Skylanders Swap Force Makes Great Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids!

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(Disclosure: We were sent a box of Valentine’s Day Cards for review purposes)

Just in the nick of time! As this week ticked by it felt as it if was on fast forward and I never made it to the store to get Valentine’s Day cards for Little A’s “Friendship Party Exchange.” If I forgot the precious cards would he be the only child that didn’t do an exchange? Eeek, I couldn’t have that but thankfully, yesterday afternoon the UPS man dropped off a special box. The box was a review I promised to do and what was inside the box, Skylanders Swap Force Valentine’s Day Cards, which meant no longer 45 minute trip to Walmart to get cards.


First if you haven’t heard of Skylanders Swap Force might mean you don’t have an Xbox 360 or the Wii because this is fast becoming a very popular game among children. Each piece has a whole selection of things the character can do, kids are loving these. To me these remind me of the game Magic from my own childhood, but I don’t have the game so I’m not sure, I just know my son would LOVE this game and of course the Xbox 360. When he saw the Valentine Box of Skylanders Cards he shouted, “yes” and did a fist pump into the air and didn’t miss the beat of telling me I was the coolest mom EVER. Hey, coming from my first grader that is a high title.


Late last night and early this morning he was busy writing the names of his classmates on the little cards. I’ve been down this road many times with kids but I always love watching them figure out who will get which card and why. Only girls could get the purple ones he would say and only certain friends got the blue ones. It is always neat to watch how their little minds work and remember back to those days from when you were a child and either made cards yourself or were lucky enough to have your parents select a box for you to pass out.



32 Valentine’s Day Cards
8 Character Cards
35 stickers (we used these to seal the cards shut)

The character cards are great collector cards, but for me it explains a bit about the game and who everyone is and what their role is. Yeah, mom can look like she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to this game. haha. I think Spyro is the cutest of them all, I guess as a mom I shouldn’t say this though because cute isn’t what they want right? He had fun with it and just got home and told me that his friends, “Loved, loved, loved them.” He said one of his friends are always walking with a frowny face and today he had a happy face. These cards get a high five from Little A.

The Skylanders SWAP Force Valentines- American Greetings are available at Target and include 30 cards & 35 stickers ($3.00) while the Skylanders SWAP Force LED Watch- M.Z. Berger & Co. is available at Walmart ($5.00)

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Matilda Jane Clothing Paint By Numbers Review & Giveaway

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Disclosure: We were sent an outfit in order to do a fair review.  There was no other compensation, all pictures and opinions are my own. 

As Denise DeMarchis (founder of Matilda Jane Clothing) would say, “It’s all about making a little girl… a little girl.” Who wouldn’t agree with a statement like that and want to take a peek of clothes that do just that. I must admit I loved so many of the outfits, the tops, the bottoms and of course the tiny little dresses. Girls these days are being pushed to wear clothes that are so much older than they should be looking and I love the fact she is trying to keep the Matilda Jane Clothing line for the innocent look.


Matilda Jane Clothing is known as the unpredictable clothing company because there are so many styles and you can mix and match everything, which is perfect for a girl. Denise, the founder and designer of these adorable outfits wanted to make it so moms and daughters weren’t fighting in the morning over what the child was wearing, no longer would a mom have to say “You aren’t wearing that out of the house.” Instead she wanted an outfit that would make a girl smile from ear to ear and have an outfit simple, yet cute enough to show off the little girl wearing it, not about all the bling and dazzle on the outfit and overlook the child. Here is the best part, if you like any of these outfits they can be made in little girl sizes, tween/teen and adult sizes so everyone can wear them.

Not only are the outfits cute and definitely different from one another, the packaging is adorable. The top and bottoms were in their own pink mesh bags (which happen to be BabyGirl’s signature color) with the words PaintByNumbers written across it as that was the collection we were reviewing. Currently Matilda Jane Clothing have four different collections: winter, Paint by Numbers, Good Hart and Heart-Soul-Pride. The cute thing about this is on each tag is a tiny Paint By Number picture for them to color as well, the only thing this outfit doesn’t come with are crayons/paints for it.

hail 003hail 002

Ballet Girl, age 10, got a cute Artic Ice Majorine top, this is an ice blue top with white stars and tiered layers, the ends of the sleeve have a poof effect which end at the elbows. This is about $39 and can be paired with just about any bottoms but we were sent the Madeline Benny Leggings. The leggings are a darker blue with the tiered bottoms. She said she absolutely loved wearing the bottoms because they were really warm. These were priced at $36 and we got to top the look off with the Lauren Rose headband, which is the dark blue headband with a blue stripped flower on top. She really loved it and I hope to get her more tops to go with the pants in the future. These would make great school outfits or something fun to get them for birthdays and/or holidays.

matilda 016

Now to share some great news with ya’ll, they have given me a gift card to give away to a lucky reader. Will it be you? Who knows but maybe, enter the giveaway (rafflecopter) below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Holiday Gift Guide ~ Mega Bloks for All Ages

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MegaBloks has definitely struck the right cord with my family with their holiday gift guide. I mean they had something for all my kids, that includes the 16 yr old to the 7-month-old. My kids have always loved building blocks because they can let their imagination run wild, they can make cars, boats, war scenes, to towers and castles if they want. What I love about Megabloks is the fact that they come in all different shapes and sizes. If you have a baby they have the really big bloks that fit into their hands and aren’t too small that they’ll choke on and easy enough for them to build. As they get older the bloks get smaller to give them more of a challenge and of course the older they are the more that will be in a kit.


MegaBloks for your littlest one has their Mega Bloks Big Building Bag, 80-Piece (Classic) and Nicoli’s favorite BillyBeats. First Builders Billy Beats Dancing Piano  is designed for children between the ages of 1-5.  He is a dancing piano that not only plays music as you push the keys, errrr bloks but it also lights up as his head bops to the music. If you aren’t in the mood for music you can turn it off, on low or of course medium. It plays a dancing beat, a learn to play one where it lights up the key for you to tap along. Finally, you can discover the music by pushing the buttons and learning what sound comes from it. Oh and before I forget you can also here different sounds such as the funky DJ, animal sounds and classic piano.  They even have the perfect little stocking stuffers for them, the First Builders Block buddies friends which have three buddies in them. Ours had a tiny brown puppy, a little girl with orange hair and a little boy with blonde hair.
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Flipeez Review

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Disclosure: We were sent the product mentioned in order to review it, all opinions are my own.

This little guy has come into our family and warmed not only our heads but our hearts. The Flipeez hat is a very popular hat this year, I remember hearing about it when my niece asked for it for her birthday and thought it was one of the cutest little things. I wasn’t so sure about it though until we got it ourselves. Little A was the actual one I figured would wear it more often but it seems to be Nicoli’s favorite toy, he absolutely loves the eyes on it and the puff ball as we call it.


We got the Huggy Monkey and boy has he been hugged and loved on. There are actually 7 Flipeez to choose from: Playful puppy, huggy monkey, curious owl, ranger raccoon, twitchy kitty, rascally rabbit and peek-a-boo monster.


Inside the hat is really soft fleece that keeps your child’s head warm from the elements, which is perfect with wind or a cold chill in the air. The arms hang low until you push the puff ball on the tassle and then their arms swing into action. Ours throws up both arms as if he is saying HUG ME, it’s My turn for a hug. It says for the ages of 4-104 but I can tell you even my little 7 month old likes him, I place a beanie over his head and then put this on him to ensure a warmer morning and he loves it, but honestly he prefers it off his head and in his lap on road trips. He talks to the eyes and plays with the puffball.  My daughter (age 10) loved the fact that he even had a tail on the backside of the hat.

Little A loves pushing the ball to make him flap his arms and loves showing him off. He is available at for $19.95 plus shipping and handling of an additional $7.95.  I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. Perfect for the cold weather or to get someone for a holiday gift.

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Holiday Gift Guide~ Mike The Knight Toys

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Disclosure: We were sent the items listed below for review purposes, all opinions are our own.

Little A talked all summer long about a character called “Mike the Knight” and honestly I had no clue who he was until a month ago. I knew he loved the show and it was a cartoon but other than that I had no clue. Little A loves playsets and action figures, I’ve learned not to call them dolls. Mike the Knight defends his castle against the bad guys with his faithful horse, Galahad and his sister, Evie.  Mike the Knight also has two dragon friends, one breathes fire, the other water.

Fisher-Price Mike the Knight: Glendragon Castle Playset- This Castle comes with 10 pieces: Mike the Knight action figure, Galahad the horse, treasure chest, ladder, trough, flag, boulder, catapult, sign, and zipline. There are 20 phrases and sounds (you need to take out the plastic otherwise it stays on demo mode. Yes, we forgot at first until I started trying to figure out all the phrases. It does come with three AAA batteries to get you started. The drawbridge opens up so Mike the Knight can escape and ride off into the forest. If he is battling the top wall might fall if the boulder hits his castle to make it look as if its been hit, Little A loved that feature. In his bedroom, under his bed is a secret compartment that drops down into a slide so he can easily escape if he needs to. The other side of the castle is a secret room that opens up so he can see outside.

We Knights love treasure. Swords clashing and boing, boing are some of the phrases and sounds you might here as your child plays with the castle. Little A has insisted on getting more characters for the playset though like Evie and a few of the others to have a war with them. Psst, he doesn’t know it yet but I bought him a few characters for Christmas. Currently this is on sale at Amazon for $20.99 instead of the retail price of $34.99, this is also sold at Walmart.

If your son and/or daughter likes Mike the Knight they may also like the Transforming Sword. This is a three piece set, it has the sheith, the sword and sword with fire. The back of the sheith hooks on to a child’s pants/belt so he can be like Mike the Knight and carry around the sword. Place the sword into the sheith and then put the fire sword inside and with a quick turn of the knob your little guy/girl can instantly have a sword. But if he runs down a dark hallway and needs a light he can quickly put the sword back inside, twist the handle and he has a fire to guide his way. By pressing the shield button on the sword he will have new phrases and sounds. $19.99

If your little guy/girl likes Mike this would make a great holiday gift, the best part is you can get the hassle-free packaging. This means less tape and wires to undo, instead we had what looked like brown paper bag string which was easy to take off so they could enjoy it right away.‎

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