Walking with Dinosaurs The Movie

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Disclosure:  We were sent a copy of this movie to review. 


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and BBC Earth Films have come together to create “Walking with Dinosaurs The Movie,” a cute family movie just in time for those Easter Baskets.  I imagine this would be a great movie to appear in an Easter Basket full of toy dinosaurs, chocolate covered eggs, etc. Take a step back in time with these friendly, and sometimes scary creatures as they deal with enemy herds and deal with coming into adulthood, to saving the herd from frozen over lakes that crack.

Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie, releasing on Blu-ray™ and DVD have been available since March 25.  Directed by Barry Cook (Mulan, Arthur Christmas) and Neil Nightingale (Meerkats: The Movie) and the writer behind the hit film Happy Feet, Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie features heart-warming performances from an incredible ensemble of Hollywood’s biggest stars including: John Leguizamo (Ice Age, Rio 2), Justin Long (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Dodgeball) and Karl Urban (Star Trek).

From Little A: Patchi spots a girl and likes her a lot and tries to follow her everywhere she goes. Patchi and his brother were very close but then when his brother takes the herd he becomes mean to Patchi and doesn’t want to be his brother anymore, he even takes his girlfriend. They got into a fight. Patchi saves the herd though when the ice broke. I liked when Patchi got pooped on during another fight,but I did not like when his brother said he wasn’t his family no more. That was sad.

Lesson for this movie: This is one of those movies that teach you that even the “runt” of the liter can become something magnificent as long as they believe in themselves.  This little dinosaur must push past being the tiny little guy and learn that even those guys can be bigger than the biggest of the herd, it just takes a little time, patience and thinking outside the box.

I think the whole family would love this movie, I know we did.


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Listerine 21-Day Challenge Update

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I received the LISTERINE brand products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE 21-Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

We are back, which means it has already been 21 days since we have started our 21-day challenge with Listerine. First, we did it and now have a few that like it. Not everyone will like the taste of everything but some of us did. Those that did not can simply pick and choose but we definitely have a habit like the books state. 21 days of doing something consistently will help you build new habits.


SoccerBoy was already into the habit of mouthwash, brushing his teeth, etc. I actually normally have to tell him not to use mouth wash as often as he does because we run out that much faster, but he likes his mouth/teeth smelling/looking good. Can’t say I blame him. Sorry he did not let me get a picture of him, nor did I get one of Little A. Little A always does his teeth and we’ve used the kids Listerine mouthwash before just different colors, he liked this one more because it had Phinis and Ferb on it. He did NOT like the Listerine toothpaste which is fine because I have kid toothpaste for him but he wanted to try it out anyways.

BalletGirl and BabyGirl both liked all of it. They are learning to floss better, which is something that will take a bit longer. Both girls have the narrow mouth and very hard to get between teeth. BalletGirl is currently going through dental care so she is taking that much more care of her teeth so this could not have come at a better time. BabyGirl is one that now all I have to do is remind her she could be going through what her sister is and she jumps to the bathroom to redo her teeth. With our family we will be continuing this and I do recommend for a family as big as mine to get at the very least 2 bottles of mouthwash, it goes quickly.


If you don’t have a routine for your teeth, take the challenge! Need an incentive? For every person who posts a “Swish Selfie” to LISTERINE® Brand’s Facebook page, LISTERINE® Brand will make a $5.00 contribution to Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America® program, up to $85,000, toward their goal of connecting 210,000 children with needed oral health services in 2014. Hurry up!

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Pretty in Print: 7 Picks with the Coolest Prints in Make Me Chic

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This is a sponsored post but with Spring in the air I thought everyone would love to see what type of styles/trends are coming out for 2014.


Prints are in this season. Bold, geometric, animal, and colorful prints are making way their way in the wardrobe of so many women who are in to fashion. At Make Me Chic, there are dozens of accessories, clothes, and gladiator shoes online that you can mix and match with your existing collection. To give you some samples of these printed picks that will make you pretty, here are 7 products we recommend.

1. Mirna6 Beaded T-Strap Printed Sandals in Blue. A dull wardrobe can easily turn into a trendy OOTD with this pair of printed gladiator sandals. The T strap design is made up of beads and chain details, perfect for your tribal or boho chic inspired look. These sandals are flat so you can walk comfortably all day long, wherever you go.

2. Esther-1 Lace Up Floral Sneakers. Street fashion is cool and it can also be feminine by adding a touch of flowers. These lace up floral sneakers are your go-to footwear when you want to freshen up your denim jeans look. Its high top design makes it really great to pair with your skinny jeans.

3. Metallic Leopard Bangle. Often times, we choose to wear a top, dress or scarf when we want to accentuate our style with animal prints. Now you can wear animal prints with this gold leopard bangle. Its metallic feature is very feminine and fierce! The bangle fits any wrist size as it is held securely by an elastic band.

4. Tropical Floral Resort Maxi Dress. You’ll instantly love to make way for the beach with this maxi dress in tropical floral print. Thinking of Hawaii or the Caribbean? This maxi dress can instantly give you the thrill of vacation as you feel the tropical breeze on your skin. The dress has a low V neckline, thigh high slit on the front, and a spaghetti strap halter with a dip at the back.

5. Nautical Geometric Bodycon Dress. Geometric shapes are definitely a thing this 2014 so get yourself this geometric printed bodycon dress. This bright nautical inspired bandage dress will show off your curves at every angle. Wear it with blazer during the day at the office and then wear it solely at night for some drinks.

6. Aztec Pattern Crossbody Bag. Looking for an everyday bag? This aztec printed bag can carry all your important stuff and you’ll still look stylish. This rectangular bag has three compartments to keep your stuff organized. Wear it as a clutch or a crossbody bag by removing its chain straps.

7. Zebra Wayfarer Sunglasses. Young, vibrant and free are the characteristics of a girl wearing this fun, multi colored zebra print wayfarers. A pair of denim shorts, graphic tee, sneakers and these clear sunglasses will give you a hip fashionable look.

Throw in a printed ensemble and be a head turner. It’s always fun to dress up when you have the coolest selections in your wardrobe. Get a bigger printed collection and stay fabulously pretty with these great finds, only at Make Me Chic.

This is a sponsored post.

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Valentine PEEPS S’mores!

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Disclosure: We were sent the product in order to do a fun review.


Looking for a quick last minute idea for your loved one? Not to worry we have a whole list of ideas and a quick little how to on making Peeps Smores. This Valentine’s Day is just the kids and I so I wanted to do some fun stuff with them and there are a ton of Peeps ideas not only at the store but on their website and on Pinterest. My favorite was what my kids offered up, “Can we make SMORES with them?” Of course we rented movies and ate Peeps Smores. hehe. I love the way that sounds don’t you?

I was shocked to find out that PEEPS actually had Valentine Themed ones, I knew about Christmas and even Easter but not Vday. This is cool and boy did we have fun with this. Of course I used some to make some hot chocolate. Which would you like?


  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Crème Flavored Chicks (3 ct)
  • Chocolate Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Bears (6 ct)
  • Cherries Drizzled and Dipped in Chocolate (3 ct)
  • Marshmallow Hearts (2 and 6 ct)
  • Chocolate (milk or dark) Covered Raspberry Flavored Hearts (individually wrapped)
  • Strawberry Crème Flavored Marshmallow Hearts (9 ct)
  • Vanilla Crème Flavored Marshmallow Hearts (9 ct)
  • Sugar-Free Marshmallow Hearts (3ct)

I must admit to loving those giant marshmallow hearts, soft and squishy. Now I don’t know about you but most times I love opening up a bit and letting them get stale but using them for recipes was genius. Please share any recipes ideas you have.


Here are a a few pictures of the kids eating their smores, BalletGirl (age 13) said no pictures of her eating them. They were a bit messy.


Basically you will need graham crackers, Peeps from Valentine’s Day and chocolate. We tossed these together and stuck them in the microwave to have a delicious treat. This was of course followed up by eating tons of Peeps and using them for Hot Chocolate.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to take a peek at their site for more recipe ideas. I’m going to try the chocolate covered peeps later tonight.


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The 21 Day Listerine Challenge!

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I received the LISTERINE brand products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE 21-Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

I have a confession to make, actually more than one. I never had a cavity until I got pregnant. The second, I do not check my older children’s teeth, so during the Super Bowl Game apparently my oldest daughter bit something and broke part of her tooth. I scheduled her to be seen immediately and found out that her very back tooth wasn’t just part broken, it had broke because there was a cavity. Now I must admit to having guilt over this because I do check the younger teeth, if they don’t look brushed in the morning I march them back and have them brush. This will be repeated each time until it is done right or they give up and just hand me the toothbrush. I asked how long she had the cavity and the dentist said it would’ve been a bit but she may not have known as it was still under the gum, it is a very back tooth and not quite out of the gum area, part of it is still covered. She apparently thought the sharp pain from time to time was it growing in. Needless to say she’ll be going to the dentist now for a root canal. With that being stated when I was asked if I’d like to take part in a 21 Day Listerine Challenge online I said yes. This couldn’t have come at a better time.


As you can see by the picture this is what we were sent which means it won’t last when I have myself, 2 teens, a pre-teen and a 6 yr old, so I’ll be going and getting more this weekend to ensure we have enough. On a positive note, SoccerBoy (age 16) loves using mouth wash so it won’t be a problem for him. But making everyone floss will be the tricky part however it is very important. Did you know that 75% of your mouth is missed when you brush? Yikes right? I won’t lie, in the morning I quickly brush my teeth and grab a cap full of mouth wash, spit and rinse and leave the house. I have bad habits, I need to stay in there longer and with this challenge I plan on it.

Some issues in my house:

-kids always rush in the mornings for school. They get up at 5, shower, get ready and head out the door. I think I need everyone to have everything ready the night before and I’m going to insist on everyone having their own spaces in the bathroom for their morning routines.

- I need to get ready when the older two get ready so I’m not having to chase the younger three when it comes time to get them ready. If I’m already ready I won’t have to rush when it comes to my morning routine. Are you a mom that has children leaving the house at various times? Ever have time for yourself during those hours? Can you make a few minutes?

Take the challenge: (you will need)

  • LISTERINE® Antiseptic
  • LISTERINE® Original Gel Flouride Anticavity Toothpaste
  • REACH® Floss

All of these can be purchased from Target, however I was not close to one so they graciously sent me the material. Now I’ve used both the mouthwashes before but never the toothpaste they have so I can’t wait to try it out.

The LISTERINE® 21-Day Challenge is not just a way to help you and your family, you can actually help children in need keep reading for more details.  For every person who posts a “Swish Selfie” to LISTERINE® Brand’s Facebook page, LISTERINE® Brand will make a $5.00 contribution to Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America® program, up to $85,000, toward their goal of connecting 210,000 children with needed oral health services in 2014!  I can’t wait to see all of those selfies!!!  Head over HERE to upload your image for a chance to win! Don’t forget to come back here and tell us if you won.

Join me by setting up your own 21-Day Challenge!  I can’t wait to share my own results with you throughout this time. If you’d like to take part or tell me your confessions comment below. There will also be a Twitter Party for this which I will update with a date and time when I get it.

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