Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Gives a Good Reason for Selfies

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Nicoli turned 2 years old this past Monday and I can’t help but think of how quickly time has past. One thing is for certain I am so very thankful of all the pictures I have taken of him throughout his tiny little life, all the moments caught on a picture so it’ll never be forgotten. Now it is time to start transitioning to potty training. Which means I’ll need to begin finding diapers for night and begin training him.


Nicoli is the last of my children (1/5), he’s the one everyone is always giving attention, maybe it is because they are all far apart in age. Who knows, one thing is for certain…he is loved. If I’m not the one to take photos you can guarantee that one of his two older siblings have something he did during the day on their camera phones. I have so many pictures of him running around in the park, being picked up into the air by a sibling, ate by a dinosaur during a family trip, and of course trying hats on in the store or he takes oh himself with brothers phone (selfies). [Read more…]

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As a Parent How Would You Have Responded?

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Many have seen the video of the mom catching her son taking part in the #BaltimoreRiots by throwing rocks at people/police cars. When she realizes it is her own son hiding behind a ski masks she confronts him, takes it off, begins trying to hit some sense into him and tells him to get his butt home. I’ve seen people both applaud her and shame her for trying to get her son home. (Some say adding violence to the situation) Even the Baltimore police commissioner said he wished more parents would step in and be more like her. So watch the video and comment below.

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Keeping Toddlers Busy at Appointments

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If you have kids and have ever taken a toddler with you to an appointment you will know how very important it is to have items for them to stay entertained while waiting. It doesn’t matter if the appointment is for you, for them or another family member. If they are NOT entertained you will pay for it and so will everyone else inside the waiting room. I decided that I would get all doctors (eyes, physicals, check ups) and dental work done for the month. It seemed like a really clever idea, I mean I am Mom hear me ROAR right? Not always are our best intentions well thought out.


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Electric Dog Fence Benefits & a Giveaway

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I am only posting this in an effort to help some of ya’ll win some Amazon cash. How many of you could use $50 Amazon Gift cards? I don’t know about you but I would love to win an amazon gift card. So for this giveaway we are talking about the four benefits of installing an electric dog fence. How many of you have one?


I don’t own a dog, actually I currently do not have any pets. But I grew up with dogs and some days I wish we had something like this. Why? I had a number of dogs growing up but I remember a time we had just moved into a new city and our three dogs got out. If we had an electric fence it probably never would have happened. They pushed open the gate and ran, only one came back that first night but the other two would take much longer. After a week one of the other two came back but we would not see the third dog, my favorite one, for almost 6 months and by the time we did he ended up with mange.

1.  It keeps the dogs in.

2. It can be cheaper than a traditional fence. Traditional fences can go from hundreds to thousands while an electric fence can be as low as $300.

3.  It can be added on without having to buy a whole lot of materials.

4.  Makes it easier for you to keep a nice yard. Just think you’ll no longer have to worry about weed eatting all that grass that grows into the fence.

Enter to win the $50 Amazon Gift Card from FabGrandma

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