Keeping Toddlers Busy at Appointments

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If you have kids and have ever taken a toddler with you to an appointment you will know how very important it is to have items for them to stay entertained while waiting. It doesn’t matter if the appointment is for you, for them or another family member. If they are NOT entertained you will pay for it and so will everyone else inside the waiting room. I decided that I would get all doctors (eyes, physicals, check ups) and dental work done for the month. It seemed like a really clever idea, I mean I am Mom hear me ROAR right? Not always are our best intentions well thought out.


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Baby Teeth: How do I get Him to Stop Grinding his Teeth?

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Nicoli recently turned 9-months-old and for some moms that means watching them learn to crawl/pull themselves up/or trying to walk. For me though, yeah sure I have all that but it also means getting more teeth. To date Nicoli has 5 teeth, actually more like 4 but the other one is just about all the way out of the gum so I count it too. How many did your baby have/has at 9 months old?


There isn’t even a timeline to say when a baby will get those first teeth, just that between 1-3 years your infant will have a mouthful of teeth. I have read most will get that first tooth between 4-7 months but that isn’t always the case.  Why? Because every baby is different, I even had one baby that had teeth at birth. Yeah that wasn’t fun, thankfully Nicoli didn’t. He began getting his teeth at 6 months.

Nicoli loves showing off his teeth, but he recently discovered how to grind them. Have you ever heard a baby grind their teeth? Eeek. This is like nails on chalkboard for me and I have no clue how to get him to stop. I took my older daughter to the dentist earlier this week and they overhead him grinding his teeth and informed me that’s a bad thing if I can’t get him to stop it now. Umm, how do you get a baby to stop that, especially one under 1 years of age? Any ideas? A day ago I discovered he has chipped (just a tiny bit but still) the top tooth.

Once again, how do I stop him? I know I can’t give him a mouth guard for this young. I have heard some state put something in his mouth like a finger or food. Others have told me to give him a pacifier. I’m beginning to think that the pacifier would be good, only he has never been on it except those first few weeks of birth. Do I want him on it now to have to break him of it later? I’m at a loss.


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She Donated her Hair!

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Ever since I donated my hair to Locks of Love last year both of my girls have wanted to do it. BabyGirl got to be the first out of them to do it this weekend. I must say as the two of us waited outside the shop before cutting her hair I repeatedly asked if she was sure. I knew this was a big thing and cutting that much hair off would be huge. I mean am I right? A girl loves her hair, especially when she’s taken such good care of it.


Donating hair

As you can see it had gone just a little past the middle of her back and it is thin. I wasn’t 100% sure she was ready for this. But she made sure to tell me she was. She even told me she wanted to make sure that someone that didn’t have hair would get some. She also told me, “Mom it is just hair, it’ll grow back.” No truer statement. Honestly I think it was harder for me to watch her cut it even though I was proud, I know how much care was put into making her hair that long to get it chopped off. She was all smiles before and after, even now when I look at her she grins from ear to ear. She did such a great thing and for that I am proud.


Donated Hair

Can you see the joy she has? Even with her hair in hand she is smiling. She also says she knows she looks cuter now. The kids played a game of trying to figure out which little actress she reminded me of. Figured it out, the little girl on Ramona and Beezus. I know there is another from when I was younger but they’d never figure that out. Have you ever donated your hair or had a child do it?  If you are my friend on Facebook you have probably seen my pictures from when I donated my hair a year ago.


Great Clips is the store we went to in order to donate her hair (and mine when I did it) because if they cut all 10 inches (no less) you get it done for free. Make sure your hair is washed before going in.  Of course since she was doing it I told them to give it a style so it cost us a little bit but not much and for the price it was totally worth it. Very proud of my little girl!

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Welcome Nicoli!

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I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of our family! Nicoli
This past Saturday, April 27th at 11:56 am Nicoli was born. He is one week old today (Birth Story to come)  I’ve yet to come up with a blog name for him, so I’m working on that now.

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The Aftermath of a Day at the Pool

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While we all had a blast hanging out with friends at the pool I must also admit that we all ended up with a few burns from it. SoccerBoy ended up with the worst of it all but only because before going to the pool party he had been at football and they went out selling flyers and he took his shirt off the whole time and got a bit too much sun. I had not known this when we went to the pool. I did have him put sunblock on but apparently he was already cooking and as many of you know the water only makes it worse.

But isn’t a pool day all about relaxing and hanging out with friends? It’s a time of no worries and no thinking just sitting back and chatting. This was how that day went for me. I wasn’t stressed over finding a house, living in a hotel or even worried one of the kids would drown. Hey a mom worries all the time doesn’t she? Instead MissM (oldest daughter of friend) hung out with Little A, he has a big crush on her. BalletGirl hung out with Zman, BabyGirl hung out with the two younger girls (Little Miss M & SwimGirl) and SoccerBoy hung out with everyone at one point. Everyone but mine knew how to swim, mine had devices to keep them afloat or a parent nearby. It was a fun day! Don’t you think? We will be going back later this week and everyone is already excited about it.

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