Turbo Tracks & The Catnip Hurricane Review

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BerganExperience recently sent Shadow and Maxi (the kittens) a package to see what they thought of their toys. Anyone that has ever had a pet knows that they need something to keep them entertained, especially for those that are not home throughout the day and even those that are. A pet wants to be active, to play, to explore and of course if they don’t have something to keep them busy they are sure enough going to get themselves into trouble some how. Remember it was only a month ago that I complained about the kittens eating not one but two of my headphone sets for class. This was because we bought them one tiny ball and thought that was good. But they weren’t satisfied, they needed more than one thing to stimuli the two of them. Bergan sent them Turbo Tracks and the Catnip Hurricane to experiment with and let me tell you the kittens loved everything from the toys to the boxes they came in. I thought the whole boxes make great gifts for kids only worked with kids, I never realized it was for cats too. Lets face it cats and kids love them.

Immediately I took the box (had the Turbo Track in it) out of the box, as well as the Catnip Hurricane to see what they looked like. But this is when the kitties heard the balls. I had placed the balls in the hurricane and spun them. They immediately started going after them. Being a new pet owner I had not see this type of behavior, while I did grow up with cats and one chased aluminum foil balls the others laid around all the time. [Read more…]

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