Change of Seasons, Change of Path

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Many of you have heard the expression a change of seasons, with four seasons a year we always get to start anew. But what about our own lives? In a way as we travel through each and every day of our lives we too have a change of season. You go from being born, growing to adulthood and then there is a new season with each new event that happens in your life (marriage, baby, a job, a move, etc).nicoli 019

Sure some of us wish we could have a cheat sheet to see how we are suppose to travel this path called life, figure out our destiny and our reason for living, others would never dare use one because only their way is the right way. Last year my path changed, I did something totally unpredictable….I moved my kids and I to California from Indiana. Not many would do this, especially when you are leaving your husband in another state and have no clue how long it will be. But knowing it could take months, to a year or two before we would be back together as a family. Instead in the mean time we would have to accept the fact that we’d only be able to all be together during holiday breaks and the summer. But at the time it was for the best interest for the children, the job wasn’t a for sure thing and neither was where we were living. I knew we could make it, but it would take guts to get there. This would not be something I’d ever done and the last time I tried anything on my own I got stalked. This time though, I’d grown. People say that as you have a child a lion is formed within the momma, well I had just had my 5th child and I knew I had to do this.

I would stay with two families (my parents and his sister) before finding my own place, but when we did we knew everything would be okay. There was something about where I was brought to though. See many years ago, as a child something horrible happened to me in California and I never thought I’d ever live in the desert again once I moved away. In fact when I would visit my skin would crawl as we’d drive by certain areas or I’d get flashbacks. I worried that that would happen again and this time it would just be me with the kids, no support. But that didn’t happen and the place I am at makes me feel at peace. Many things have been going on behind the scenes since we’ve moved, a lot has changed. The kids of course are changing every day, especially Nicoli but so are we as parents….as adults, individuals.

I’ve grown more than any other time in my life. I’ve discovered a love for cooking that I’ve never had and by that I don’t just mean going to the store and buying hamburger helper. Instead I have become great friends with Pinterest and Facebook for all the recipes that go across my screen. I’m learning to make my own biscuits instead of buying Pillsbury and I like it better. I’ve learned to make peanut butter pie, green bean casserole, french toast casserole and many, many crockpot meals. I love my crock pot! I trust myself cooking, I know you can’t totally mess something up. So see, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Oh and if my husband or any of my kids are reading this, no this post does not give you the thumbs up on calling me old, only I can do that.

august2I drive more, this is not something I was really willing to do before. I didn’t drive until I was 26 years old, didn’t want to do so, period. Long story short, my husband liked driving so I let him do it. Why fight when you don’t really like to deal with traffic or crazy people on the road. No, I’m not meaning me, actually I’m pretty safe, in fact I’d probably irritate most because I do go the speed limit, but with 5 kids in the car I’d be stupid not to follow the rules of the road. I’m learning to fix my car too and watch for signs of when to take it in.

I’ve also developed some great friendships here, this is not something I would say lightly. Friendships like I have developed I’ve only had a few other times. We go to church now too, I hadn’t been to a church in years and now I go twice a week and my oldest daughter also goes twice a week. I’m figuring out where I fit in with life but while I have been here and getting to know God again (yes, again, as a teen I went almost every day of the week. I quit when a pastor’s wife told me I didn’t belong at the age of 21 and hadn’t been back until now) this isn’t the easiest of things. How do I explain things to my children when I didn’t always teach them? Have you been down this road? I have one that is very reluctant while the rest are eager to learn more. I can’t say I blame him since I didn’t always teach about him. Honestly, while this has been a sad move, it has definitely help me grow and I can feel this new season has already begun for my family and myself. I can see that it will be different from any season we have ever weathered but I can feel it is about to become a great one. One that feels you up with so much warmth that you just want to share it with everyone. So my dear readers, my friends, I hope you don’t mind that from time to time we will talk about our journey with the church, God, Forgiveness of those who have wronged me in my past and for the journey forward, where ever that might lead.

(Pics were just old but wanted to share)

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Mommy Wars, Seriously?

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I can tell you that as long as I have been blogging (over 9 years now) there has been this thing called “Mommy Wars.” Mommy wars, a war to put mothers against each other, it doesn’t matter what type of mom you are you can be a certain type of mom, nationality, homeschool, public school, faith, working, single, married or even a stay a home mom but chances are you’ve stumbled across an article or two explaining how whatever you are is the bad mom. Truth is I think the media puts us against each other on purposes. Why? It sells papers/books/stories. Recently a dear friend of mine came across an article and was hurt by it and started questioning her reasons for how she is raising her child. I had to explain there is no perfect answer, we all just try our best and as long as we love our children that is all that matters. Can you picture being a new mom and reading stuff like that? It would make you wonder if you are doing right or wrong. Imagine the guilt.  Why is it we judge one another so harshly? As a mom do we not already tell our children not to judge others, not to make fun, not to point fingers, be nice, etc, etc? Then what the heck is everyone doing? Why fight? We tell our children not to fight, in fact, if you are like me, after they fight you make them apologize and possibly hug one another. Right? Ummm, lead by example folks.

awards 084
Here’s the number one question everyone should be asking yourself…..Do you love your child? If you answer yes that is awesome. Do you believe whatever mom you are is the right one for you? Yes? Then stop right there, for you that is right, that should be all that matters. You should not be worrying about your neighbor that goes to work or stays home with their child. Think about how you would talk to your child about a situation at school. Would you want them to act or say the things you might say towards someone that is different? No, of course not, that’s not the way you are raising your children.

reviews3 012I think women love to attack each other for one reason…..we attack ourselves and just want to push our own feelings about ourselves, our insecurities,  or our life on to someone else. Instead of attacking one another, shouldn’t we be trying to encourage one another? Truth is we all love our children and want the very best for them. None of us have the answers, I know this….I have 5 kids myself. It doesn’t matter if you have no children, one child or many children, this doesn’t make anyone an expert on raising them or how one should live their lives. The whole title “mommy wars” sounds like some type of kid thing, here’s something….GROW UP! Stop falling for the drama! Ya’ll left the drama when you became married, or at least when you became a mom.  We don’t need to be playing sides anymore or who is better, all we need to do is teach and love our children. Teach them about respect, life and love. Remember every person has their own story and reason for doing the things they are doing, we don’t know what is going on in their life that makes them choose the things they are doing. What might work for us may not work for them and visa versa.

Like I said, the truth is we are picking at each other because we are wondering if what we are doing is right. I don’t know about you but there have been times that I have wondered if I was doing right. There are times I wish I could make more money from home. I know I honestly don’t want to work outside the home until my youngest goes to school but that is just my own thing, others have no choice, some need to work outside the home. But I do want to make more money so our family could be better off. For now, I’m just going to simply love my children and when another mothers asks for help, I’m going to give it. I’m not going to shun them because we are different. Stop the mommy wars and start helping each other out. After all think of the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” We can’t do that if we are all on different sides.

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Listerine 21-Day Challenge Update

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I received the LISTERINE brand products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE 21-Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

We are back, which means it has already been 21 days since we have started our 21-day challenge with Listerine. First, we did it and now have a few that like it. Not everyone will like the taste of everything but some of us did. Those that did not can simply pick and choose but we definitely have a habit like the books state. 21 days of doing something consistently will help you build new habits.


SoccerBoy was already into the habit of mouthwash, brushing his teeth, etc. I actually normally have to tell him not to use mouth wash as often as he does because we run out that much faster, but he likes his mouth/teeth smelling/looking good. Can’t say I blame him. Sorry he did not let me get a picture of him, nor did I get one of Little A. Little A always does his teeth and we’ve used the kids Listerine mouthwash before just different colors, he liked this one more because it had Phinis and Ferb on it. He did NOT like the Listerine toothpaste which is fine because I have kid toothpaste for him but he wanted to try it out anyways.

BalletGirl and BabyGirl both liked all of it. They are learning to floss better, which is something that will take a bit longer. Both girls have the narrow mouth and very hard to get between teeth. BalletGirl is currently going through dental care so she is taking that much more care of her teeth so this could not have come at a better time. BabyGirl is one that now all I have to do is remind her she could be going through what her sister is and she jumps to the bathroom to redo her teeth. With our family we will be continuing this and I do recommend for a family as big as mine to get at the very least 2 bottles of mouthwash, it goes quickly.


If you don’t have a routine for your teeth, take the challenge! Need an incentive? For every person who posts a “Swish Selfie” to LISTERINE® Brand’s Facebook page, LISTERINE® Brand will make a $5.00 contribution to Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America® program, up to $85,000, toward their goal of connecting 210,000 children with needed oral health services in 2014. Hurry up!

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Garden Office Ideas to Make You Productive

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however opinions are my own.

It is that time of year again when everyone is trying to make things look like new or replacing the old with new. Many made resolutions that they’d focus harder at work, or the resolution of not procrastinating and actually getting productive. Have you thought of actually sparking up your work space with a small office garden? It doesn’t even have to cost a fortune, it can be as simple as a potted plant, terrarium, look around to get some garden office ideas or hire a designer to come in to design a garden with your office space such as Hudson Garden Rooms.


I don’t know about you but currently I have a tiny office space and by that I mean my computer currently sits on the tiny opening between my kitchen and my dining room. There is enough room for my keyboard, the mouse, the tower and my cup of tea. But thinking about this area I would love to have something hanging from above or going around the wall next to me and coming down like an ivy. Hudson Garden Rooms know that not everyone has the same style and tailors rooms to the individual’s needs, they know that working from home means we have to keep busy and continue to be motivated and sometimes a garden can help with this. How many of you like to have a plant or a garden near you?

Currently they have a few pods they have created so that you can have that instant garden room in a pod. I think my favorite is the traditional look or the Hudson trailhouse. For me I would love an office away from the home, I think many of us that work from home feel like that, we still want to work from home but we want the added privacy without having to leave, which is why some of us tend to have an office where we can close the door and it stays off-limits. These pods/garden rooms do just that, they are private little areas that have a small garden that are built just away from your house that you get privacy but still get down to business and it looks cozy. Can you imagine having a garden office built for yourself and having it arrive? I think for myself this would be a dream come true and I’d totally spend my day in there with a large window to overlook the yard and back at the house.


Do you have a special place where you work? Can you picture an office like the one above where you can just open the screen and let nature sing to you? Is it very productive? Currently mine is semi-productive but only because I can do most of my work when the kids are in school, otherwise nothing gets done.

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Top 5 Laughs for the Week

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This has been a long but funny week. Okay, funny is not really the word for it since I have dealt with car issues and dental nightmares (the bill). So here is my attempt since I wanted to take part in Saturday’s 5 Laughs Blog Hop.


1  Yesterday I watched the brake light turning on and off on my car. Not knowing much about cars I quickly called my husband and then my sister–in-law. She came over to help me out, I must admit that I freaked out as  I watched my car piece fall apart in my sister-in-law’s hand. Trust me know one wants to see that happen because ya know ya must fix it after that, but after it is fixed you can laugh at how it just fell apart. So thankful she was able to help me out. :)

2  Learning that I will be dealing with two teen girls with mood swings at once. Earlier this week I discovered, or finally realized that after watching my 10 yr old have a complete meltdown over doing dishes what it would have been like for my own parents. Eeeek. I do NOT look forward to those teen years, at least not in terms of mood swings and emotions. Yikes!

3  Nicoli is learning new sounds, currently it is an oooh sound which makes him look like he’s making monkey faces.

4  BalletGirl realizing that it would take a while for her face to stop being numb after the dentist.

5  I started sneezing and Nicoli started yelling at me. I think he was trying to actually copy me but it was his attempt.

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