5 Ways to Pop a Clogged Ear

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As some of you know I’ve been sick since January when I was diagnosed (using a CT Scan) with pneumonia, since then I’ve stayed sick with one thing or another. I came down with bronchitis, strep throat, laryngitis and now apparently I have allergies. To be honest I think I have a sinus infection because my entire face feels swollen and now I can’t hear (literally) out of my right ear. It started with low hearing, kind of like the way things go quiet when you go under water.

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(In the picture you can see my face is red/pink and getting swollen/puffy)

It grew into feeling like the pressure of needing to pop. Most would think I just went on a plane or something or yawned and need to do it again, this does NOT work for me. For those that do not know, as a child my ear drum burst due to an ear infection. In my mid 20s it would happen again. This time my doctor says there is no sign of an ear infection and my ears are clear, no wax. As two weeks has passed since I’ve been to the doctor I have lost all hearing in that ear, minus the buzzing sound that happens every once in a while. The doctor has no concern over the loss of hearing but if you are anything like me you’ll know it is something that bugs a person. I went online to look for ways to pop my ear.

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The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar DVD & Activity Sheets

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Disclosure: My son loves this show so had to share it. You may find affiliate links in this post.

Disney’s The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar came out this past week on February 23, 2016 and to celebrate here are some buttons and activity sheets to share with your children! I don’t know about you but my little Nicoli and I watch Lion Guard all the time. He absolutely loves this series and would be really happy if I were to purchase the DVD for him. Have you seen it?

Kion is coming around to becoming a leader like his father, Simba did. How will he do as the leader of “The Lion Guard”? Is this little guy ready? Wait until you see who he has in store to take part of the group, it isn’t a traditional circle by any means. But why should he be forced to do what hasn’t always worked. Sometimes it is about trusting your instincts and picking the people you really trust. Follow along with the adventures of “The Lion Guard” and watch as they deal with struggles and triumphs.

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OurPact App Protects When You Can’t

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My three oldest are now all online, well for the most part. This isn’t one of the easy things to do for me, in fact I’m the type that always has rules for things and precautions. Hey, I’m a child from your worst nightmares I know if something can happen in life it could be you that it happens to. Don’t think for a moment that I won’t try to protect my own children from avoiding all the dangers and issues I went through as a child. I will protect them as much as I can and when I can’t I am open to things that can. I didn’t like the idea that all three wanted online, nor that I wouldn’t see everything they said or visited but that didn’t mean other things couldn’t. I also knew that they would try to sneak things, but not with OurPact parental control.

OurPact App is available for iPhones, iPads and iPods (sorry not for Androids yet which makes me terribly sad). This is a great app because it allows the parents to still control the amount of time their children are online.

– Know when your children are online. You get to set up the times.
– Know how long your kids are on. Once again you set it up, you will know.
– You control the apps.
– You can restrict times and allowance.
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An Expensive Way to Find Out You have Pneumonia

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Yesterday I went in for a check up because I believed I had a bad case of bronchitis, in fact I get it every year. A week prior I had woke up to a weird rattle in my chest, which I told my husband I felt like that toy in Toy Story that lost his squeaker, only mine was there and it would rattle every once in a while just not in place. I knew it wasn’t good, he insisted I had pneumonia but since I hadn’t been sick I didn’t believe that was the case, it had to be the beginning of bronchitis. Over the weekend I would get the feeling of someone putting a weight on my chest. He told me again to call it in or he would. On Monday I did but I had to wait a few days due to the times they had available.

Throughout the week my chest would get worse. The rattle was back and constant, until Wednesday night it had completely disappeared but it was replaced by phlegm and a deep cough that hurt. When I went in on Thursday I thought “great they aren’t going to hear what I hear in my lungs and think I’m some person trying to get attention.” I knew I had heard it, my kids had heard it and my husband knew that I get this every year, only I always thought it was bronchitis. The doctor checked me out and told me my lungs were clear. Clear as in no liquid at all and I just had a dry cough which could be because of the cold air lately. Really? Really? But that isn’t what concerned him at all. It was my heart rate. Gulp? Ummm, I went in for my throat/chest…a cough, nothing else. [Read more…]

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My Word of the Year 2016: Growth

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What’s your word for the year? Ever since last year I noticed that instead of posting Resolutions people began posting their “Word for the Year” and the reason behind it so I decided this year while I may or may not post resolutions I will post a word for my year. Last year my word was Forgiven, I’m not entirely sure if I ever said that but it really was a year of forgiveness. I had to move 2000 miles away to even begin that journey which I will one day, possibly soon blog about and explain it all to you. For now I’ll just say I forgave a lot of people and things that have happened to me in a small amount of time but honestly it had been years in the process. This year my word is: GROWTH.

Yes, growth and I mean that in every way possible (minus width, that I’m trying to shrink). I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write a blog post but truth was I didn’t want to start the new year without writing this post and I had to have a word in which I could focus on throughout the year. But I wanted a word that could reflect my personal life and businesses.
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