DOOL Spoilers: November 9-13, 2015

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12191949_1514146115544683_5140930307233348708_nAfter a very exciting week of wedding, Caroline trying to stall a wedding as her beloved son, Bo tried desperately to make it in time to stop it. He comes riding into town on a bike only to discover he was way too late. On top of that just as he finally gets to his home he finds Hope being strangled by her new husband and that is where we left off. This week we will watch a dramatic death, which I can only guess is Bo killing Aiden since Hope is unconscious on the ground.  [Read more…]

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DOOL Spoilers for Nov 2-6

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Are we ready for the Bicentennial? Now just to figure out who will live and who will die during this time because we all know there can’t be a Bicentennial without one. Emotions will definitely be going this week and it looks like it’ll be a week you won’t want to walk away from. I mean who can with a plane crashing, a wedding happening, someone’s going to die, and of course a kidnapping.

Abby finds shocking evidence that Ben is the Killer. I’m guessing it is Will’s other shoe. Remember Sami found one shoe and was looking but could not find the second shoe. Course you know what that means, later this week Abby is kidnapped and brought to the Horton Cabin on Smith’s Island you know because NO ONE will expect her there. No one ever gets kidnapped and brought there. Seeing her handcuffed to a door while pregnant I can’t stand so hopefully someone will find her soon. [Read more…]

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Get Ready for that Masquerade Party with Success Creations!

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Disclosure: We were sent the following masks to do an honest review. All pictures and opinions are my own.


Are you heading to a Masquerade party anytime soon? I know from now until roughly New Year’s Eve there are Masquerade parties all over the place. I have never been lucky enough to attend one but would love to. The whole mysteriousness of who is hidden underneath the masquerade mask. Yes, I was a HUGE Zorro fan, I mean who was that masked man and so many super heroes are masked. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I absolutely LOVE masks, in fact about 5 years ago my husband’s cousin sent me and the kids each a Mask from Italy.  I just had to have the chance to review a pair of masks for you, now all I need to do is find a party. [Read more…]

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Jurassic World out on DVD/Blu-ray

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Disclosure: Prizing and samples courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Opinions are my own. May contain affiliate links.


I want to be the first to state I have loved working with Universal/Hasbro with the release of Jurassic World. I loved Jurassic Park when it first came out and many of the other ones since. I got excited when Jurassic World was coming out, especially since it would be at the drive-in where I lived and was able to watch it with my kids the way I had seen the first one. Only thing missing was my cousins that spooked me every time the dinosaur was going to eat someone and the rainstorm that happened the first time I had ever seen it. As each package came the kids would be so excited. They knew it was a Jurassic World box because of the stickers on the side. So they couldn’t wait for the dvd. We were given a party supply box for the launch of the movie. While the movie wasn’t here on the release the kids and I did still have a party.


Now I must admit while everything else was attacked by the little dinosaurs the peeps have been untouchable. I want to make some popcorn balls with the little one.  Can you think of some fun things to do with the items pictured. Oh wait there is also this wonderful tin.

[Read more…]

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DOOL Spoilers for 10/26-10/30

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Abe finds some unsettling secrets out on Lani’s computer. Could it be what we all suspect? Is Lani actually Abe’s daughter from a previous relationship? Finally, we might actually get a good Abe story line which we haven’t seen since Lexi.

Bo finds out about Hope’s upcoming wedding and some how he and Patch escape. You know this has got to be crushing him. Will he be determined to get back to Salem to prove to his Fancy Face that he is alive or will he give up?

Eric gets a message from Sami, which sounds like she needs help. Daniel notices Eric is starting to lose it. I’m guessing the loss of his girlfriend and now the approaching nuptials will drive Eric crazy. Maybe even crazy enough to kill Daniel?

Eve tries to take revenge on Chad for her daughter’s murder. Will someone be able to save Chad in time? Please Chad wake up! Course if he does he will also be arrested.



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