Movie at the Greenwood Airport

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Greenwood is one of the best places I have lived, I love the fact it is so green and always doing something in the community for families. When we first moved out here we were introduced to the Greenwood Concert in the Parks and the Concerts at the Mall. I moved away for two years and missed the concerts in the park and couldn’t wait for my first summer back. This year will mark something new for me though because this is the first time I’ve heard of having a movie at the airport. That’s right Greenwood Airport will be doing a movie in the grass on June 4th at 530 pm, movie starts at 7pm. There will be planes to look at and emergency vehicles that kids will love to see. Also available for sale: hot dogs and snacks.

The movie showing will be: Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue
Price: FREE
Time: 5:30 pm
Date: 6/4/16
Place: Greenwood Airport  (317)881-0887
897 Airport Parkway
Greenwood, IN 46143
Bring your own blanket/chair.

Will you be going to the movie at the Greenwood Airport?


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Patriotic Star Craft for Kids

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Every year since the kids were born I have taken them to a Cemetery on Memorial’s Day and Veteran’s Day to pay our respect to those that have passed on. Being a military child and wife this means a lot to me, it gives me time to reflect but I’m also able to explain to my children what they did and how to support them. We normally show up with little flags or carnations to drop on a few graves, we say thank you and leave. The entire time the kids talk quietly among themselves about how long the person lived and which war they may have been in and even memories they might have from when they were a military child. Before you ask, no we don’t know anyone buried in any of the cemeteries we have visited. There dad however has been to Iraq twice and knew plenty, he can no longer go in with us because of his own experiences but we continue to go in and honor our own tradition. Since Nicoli is so little and still grasping what it is we are doing or why, I wanted to get him more involved by making small crafts that he can show his support that way. What crafts do you or your kids make? The kids and I will be at the cemetery on Monday morning to give thanks. What do you do on Memorial day?

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Summer $1 Movies at Regal

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Disclosure: I thought you’d want to know the information below, the company did not ask me to post this.  Affiliate links are in this post. 


Admission to the Summer Movie Express is only $1. Tickets available for purchase at the box office and all movies start at 10:00 am. Each week both movies play on both days. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute.

  • Week 1
    The Lego Movie
  • Week 2
    The Iron Giant: Signature Edition
  • Week 3
    The Smurfs 2
  • Week 4
    Despicable Me 2

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Pampers Coupon in Sunday Paper 5/15

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I’ve had five children so it isn’t hard to tell you the brand I know I can trust is Pampers. Pampers was given to me each time at the hospital from the staff. From those cute little tiny diapers to the training pants they would later use. I know all about using coupons especially after 10+ years of using diapers. Coupons always help so I”m excited to tell you this coupon will be in the Sunday paper this weekend. Get a bunch and save a ton on diapers. Whether your child was recently born and you need a little bit of help with the cost of diapers or you are trying to potty train them and still need them it all helps. 9ff58862-008a-4b96-b0eb-a6472980544b

Do you remember the first time your baby used Pampers? Print these out from Coupons.com  (currently coupons from $1.50 to $2) or purchase a few of  this Sundays paper (May 15th 2016).   This month’s coupon is for $2.50 OFF one Pampers Diapers or Training Pants. Get them while they lost. You never know how quickly they’ll go on the site.

Disclosure: This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and Pampers. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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It’s All Worth it, Every Single Moment

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As a mom to five I can tell you that every Moment is an important one, even when you think it isn’t. Later in life you will be happy for that tiny little moment, which is why each of my kids have been #GrowingUpGerber. It was the number one product I knew for infants from my own childhood but also other parents that had children. When someone asks me what product I recommend I always state Gerber which is why I’m excited to be teaming up with Gerber and Linqia for this post.

12 Days Old
From the moment Antonio (aka SoccerBoy) was born I would be told how cute he is and how he reminded everyone of the Gerber baby. No surprise that we would buy everything Gerber for those first few years. I remember using rice baby cereal with Gerber and introducing him to his fruits and veggies and how he did not always like certain ones and they’d end up all over me. Or the time when he learned he could feed himself and would try and it would normally end up all over the tray or my arms as I tried to help guide the spoon into his mouth. No matter how many messes he made, he and I always had a smile on our face. I remember being a by the book type of mommy throughout his first few years. I would drive myself crazy over every sniffle, cough, rash, etc. Let me tell you, every moment was worth it. Last year that little baby graduated high school, this year he is finishing up his first year of college and (I’m not suppose to say this yet) next he will be joining the military. It all happens so quickly, never blink.


Through all the trials and joys, I’m glad I’ve went through everything I have with him, it really was worth it. The joy I had watching him at his first graduation (preschool) to his high school one. The tears I would have when he moved out of the house to Indiana with dad, leaving me and his siblings behind to go off to college. To the smile and the huge hug I would receive after a few months of being apart and happy to have everyone in one house again, meaning no worries for mom. To the excitement I had when he first signed up for college and got his list of classes to hearing about him wanting to join the military and now preparing for it. Every tear that has been shed, tooth lost, heart broken to all my happy moments with him, I am so happy to go through them all. Ever little bit is important, you don’t want just the happy moments because you won’t appreciate them as much.

As you know I have 5 children but I won’t go into each of the moments or children with you. I’ve started by telling you the little moments of my first child, I’ll add to it in the next two weeks so I can share with you the joys of each. Maybe I’ll even share with you the trials.

I’d love to hear a story about raising your child/ren and explain to me how it is “all worth it”.

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