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January’s Ipsy Bag Reveal!

January 16, 2017 By · No Comments

ipsy bag

BalletGirl (age 16) has decided she wants to start ordering Subscription boxes with her paycheck. I mean what girl doesn’t like makeup and free samples right? But better, who here hates to purchase something they end up hating?  She decided her first purchase would be the January Ipsy bag because it was only $10 and came with quite a bit of stuff.

I loved that she told me if she liked the stuff she’d know to purchase more of it later and if not at least she wouldn’t waste her money on it. Plus, it was make up at her door monthly that she didn’t have to go search for.

The process is pretty simple you head over to IPSY (her link here) and sign up. If you sign up through someone’s link they do get so much off their next bag. It’s a win-win! Feel free to sign up for the January Ipsy Bag through her link. The service is $10 a month for 5 products and a bag.

January Ipsy Bag Reveal!

She waited for two whole weeks for this to come. Every day she’d check the mail once it said it had been shipped. haha. I must admit I loved it because of the pretty pink bubble wrap envelope they shipped it in. (sorry didn’t get pictures of that) Every month that she receives one we will post about it here on the blog. Hope ya’ll enjoy the reveals!

The January Glam Bag

January Ipsy Bag

First when you open the pretty envelope you’ll immediately see a card (explaining what the theme is for the month) and an Ipsy Bag. This month we got a blue/gray some call it a silver bag with holes. This month’s theme from Ipsy Glam Bag is Metropolis! Fun in the city!

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When Jesus was a Green-Eyed Brunette

December 21, 2016 By · 17 Comments

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of When Jesus was a Green-eyed Brunette for review purposes. Pictures and opinions are my own. 


by Max Davis

jesus greeneyed brunette

Loving People Like God Does

About When Jesus Was a Green-Eyed Brunette:

This story weaves heartwarming and miraculous stories of Jesus showing up in ordinary people, revealing that He knows us and is fully present in our everyday circumstances, especially in our difficulties.

Those hurting and weary from worn-out religion are longing for a fresh touch from the living Jesus. Best-selling author Max Davis challenges us to do more than simply receive God’s grace—we need to allow grace to soften, change, and shape us. As you read this book you will laugh, cry, and come face-to-face with the living Jesus, much like Davis did, when he found Him living in a green-eyed brunette.

As Davis puts it, “Jesus is very much alive today and still does incredible things—sometimes supernatural things—through us!”

My Opinion of When Jesus Was a Green-eyed Brunette:

This isn’t a story like you’d expect. It isn’t strictly about Jesus or his birth, but it is definitely a story that will reach in and touch your soul. I love how Davis showed us that Jesus is always there for us whether we see it or not.  I believe that he shows up just when you need him, some of us realize who he is and some of us do not. Those that do are overwhelmed with the feeling of peace, love and sorrow sometimes.

For me, I have met my own form of Jesus before, I was but a little girl testifying against my own mother. There I was in a courthouse, all eyes looking at me, knots in my stomach and the judge calling a recess in the hopes that I wouldn’t get sick all over the place. As I walked into the restroom with the guard outside the door, I met Jesus and he was in the form of a little old lady. That little old lady appeared just when I needed to hear all would be good and not only were my parents proud of me but so was God. She disappeared as quickly as she appeared, not even the guards had seen her go in. Trust me, I asked.

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Lugz Tambora Winter Boots: Made for Snow

December 20, 2016 By · 159 Comments

Disclosure: The Life of a Home Mom was sent a pair of Lugz Tambora Winter Boots to review. The pictures and opinions are my own.

lugz boots


My First Pair of Lugz Tambora Winter Boots

Last year, I was lucky enough to try a pair of Lugz Tambora Winter boots in black.  Let me tell you it was a great choice of footwear.  I wore these boots everywhere, no matter the weather. I worried that it wouldn’t hold up in the rain but they were great.  While everyone else’s shoes soaked through mine did not. Tip: Don’t allow the fur to get soaked or they might. Lugz Tambora Boots

My Choice Of Lugz Tambora Boots This Year:

What type of boot/shoe would I get this year? This year I was more than happy to try a pair in coffee color.  Before you ask, I did still have a great pair of Tambora boots from last year.  My daughter now wanted them since they were black and well she’s 16.   I love that Lugz tambora winter boots are perfect for the snow, so I already knew I wanted something warm.  We were bracing for an even colder winter than last year according to all the news channels. These aren’t just snow boots though, they can be worn in all types of weather (minus summer of course) which means they last a long time. It would be money well spent.

The Lugz Tambora boots in your choice of Coffee/ Antique Brass/ Black currently  available $74.99. Get 30% Off with code 30HOLIDAY. Spend $60 for free US Ground shipping.
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Holiday Gift Guide: Thomas Kinkade Music Box

December 16, 2015 By · 8 Comments

Disclosure: I received a sample of the product for review purposes to include in my Holiday Gift Guide.


I absolutely LOVE music boxes since I was a little girl. I can remember my little ballerina spinning around in my music box as a little girl. You lifted the top and she’d spring up and dance on a spring. The pink velvet lined box would hold all my little rings and earrings and under there’d be a drawer I could pull out to keep my necklaces which I had my secret notes instead. As an adult I still fancy music boxes but now I want them to be nicer quality and pretty. One I found that fits this is the Thomas Kinkade Crystal Music Box. This is lovely and lovely doesn’t even begin to describe it. [Read more…]

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Origami Owl Jewelry Review

June 28, 2013 By · 12 Comments

Disclosure: This post was wrote over two years ago, I’ve since joined this company however the links have changed to my own pages as per Michelle’s request.

origamiowlWhat woman doesn’t like some type of jewelry? I don’t know about you but I love jewelry and from what I’ve noticed most women do, whether it is a necklace, bracelet, rings, anklets, earrings, etc there is something for you. For a very long time now I have wanted a locket or a mother’s ring. You know what I mean about a Mother’s ring, the type that has the birthstone or your children’s name in it. I was recently approached by an Origami Owl representative, Michelle Freatman, to see if I’d like to review some of their jewelry. Of course I jumped at the chance, I had seen Origami Owl posts from time to time and played with the idea of what my story would be if I ever bought one. But now I was getting a chance to review one.

origami owl review

For those of you that do not know. Origami Owl was created by a 15 year old girl by the name of Bella, she wanted to create enough money to purchase her own car on her 16th birthday and founded this company to do that. Those that know me, know I love supporting any child entrepreneurs so I was even more impressed with the company.  Not only did she make her dreams come true by purchasing her white Jeep but she gave 1000s of people a job and there are 1000s that wait to become representatives. Plus she enjoys going to schools and giving out gifts. I can only imagine all the good seeds she is planting by doing this.

Back to the Origami Owl review, Michelle, actually let me pick anything. I was a bit afraid at first to pick just anything. But I’d always wanted my story of my kids and my site and I let her know and warned her that I had 5 kids. Honestly, I thought she’d tell me just to choose one birthstone, locket, chain, dangle and that would be it. Nope, not only did she let me get all my kids in there she added surprises for me.

origami owl jewelry

This came in a small rectangle origami box and inside were-  2 take out Origami Boxes ~ These are adorable. The side says “You tell stories with words. We tell stories with Jewelry.” The other side is a picture of an origami owl holding an origami necklace in its hand. Now what goes great with Chinese take out boxes? Sweet fortune cookies do and these have a great surprise inside.  Inside was the jewelry all safe and sound some were in their own bags but there was also this little gem which would be perfect for holding charms (picture below).

origami owl pouch

First, if you are ordering from the Origami Owl website it is a  pretty easy 5 step process

1.  Pick a locket – the site says pick your charms first but I think you need to know what type of locket you are going to put them in before choosing your charms. Currently there are 15 to choose from.
2.  Charms – (7 pieces fit into my large locket) There are all types of birthstone types to choose from, hobbies, initials, etc
3.  Chains – 21 chains to choose from either silver or gold, chain or ball, long or short, etc
4.  Pick a Dangle – These are just a single piece that hangs down beside the locket. Items such as a key, owl,
5.  Plates–  Pick between small, medium or large. You pick between rose gold, silver and gold.  This will add a background if you need one or a bit of personality to your locket.Each piece is engraved with a single word such as Family, believe, Inspire, dream, etc

Okay six steps because you have to pay. 🙂 But I’m sure you knew that part.


Wondering what was all in my Origami boxes?

–  5 birthstone charms. I picked 3 boy birthstone charms (2 March, 1 April) and 2 girl birthstone charms (July & August).
–  1 laptop charm ~ this represents my site and internet
–  1 gold heart charm that reads “Mom”
–  1 silver heart charm that reads “Family”
–  1 March crystal element (dangle)
–  1 Tree of Life small (dangle) ~ To me this doesn’t just represent the tree of life but also family roots. I have started my own family tree.
–  1 Silver flat oval link chain
–  1 30″ classic ball chain necklace
–  1 LG Silver locket with crystals
–  1 key (dangle)
–  1 Origami owl heart signature tag

The Living lockets are all about telling YOUR
story, whatever story that may be….your family story, life story, an event in your life, a hobby, your first child, a marriage, graduation, etc. You can see how these could be endless and I believe I found my perfect gift for family members/friends now. You can make these so personal and it shows that you really thought out the gift for a particular person. If you don’t like lockets (ackkk!) you can get the ball chain necklace and add tags and dangles to it to show your own personality. Or if you don’t like necklaces you can get the locket and make it into a key chain.


origami owl origami owlorigami owl

(This is the LG locket with crystals on it and charms inside. Now I can tell everyone I can fit my kids in a necklace.  See how easy it opens up for you to put the charms? )

origami owl origamiowl origami owl tags

So you’ve seen all the neat little dangles, charms and necklaces I got. Now a really neat thing about my locket is that I can wear it either with the crystals showing or just plain. I have posted both above so you can see what they look like. But just like it states, the living lockets can change with your mood/life. The one I have in the pictures show it with my 5 kids, however I can switch out the hearts with my computer charm and change the meaning. Or I could just purchase other charms to say my favorite 5 things or something like that. (currently they don’t have a frog or I’d be right on top of that.)

Want to tell your own story or buy an Origami Owl living locket for someone else? Head on over to Elizabeth Ferree’s Origami Owl page. I loved working with Michelle on this review, which would also be why I ended up joining under her team. Sorry but one note, my pictures don’t do the locket and tags justice. These are so much prettier in person.

Do you have a story you’d like to tell? I had a few as you can see. My kids was one but also my website, The Life of a Home Mom (computer with kids, family, etc). I can’t wait to hear your story.

UPDATE: I wanted to update this page, for those of you that may have read this back in June 2013 I wanted to say that I loved the jewelry so much that I now sell it. Yep, so if you’d like to follow my Origami Owl Page on Facebook please do or order through me. I am also available online for Facebook parties, which means you can host a party online and get the same rewards you would at a home party, only now you don’t have to make appetizers or clean your house. Just make sure you are online for an hour to talk about Origami Owl. Email me at homemom3@gmail.com with Origami Owl in the subject for orders or a party.

Disclosure: I was sent everything pictured above to conduct this review, I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine as well as the pictures. Honestly I love the product and will be purchasing more in the near future. 

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