Monday Check-in

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As many of you know last year I began my “lifestyle change” which meant cutting a bunch of crap out of my life. Probably wondering what I cut out right? Try fraps, coffee, soda and fast food. Oh and I did all but the last one cold turkey and boy did I suffer for it in the beginning but it taught me that you can cut out all the bad in your eating/drinking habits. Some of you will say that I must not have had a habit, but the truth was I was drinking I don’t even remember how many sodas or cups of coffee a day but I do remember drinking 3-5 (depending on how much I had on hand) of Starbucks Fraps a day. How did I do it? I replaced all of them with either tea or water. I even tried making flavored water, my favorite was Cucumber water.

One year difference

Every day I would report back on Twitter or Facebook on what I was eating, the beginning was mostly salads, smoothies and Lean Cuisine meals. Every Monday I would post a weekly photo update, which I will do here as well for 2012. Last year I had lost 35lbs by the end of summer, but by the end of the year I would only walk out of 2011 with minus 25. I’m still happy though, looking at the picture I can see that I did good, that even if it wasn’t what my goal had been I had tried hard. Last year was a horrible year for us, first there were a lot of issues going on in the home then we were kicked out of our home and moved into a hotel for almost 6 months. We had moved into the hotel by the end of the summer and that is basically when I began putting the weight back on. So my goal, now that we are in an apartment and have a gym membership is to kick butt and get into the shape I desire.

Do you have any weight goals? Now I haven’t found my weight scale, but I will be looking hard this week and once I do I’ll update this and post a new post with my measurements. I do believe I am roughly at 200lbs, my goal is to get to 175-165lbs which would mean losing an additional 25-35lbs in 2012. Before anyone attacks me I lost that much weight last year and I was healthy.

– continue to lose weight (25-35lbs in the year which is 2lbs per month)
– lose more inches I want to get on the right path
– run 2 5ks
– eat better & drink more water
– Cut back on the sugar, instead use Truvia
– Make the gym a daily ritual (minus weekends)

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Time to Work-out Again!

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Okay, it isn’t that I had ever quit working out but since my life went into this chaotic life mode I kind of got lost in the shuffle. Thankfully I didn’t put on much weight, in fact my weight goes up and down but never goes over 200 but with that being stated it never goes under 190 either. I won’t be hitting the goal of losing 75lbs in a year but I did manage to hit 25-30 up and down. I’m patting myself on the back for not putting it all back on when everything went crazy.

To date: (remember I quit all Jan 1, 2011)
0 soda
0 coffee
0 fraps from Starbucks (or anywhere else)

So as you can see I haven’t touched those old habits and my oldest (he’s 14) followed with the no soda part and he hasn’t had any since Feb. Woo hoo! I guess with the cool air coming and me just wanting to work out and not doing it I started getting that itch to just do it, in fact told my husband I wanted to start walking at night. He didnt’ like the idea due to where we are right now so next thing I know is we were at LA Fitness center.

I’m signed up and so far I did go on Monday of course I was lost on what to do but I did do some sit up machines and some treadmill-like machines. Next I will be trying their classes out. My son plans on going in with me at night and doing the classes, the days his dad goes he’ll go with him and actually “workout” as he calls it.

I am going to try my hand at the following: cycling, aqua fit and Zumba.

I am thinking, but not sure of trying: Yoga, kickboxing and Latin Heat.

This is all in the hopes of getting back into some type of training mode and continuing on with what I was doing. In the meantime I am sorry but I did not get a picture yesterday but here is one from last week.

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Mamavation Monday Done on Thursday!

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I know I’m late but I have had so much going on. Last week was all that dental work, which means Monday I was playing College homework catch up. You can imagine how that goes with kids in school and driving them back and forth. So I didn’t post my Mamavation post, however I did take some wonderful pictures. Now I had decided not to look at the scale for the entire month, but I just did and this has been the craziest last few months where I go back up to 200 and back down to 190 but I never break either. I’d love to see the 180s and that is my goal, originally I said I’d lose 75lbs by the end of the year. Honestly I don’t see that happening any longer, but I’m not going to stop, I do still want to get in shape and lose the weight so I’m just going to keep on going.

I’m 199, even though that is close to what I ended the Mamavation Campaign at I’m still proud of the number. I must admit I am shocked that it wasn’t lower because the fact I could only eat tiny pieces of food. But the catch was when we discovered I could eat beans and rice we ate out at Qdoba’s. Hopefully once all this dental work is done I can eat right once again and begin exercising again. In the meantime, I’m still staying away from sodas, fraps and coffees. 🙂

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Mamavation Monday is Back!

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Okay, I know I haven’t posted a Mamavation Monday post in like forever, but I want you to know I never gave up. Just a lot has been going on and I wasn’t focused on writing those posts every week, I did however continue to post my weekly updates on Facebook. For those of you that may not have me on Facebook just drop me a line and I’ll add ya.

So for the month of August I have decided I would not post weekly weight updates as I am trying NOT to look at the scale. So my last weight, regrettably was 197. That was on the 1st. This was a bit disappointing as it meant I had gained back some weight from when I ended Mamavation 8 campaign. But I won’t give up, in fact I still decided to do a 3K race called The Warrior Dash over the weekend. I wrote about the Warrior Dash in my last post if ya want to take a peek, there are even pictures. I am also waiting for word of whether I’ll be doing a fitness challenge this upcoming weekend, if so that’ll be some additional running, body pump and Zumba on one day. I’ve done it once and know I can do it again.

The last few months have been a bit scattered for a number of reasons, currently we are in a hotel which means my workout routine has been snagged a bit. But I am still going to do my Saturday Zumba classes and now that the kids are back in school (this week) I’m going to try to figure out a routine I can do with the youngest. Not sure what I’ll do yet. Good news is I haven’t totally messed up my eating habit, it just isn’t as good as I was doing. Got any advice? How have you been?

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Mamavation/Mili Challenge 8 Complete

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Wow, I can’t believe that is has already been 7 weeks since we’ve all started the Mamavation/Mili Campaign 8. We’ve all done such great work and you can see the determination and frustration with each post but also the pride we all share. Here’s a quick comparison to me when we first began this and the me today: (All pictures are from today, May 23, 2011)


As you can already see there is a difference and even though it wasn’t nearly as much as some of those awesome Mamavation Moms, it is great. I worked out, got stressed out, took a nose dive and got back up and picked it up again. Throughout all this I never over ate when I got angry, however now I have learned I under eat instead which I will have to monitor that. I want to thank all of you out there that sent me an email/im through some trying times, without your letters I don’t know what I would’ve done.


Ladies, no matter what, I hope you are really doing this for yourself. Don’t ever let your lifestyle challenge become someone else’s success story. In other words, while words are nice to hear make sure you are happy with you. I reacted badly to some comments that were made in my direction, I took it to heart because that is the type of person I am and I’ve been working my tail off. I’ve always said this is MY success story, my thing and it is, if I’d been the person that had tried to lose weight three years ago I would’ve folded under such comments and bailed out. I’m more determined than ever to do this and I can’t wait to meet my goals. Make sure you have goals because it’ll help you see as you hit milestones. I do have a weight goal but my big goal is to be able to run again, have fun and just be able to not be afraid of doing things.

So here’s my Measurements (from last time and this time)

Side view

My BMI is 32.04. (obese)
My Body Fat Percentage is 33.28%
My BMR is 1704.81.
waist: 42
hips: 45
bust: 40
R thigh: 26.5
L thigh: 26
r calf: 15
L calf: 15.5
R bicep: 14


This time:

195.6 (-9.2)
BMI is between 30-34.99 mine is at 31.7 (Obese Class 1)
Body Fat Percentage of 26.98%
BMR of 1660.96

waist: 38 (-4)
hips: 41 (-4)
bust: 39 (-1)
R thigh: 25 (-1.5)
L thigh: 25 (-1)
r calf: 15 (0)
L calf: 15 (-.5)
R bicep: 14 (0)
l bicep: 13 (-1)
neck: 12.5 (-.5)

Back shot

Inches total: 13.5
Total weight from this challenge: 9.2lbs

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