

To take advantage of Best Western’s summer promotion, travelers simply need to:

  • ·         Join Best Western Rewards, the hotel chain’s free loyalty program, if they haven’t already at http://www.bestwestern.com/rewards/
  • ·         Register for the summer promotion by July 28 at www.bestwestern.com/summer
  • ·         Stay three separate times at any Best Western hotel June 17- Aug. 18, 2013
  • ·         The free night voucher must be redeemed on or before January 31, 2014
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Kids Bowl Free in Greenwood

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Kids bowl free in Greenwood, Indiana this summer if they register. I don’t know about you but I loved bowling as a child, in fact I was in a bowling league (can’t say I was very good but I have a lot of happy memories) and bet my kids would have a blast. Head on over to Kidsbowlfree.com and register your kids today. Registered kids will be able to play 2 free games every day during the summer. Sound like fun?

Kids Bowl Free

Not in Indiana? Not a problem, on the homepage you can click to check to see if your state/city is doing it in your area. Good luck!


Note: You will have to purchase/rent bowling shoes as they are not free. Child must be 15 years or younger to participate in this program.

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