Wacky Wednesday: Pads, tampons and boys

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It isn’t every day that you see a kid amused with something some of us would take as very private. How is it one little stick-like thing can make a woman cringe with utter embarrassment? Just over two years ago I would unhappily discover all the ways a toilet could get stopped up and how a plumber will get stuff out of your pipes. Now imagine my horror as he finds what is the culprit of one-of-many clogged toilets when he simply said, ,”I think it is important to inform you that tampons are not flushable.” My face must’ve turned into multiple shades of red but of confusion too. “Ummm, I know this. But it wasn’t me.” I knew it hadn’t been me because I was pregnant, therefore I was not using them and every woman knows not to flush a tampon.

Looking around for a moment he notices Little A (about 5 at the time) and says, “You might want to explain to your little one that these are not suppose to float or become submarines.” That’s when it dawned on me, my little boy was getting enjoyment out of my tampons, the one thing I had a hard enough time even shopping for he apparently thought was a toy.

Later I would ask him what exactly he would do with them. He showed me how they would shoot out of the covers and plop into the toilet and disappear. No, I did not let them sink, I quickly scooped them out explaining how this was not a toy and would end up getting boats for the bathtub for him. Yes, my son took it upon himself to have fun with my tampons. So why does it surprise me when Nicoli (17 months old) discovered his sister’s pads and took them all out of the bag and was happily building with them. He got so upset when I would take them away and kept trying to go back to find them, if he succeeded he would make little roads or continue with stacking. What is it about feminine products that seem to attract little boys? Yes, this is my wacky or weird Wednesday moment. Do you have one?

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

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You know for the past few years I have been knocked down several times, but I have gotten back up each time and basically told the world “Is that the best you got?” and each time the universe has said, “Really? You are going to try getting back up after what I just threw at you.” The truth is it wasn’t the universe doing it to me it was our own mistakes and stupidity. Hey, I’m only being honest here and ready to own up to it. Trust me that alone is a much bigger lesson to learn than whatever anyone thinks. We are taught things in life through our parents in the hopes that we will be these really great people. I didn’t know a lot when I got married when it dealt with being married and finances and hopefully I will be able to teach my children not to make the same mistakes I did.



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Wacky Wednesday: Things My Kid Did

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So this week Nicoli totally surprised me. Now I’ve heard of kids doing some crazy things with food but to this date I never had a child that did weird or wacky stuff. Okay wait I take it back, about 11 years ago BalletGirl did chuck a chicken nugget out the window because she didn’t eat much meat and on a road trip I got her nuggets to ensure she ate something besides fries. But after a while I could hear her saying “fly away, fly away” and noticed she was chucking them out the window. I asked her about them and she replied she didn’t want to kill them and wanted them to fly away.

(hey I couldn’t find a picture because I went to clean him up not snap photos haha)

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Common Core at its Finest

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You know I honestly wasn’t okay with the idea of Common Core and when we were told it would be introduced to our California Schools this year I wanted to attend the meeting, only I couldn’t. With 5 kids you can’t always make meetings like that at last minute when one throws up. I still voiced my outrage with the principal and even the teachers, so it wasn’t like they didn’t know how I felt. I had a bit of knowledge of what Common Core was after seeing it posted on several social networks and hoped it would not be like that.

I’ve seen posts that I’m sure some of you have about how the answers were actually wrong.  I read about how one teacher passed out an assignment that was completely inappropriate for his/her class and would later apologize for it.

Imagine my surprise when my 2nd grader (Yes, 2nd grade) whispers to me, “Mom is the answer 1. or 2. which is spelled right?” I was dumbfounded, now sure I knew what the answer SHOULD be but technically both are correct. What would you say?

common core

Oh and thanks to Common Core (a link to another common core problem from MomDot) because while you are out to teach our kids … well something…. you made me teach my 5th grader a little about sex ed today as she asked about it.” Yes, she’s heard the term at school but never asked until she saw me crying because I was laughing that hard over how to answer my 2nd grader.  What would you do? Oh and no I do NOT like Common Core even more now.

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I’m Your Origami Owl Consultant!

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I am so excited about my past few months venturing into Origami Owl as a designer and while my life has been pretty hectic but I am still trucking along. I know I could be so much further along on this ladder if I had only focused because Origami Owl is such easy jewelry to sell. I mean really it has sold itself many times while I am in dream land, however I am coming to you today to help me out and to let you know about it. I would LOVE to either get some major sells, parties (online) or consultants under me. Why? Because it would help me out financially and I know I can do this. As many of you know I’m a stay at home/work at home mother to five kids. 5! Yes, I did say five great kids, one of which will graduate this school year. The first time I saw these I fell in love, even more when I hear all my kids could fit into one.

1458682_358704117607787_1114254404_norigami owl charms

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