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ProFlowers Review~ Mother’s Day Flowers

April 23, 2013 By · 3 Comments


I was recently asked to review a bouquet of flowers through Proflowers, boy I don’t think it is ever a good thing to tell a woman to take her pick of flowers. It took me a good two weeks to actually pick the ones I thought I’d like best. There were so many pretty selections to choose from, items like gift baskets, flowers, plants and of course little gifts I thought would be nice.Mother's Day Flowers

Before I discuss what I ended up getting with a ProFlowers gift card from them, I want to explain why it is so hard for me to pick just any flower. See growing up my family’s yard was known in our tiny town as “The Secret Garden.” Why you ask? Simple we had 7 trees and 50+ rose bushes growing in the middle of the desert. This is not something that comes easily but the flowers were always amazing and well cared for so when I look at flowers they really have to speak to me. I am not just going to grab a dozen red roses because they are pretty, chances are I had them growing up. It would have to be some very colorful roses, not just pink or red but an orange or something different, like tie-dye.


So I guess this means I’m one of those exotic flower type of people because we didn’t have them growing up. I want something that is different and will WOW me. I ended up getting the  Deluxe Mother’s Day Spectacular for $39.98. I got to pick what type of vase I wanted ProFlowers to ship my flowers in. You can pick one or none, I picked the square glass vase which cost $9.99 and my shipping was free because I picked to have them delivered during the week and not weekend. They have plenty of Proflowers coupons here. I still had a few bucks left so I ordered a small brown teddy bear for our baby coming very soon.  The total for all of this was $64.16 and I think for this order I got a lot.

flowers 002

When the flowers arrive they do show up unopened, another word for it is they haven’t bloomed yet. Don’t forget to check inside the box for the little food for the plants, I’ve seen others comment theirs dies immediately and mine didn’t as long as they are fed. I will admit that the irises began blooming right away but it took longer (few extra days) for the Stargazing lilies to bloom. What does that mean? Well in my case I didn’t really get the effect it shows online.  By the way, I still have two lilies and it has been over 2 weeks. Aren’t they pretty?

Disclosure: I was provided a gift card to make my purchase to do an honest review. No other money was sent my way.  Opinions and pictures are mine. 

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The Hoover TwinTank Review

August 17, 2012 By · 3 Comments

First I wanted to say thank you for giving me a chance to review this really great steam mop. I’ve had steam cleaners before, I’ve had mops and I’ve had your regular vacuums…but never a steam mop. I thought for sure this would fall apart or something but truth is it hasn’t and trust me in my house it has been put to the test. I was sent the Hoover Twin Tank steam mop a few weeks ago and I’ve been testing it out nonstop. I have a few tile floors and then the linoleum floors in the bathrooms and kitchen but the rest of the house is carpet. Which if you have kids or pets you know those areas are the most frequent and easiest of places to get dirty and scuffed.

The hoover steam mop is small but it gets the job done, it has a 30 ft extended cord, a place to roll the cord back up when you are done and two tiny buckets to fill up with the solution and one for the water. The buckets slide on and off very easily that my 5 year old helped me put the water on. My 9 year old has decided that she will use it every week after she has cleaned the kitchen floor to make it look nice. This machine is light, even with the water and solution in it, so no hurting yourself moving it from one room to another.

There are four different controls for steam mopping your floor, tough stains, spot clean, general clean and steam. Push the button in to turn it on, you’ll know it is on because it lights up, push the button in again to turn it off and it’ll stop glowing. You will have to wait 30 seconds for it to kick on but once it does it’ll do its magic. The bottom of the machine has a grey triangle base which attaches to the machine washable microfiber pads which is what cleans your floors.

This does work on carpets (I did use it on some spots), laminate, hardwood floors, vinyl, linoleum (which I know for a fact), tile (once again I used it on) and stone floors. It is suppose to make carpets look refreshed, but I really like how the floors looked. Take a peek for yourself at my before and after.

I can see the shine that it leaves behind, which I love. Just because I have a house with four kids and two cats doesn’t mean my floors need to show it. The fact my kids want to clean because they want to use this also makes me happy.

“I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.”

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Bagblaze Review

August 15, 2012 By · 144 Comments

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of woman that would LOVE to have many bags, not just one but a few for all types of different occasions. Are you one of those? I normally have only one bag and don’t get a new one until that one has been worn out, but I tend to “carry the kitchen sink” as my husband likes to say, which means my bags/purses don’t last over a year. The straps normally break at some point. BagBlaze sent me two bags to try out, I love them both but honestly I have a favorite.  If you hop on over to Bagblaze you will discover they have hundreds of different types of bags to choose from. They have messenger bags, wallets, hobo bags, purses, evening out purses, etc. Definitely something for everyone. The two bags I picked out were the Aleysia Messenger bag and the Lyneya Satchel.  The site states they are 70% off the regular price, talk about a discount.

The Aleysia Messenger bag is my favorite of the two bags, I use it now instead of my regular purse. I cannot carry much but when I’m just running down the road for something I don’t need everything. The bag carries my wallet, has another pocket for my credit cards/keys/etc, a place for my cell phone and zips shut which means I don’t have to worry about anything falling out. There is also a zipper pocket on the main inside one and one on the back.

The Lyneya Satchel is made of synthetic leather and can carry everything in it, including one or two books you may be reading. The back has a zip pocket which is great for lose change, the front has a buckle strap to close over and a big pocket for those with coupons or small notebooks. Dual braided carrying handles with adjustable detachable shoulder strap, which means it will take a lot of heavy lifting before it breaks. Zip top closure. Interior zip wall pocket, cell and sunglass slip pouches.

Free shipping and free returns which knowing all of us ladies, this is a great deal. Prices range from under $20 to up to $90.  BagBlaze wants to give you one of the Aleysia Messenger bags.

Disclosure: I was sent two bags to review, there was no other form of compensation. The bags were so I could honestly review the product, all pictures (besides one) are my own as well as the opinions. 

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Oasap Fashion Review

August 9, 2012 By · 43 Comments

I recently joined Oasap Fashion Hunters where I was allowed to pick an outfit to review. OASAP is a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products. The outfits run a bit small so I was unable to try them on myself, however that was perfect for my fashion designer daughter. Yes, BalletGirl wants to be a fashion designer when she gets older and is constantly drawing outfits and designs that would look great together. So for her this is a dream job. We browsed the Oasap website which is very easy to navigate. You have New Arrivals, apparel, shoes, bags/purses, accessories, jewellery, fashion collection, fashion pin and features. The tops are a one size only.

The outfit she picked out was a Lace Embellished Shoulder Turndown Collar Cotton Shirt which ran for $28.00. You can either wear it buttoned up or un-bottoned and tied at the bottom. This shirt is made of cotton has soft lace at the edge of the shoulders and works great with shorts, skirts or pants. It can be worn by itself or with a shirt underneath. The buttons on the shirt look almost like pearls. Be sure to check the size & fit to make sure it will fit your person. This shirt is a 45cm, bust 92cm and shoulder 33cm. Perfect for my daughter. These are the type of shirts I wore all the time growing up, it was neat seeing my daughter as fascinated with them as I was. Guess I know what types of shirts to get her for this year.

We also picked out a cute little bracelet that would go perfect with the outfit. Simple Style Bowknot Detail Bracelet is just like it sounds a simple silver chain bracelet that has a cute little bow shape in the middle. This bracelet runs for $8, which goes great with her outfit. This bracelet would go for a special occasion or just wearing it around town.

If you are planning on purchasing an item do know it takes 7-15 business days for it to arrive. If this wasn’t an outfit of your taste not to worry they have all types from Harley Davidson look, school girl to even your evening out. This company was founded in 2011 and already has made a name for itself in the fashion world and increases its product line by 600 new outfits a week. Out of all honesty, BalletGirl and I already have a wish list going on the Oasap page. She can’t get enough of this stuff and I have my eye on a few bags and shoes.

P.S. If you are a fashion blogger, or a blogger wanting to break into writing about fashion you can sign up for their Oasap Fashion Hunter program. I do get paid $8 for every referral. But if you get approved you’ll get to pick out cute outfits and accessories in exchange for your post.

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Spice Up your hair with Sobe Organics Hair Extensions

August 3, 2012 By · 10 Comments

Earlier this year we were worried my daughter’s birthmark on her head could have cancer, in fact we ended up getting it surgically removed just in case. Wouldn’t you if you had the choice? During the wait for the surgery we pondered if she’d be bald or if they’d just take a chunk out of the side of her head. She was wanting to know if we’d get her a wig or extensions and at the time I hadn’t really looked up these until she had asked. Tons of places were expensive and thankfully they ended up not taking too much off. I was recently sent two samples of SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension which I think would have been perfect for her.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the Sobe extensions on some of the celebrities such as Katie Moss, Adrienne Bailon, Ramona Singer (Housewives) or even Jenna Burke in Bachelorrettes. This is one of the number one choice on the runway for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  They have extensions that match your hair color or let you go a bit darker but they also have the fun ones like Hibiscus Island Hot Pink, Brickell Red, Ocean Drive Turquoise, Purdy Ave Purple, Pastel Pink, and Pastel Blue. Sobe Organics sent me a tube with two hair extensions to use, the tubes as you saw above come in a variety of hair colors for your choosing. On the outside of the tube it states the instructions on how to put it in, what NOT to do and explains that these are 100% human hair extensions.

Here’s a peek at what the Brickell Red looked like on me. By the way I loved it and so did a few others that saw it.

It was pretty easy to put in, honestly my kids could have done it besides needing to have a straight line. I’ll post the instructions that come with it though.  The best part is you only need the Seamless tape extension kit tube and nothing else. From the Sobe Site, which is also listed on the tube they send you. :

–          Prep hair, should be clean, dry and free of products
–          Select desired SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension to add to hair.
–          Section hair to a piece of equal width and thickness to that of the SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension
–          Remove tape backing and sandwich either side over natural hair
–          Press and hold for approximately 30 seconds
–          Repeat as necessary
–          Style hair and add product as desired with hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron
–          For maximum wear, do not wash hair for 3 days after application

Easy right? It was for me and they really show up in your hair, or you can blend it if you don’t think it is appropriate for an interview.  Taking it out is just as easy but you will need the SOBE Organics Remover Spray directly onto tape

–          Allow to set for 2 minutes
–          Remove SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension with no damage to natural hair
–          Reapply tape to SOBE Organics Seamless Tape Extension for multiple wears

The prices range from $12.99-$25 and are available in 16-24′ lengths. Sound interesting right? This means you can just spice up your look, go fun or go flirty, or make your thin hair look a little bit fuller. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  If you’d like to win a kit for yourself be watching because they have decided to have a giveaway on “The Life of a Home Mom.”

Disclosure: I was sent two kits in order to do this review. No other form of compensation was distributed. All opinions were my own, pictures are mine as well as Sobe Organics.

IMG: Katie Moss  (via www.harpersbazaar.com)

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