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Free Easter Workbook Printable!

April 2, 2017 By · No Comments

Here’s a free Easter Workbook printable for you to print for your little one. This workbook comes with cute Easter coloring pages, games, activities, etc. Print it out and let them have fun! Happy Easter!


    ——–>FREE Easter Printable Workbook Download <——-

(or click the picture)

This is my first time making one of these so I hope you like it. Nicoli and Little A both enjoyed this workbook.

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How to Cope: When Older Sibling Joins the Military and Moves Away

February 2, 2017 By · No Comments

I was a military child for my entire childhood. We moved to one base and stayed there. I’d never moved state to state or out of the country like many of my friends had experienced. I definitely knew the securities of living on base, how you could walk absolutely anywhere without being afraid of kidnappings, etc. It wasn’t until high school that we would learn what living off-base was like (minus the few times we’d visit our biological mother or relatives) I was the oldest child, I never experienced what it was like to have a sibling move away. I would have no clue of this until many, many years later.

I married a Marine, which meant I finally moved away, but I was the oldest and our ties were severed before leaving home. So there was no writing letters home, etc. I wouldn’t even talk with my family for over 2 years. Fast forward to 19 years later and we have five children. Our oldest already graduated high school, he has a job and was going to college…when he wasn’t at work/college he was home playing video games. Extremely close to all his siblings. After school his younger brother would immediately tell him about his day and any girls he thought was pretty or share a secret of something funny that happened that day. His younger sister would tell him all about something she learned from STEM or Science class. Nicoli would keep him busy any time at home, whether it was chatting up a story, reading a book or helping him play video games.

One day he informed me he was thinking about joining the military. I must admit pride came inside me, I came from a long line of men/women in the military. To me this was nothing unusual, the only difference was the tight-knit family and how I would make everyone feel okay with him moving away. I knew all along he’d move away, whether he joined the military, went off to college (not in town), moved out on his own or got married. Below is a few tips on how to cope when a sibling moves away and joins the military.

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Teach Chess To Young Children So They Remember It

January 20, 2017 By · No Comments

Disclosure: While this post was definitely not paid for (I did pay for the game) I wanted to tell you about our love for board games. There are amazon affiliate links throughout and if you click them you might earn me a Starbucks. That would be so nice this week.

Teaching Chess to Young

It’s Board Game Friday!! What does this mean? Simple this is the day the family and I decided on board games and play. I love Fridays. This week I picked Harry Potter’s Wizard Chess Set! Soccerboy (Antonio) got this game for Christmas from us. He’s a big Harry Potter Fan (like myself) and he absolutely LOVES Chess so the two went hand-in-hand.

Harry Potter’s Wizard Chess Set is NOT like the game before you ask. No, they do NOT move around the board by themselves. Nor do they kill each other, etc. This set has two mesh bags (black/silver) with the pieces fitting nicely inside each bag. The board and game rules fit nicely inside the sturdy box. Sadly the pieces are light plastic, I don’t know why but I thought they would be heavier, maybe even stone. But each piece has detail in them.

chess pieces

Teach Chess to Young Children:

When did you teach your kids to play chess? Years ago I was homeschooling Antonio and he expressed interest in watching Chess on television. I saw how much love he had just watching it. Not wanting him to miss out on anything I went to the library and borrowed a really old book on learning chess. I figured we could learn the game together and play it too. Even if he didn’t like the game at least he’d know how to play it by the time we were done reading it. At this time I simply bought a dual set Chess/Checkers.
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Connecting With Your Teen

January 2, 2017 By · No Comments

Disclosure: While this is not a sponsored post there are affiliate links throughout this post. If you click on it, I may make a few pennies. 

“I can’t connect with my teen. We are from two totally different worlds. It is hopeless.” These are all phrases I have heard from parents when it comes to connecting with their teen. As a mom to five I kind of understand, but it has also taught me what I need to do and I want to help you when it comes to connecting with your teen.

Connecting with Your Teens

No, the two of you are NOT from different planets or worlds. What you are though is from two different time periods? Things have changed in the past 15-20 + years since you were last a teen, unless of course you never outgrew your teen years and that could be a whole other issue. Things have changed but you were once a teen, so think back to how you felt. You starting to see something here? That’s right, this little nugget of truth is actually the stepping stone (common ground) to learning about connecting with your teen.

Do you have something in common? Yes, of course you do. The first thing is you have been a teen. You get what they are going through and maybe you can offer up advice. But remember, you didn’t always want to hear it from adults either. You shut them out, think of how you would’ve preferred it to have been. Try doing it that way. Did you always want your parent to nag you? Yell at you? Be your friend?

Find a Common Ground:

Do the two of you share anything both of you like? For my teens we did from television shows, reading genre to even certain hobbies. When I sat down and really thought about who they are and what they liked it opened so many doors of communication between my teen and I. Together we were able to discuss what we thought of books we read, which movies/television shows we liked and watch them together. How many of you can say your teen liked to invite you to the movies?

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He’s off to Boot Camp

November 1, 2016 By · 5 Comments

No one tells you how to prepare for when your child first leaves home. Are you suppose to be happy? Sad? What? I think everything depends on if you think they are ready or not. Two years ago I watched my oldest get his High School diploma. At that point I knew he’d be moving from where his siblings and I lived in California to where his dad lived in Indiana and go to college. I watched him pack and everything, maybe it was the fact that he was moving to his dad I was worried so much.

Maybe it was the fact that he sent me a text message in almost every state he passed through and continued to call/text while he was there. It could also be I knew I’d end up back out there and he was moving so he could go to college. All of these were great reasons. The hard part, even for me was letting him go. He’d been there every day with his siblings, even when his dad was 2000 miles away or if he’d been overseas.

army mom

I’ve known for a few months he was going to join the military. When we talked about it the first time back in June I knew he was gung-ho and nothing was going to stop him. Especially when I watched him lose over 40 lbs just to ensure he got in without being put on a weight-list. He was determined. So determined that 3/5 days of the week he walked the 5 miles just to go to the YMCA to work out. He could’ve asked me but only did on days where it was raining or super cold. Every other week he joined the Future Soldiers in training.
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