My Top 5 Pet Peeves

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Today’s prompt is to write about my top 5 pet peeves which is not very hard at all. I’m sure we all will have fun with this topic because I don’t know a single person that doesn’t have a pet peeve.

Talking on the cell phone while driving and not paying attention to what you are doing. Seriously there is no reason to have that thing up to your ear and your hand holding it while you are driving. The light turned green and it isn’t getting any greener just drive. Course please stay in your lane, just because you are important enough to get a phone call does not mean you are important enough to swerve over into my lane while driving and then get mad at me. Stay over there I have kids in my car. If your phone is making you do that there are other devices so your hands can stay on the wheel and you can pay attention to the road. You have absolutely no excuse to try to kill my family.

Chewing ice- Ugh the sound goes right through me. Maybe it stems from the time my back tooth actually popped (exploded) and ever since I can’t stand that sound. Yes, chewing ice sounds like a tooth breaking. If you must chew ice I beg you to do it in another room because as nice as I am I just want to hit you.
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My Dream Vacation

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My dream vacation is to stay in Italy for about two months and just enjoy everything. Maybe some will say I’ve seen too many movies, I really don’t care this is a dream I have. I am not like most people and want to just visit for a weekend or a week, I want to see the area, take it all in and taste it. In a way you can say I want to be like the girl in Under the Tuscan Sun, just rent a home and possibly end up living there. The people look friendly, they live in a slower time and yeah I realize this may not be reality but sometimes you just want to escape reality and live a dream life. Sure I want to visit all the tourist attractions but I want more than just that. I want to eat at a table in the middle of a field with all the town folks, enjoy an early morning breakfast with them as we all enjoy the view of the sun coming up over the horizon.
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My Biggest Fear is

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Today’s prompt is “My Biggest fear is…” and just like many I have the fear of closed in spaces. So my biggest fear would be to be locked into something that I can’t get out of. This could probably stem back to when I was a little girl and my parents went fishing at a lake and parked the car on the bank. I was sleeping so they left me in there but apparently at some point I woke up and when I did I got the brakes out of gear. All I know is my parents said they heard the blurp, blurp as the bubbles were swallowing up the car as it went into the lake. My dad dove in to save me, thankfully the windows were down so he tried getting me from one side but due to the water coming in I was frantic and tried running back and forth. He eventually got me out but to this day I hate calm water and am afraid of small spaces. What is your biggest fear?

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Saving Money makes me Happy

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Today’s prompt was to write about something that makes me happy, well for me saving money makes me happy. For those wondering yes my kids make me happy and seeing their smiles melt my heart but that’s a given so now we go to something else. Lets be serious, when it comes to me it doesn’t take much to make me happy. To show you how happy I get I went to a book sale this weekend with my kids, it said 5 for $1 so I let BabyGirl get 10 books for $2, she came back with $1. I was impressed and let each child get 5 books and still had more than enough.


I get so excited when I drive down to get a Sunday paper (because I love the coupons) and find out that the French lady didn’t take them all and left me a few. Yes, that really happens and I’ve been told who takes them all. So I get all excited over two papers. Hey, it’s money in the bank people. I get a huge smile on my face when I’ve saved up enough money to pay off an old debt. Yes, I realize I shouldn’t have debt but oh well I do and I am trying to fix that now, so for me this is a big deal. I recently signed up for Savings Catcher at Walmart and learned after a few days I had .56 in the account. Yes, it compares prices of stores in the nearby area and gives you back money if another store beat them. hehe. So I’m making money even after shopping.What makes you happy?

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A Secret about me You Didn’t Know

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frog tattoo
Wow after this past few weeks I’m not really sure there are many secrets about me that you don’t know. I mean you know about my childhood and that was a huge secret, you also know I’m in California. Well, there are a few secrets there that aren’t so much secrets but I don’t think many realize. Hmm, might touch that one. Oh I know, a small, and I mean tiny secret you might not know about me is the fact it would take me years to finally get a license. Did you already know that? Umm, I’m not entirely sure so I’ll touch up on a few tiny secrets.
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