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5 Bicycle Safety Rules for Summer

May 24, 2017 By · No Comments

bike safety

Every summer a child is brought to an emergency room due to a bicycle accident, some because the child didn’t wear a helmet, others because their shoelace got stuck in the wheel and they crashed. This summer before your child hops on that bicycle he/she got over winter break make sure they know these four rules.

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5 Sun Safety Tips for Summer

May 23, 2017 By · No Comments

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Sun Safety

School ends this week where we live which means the kids will be outside more than they have the rest of the year. Hopefully, this means the sun will begin to shine more and it’ll rain less.

No matter how old we are or how careful we are, that sun will surprise us and we’ll suffer a burn.  Don’t forget that just because it is cloudy outside does NOT mean the sun’s rays aren’t coming down.  Some simple rules to keep your children safe in the sun are:
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5 Water Safety Tips for Children This Summer

May 22, 2017 By · No Comments

Summer is a fun time, where as a parent you can’t wait to make all those memories that will last. Sadly it’s also a time when a lot of accidents happen. This week we will be touching on a few quick tips just to help out. So many times I get online or turn on the news to see some horrible story that a child has died, is missing or simply injured. Here are some ways to keep your children safe around water this summer.
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The Game of Nim

May 12, 2017 By · No Comments

The Game of Nim

Check out this simple version of a pairs game that’s played all over the world. For those of you with little ones, this game is going to be a lot of fun and something that they can do and continue to grow and learn through.  At first, it might seem like simple counting practice, but there’s a certain strategy to winning. Similar to mancala, this game gives your number whiz the chance to estimate and predict mathematical outcomes.

What You Need:
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The Benefits of Board Games for Kids

May 5, 2017 By · No Comments

Benefits of Board Games

Many of you grew up playing board and card games with the local kids or siblings. Board games are still quite popular contrary to what seems to be a tech-driven world. My family has always made sure we take the time to play board games. It is the one time you know everyone will gather around enjoying one another and talking about their week. Board games are the type of game where family or children of all ages can sit down to enjoy some quality time while learning a few skills. It’s amazing what skills your kids can learn when you start having a family board game night, here are some of the benefits of board games for kids.

Kids Learn Patience

Through the natural game play of board games, your kids will learn patience. Patience is a much-needed skill for all ages and when you can teach this through fun, it will come naturally to your kids. Having to wait your turn or pause to hear what the other family member is saying during their turn allows your child to sit quietly and calmly while they watch what their family member will do on their turn.

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