Wacky Wednesday: Things My Kid Did

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So this week Nicoli totally surprised me. Now I’ve heard of kids doing some crazy things with food but to this date I never had a child that did weird or wacky stuff. Okay wait I take it back, about 11 years ago BalletGirl did chuck a chicken nugget out the window because she didn’t eat much meat and on a road trip I got her nuggets to ensure she ate something besides fries. But after a while I could hear her saying “fly away, fly away” and noticed she was chucking them out the window. I asked her about them and she replied she didn’t want to kill them and wanted them to fly away.

(hey I couldn’t find a picture because I went to clean him up not snap photos haha)

Fast forward to this week and a one year old, boy did he do some wacky stuff to himself this week. Nicoli has decided if he does not want to eat something or he is full he will hide it. Yes, hide it and not just anywhere but he hides it in him. No, he isn’t eating these things, he squishes them once he is full or if he doesn’t like them. I gave him those Gerber chicken sticks, he apparently didn’t like them. He mashed them up on his tray and proceeded to scratch his head, or so I thought. I noticed he still had the meat on his fingers and thought about the mess it was creating on his hair so I walked over to clean them. Instead I find somehow in less than a minute he was trying to shove them in his ear. Yes, his ear, thankfully he only got a little at the bottom.

He didn’t like his scrambled eggs yesterday for breakfast either. Guess where those went? No, not his ear. Nope, not his nose either, but I’m waiting for that day now. He was sticking them between his toes. EWwwwwwww. Yep, I have that son, the one that will put things in places. Don’t tell me I’m going to need to take him to the doctor to learn about the alligator tweezers I’ve heard about in movies. So what crazy/wacky things have your kids done this week?

Disclosure: Image is from Amazon.

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Common Core at its Finest

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You know I honestly wasn’t okay with the idea of Common Core and when we were told it would be introduced to our California Schools this year I wanted to attend the meeting, only I couldn’t. With 5 kids you can’t always make meetings like that at last minute when one throws up. I still voiced my outrage with the principal and even the teachers, so it wasn’t like they didn’t know how I felt. I had a bit of knowledge of what Common Core was after seeing it posted on several social networks and hoped it would not be like that.

I’ve seen posts that I’m sure some of you have about how the answers were actually wrong.  I read about how one teacher passed out an assignment that was completely inappropriate for his/her class and would later apologize for it.

Imagine my surprise when my 2nd grader (Yes, 2nd grade) whispers to me, “Mom is the answer 1. or 2. which is spelled right?” I was dumbfounded, now sure I knew what the answer SHOULD be but technically both are correct. What would you say?

common core

Oh and thanks to Common Core (a link to another common core problem from MomDot) because while you are out to teach our kids … well something…. you made me teach my 5th grader a little about sex ed today as she asked about it.” Yes, she’s heard the term at school but never asked until she saw me crying because I was laughing that hard over how to answer my 2nd grader.  What would you do? Oh and no I do NOT like Common Core even more now.

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I’m Your Origami Owl Consultant!

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I am so excited about my past few months venturing into Origami Owl as a designer and while my life has been pretty hectic but I am still trucking along. I know I could be so much further along on this ladder if I had only focused because Origami Owl is such easy jewelry to sell. I mean really it has sold itself many times while I am in dream land, however I am coming to you today to help me out and to let you know about it. I would LOVE to either get some major sells, parties (online) or consultants under me. Why? Because it would help me out financially and I know I can do this. As many of you know I’m a stay at home/work at home mother to five kids. 5! Yes, I did say five great kids, one of which will graduate this school year. The first time I saw these I fell in love, even more when I hear all my kids could fit into one.

1458682_358704117607787_1114254404_norigami owl charms
What is Origami Owl?
While I know not everyone knows about it but many people do. Origami Owl is “a leading custom jewelry company known for telling stories through our signature Living Lockets, personalized Charms, Bracelets and Earrings.” Basically you get to express yourself in a way no one else can. You pick out what you want and what each piece means to you. On August 18th there was a ton of items released for  Origami Owl’s Fall and by that I mean there are over 300 charms to choose from, a bridal line, military charms (I had to throw that in there), the Core line, leather bracelets and even the lanyards (so for all you professionals that must wear one now you can do it with some style or sparkle). Oh and for those that love earrings, we even have those.


Our Founder:

Bella Weems is the owner/designer of Origami Owl and the truth is she was only a mere teen when she introduced the world to it. Imagine being 14 years old and being told by your parents the only way you can get a car by your 16th birthday is by getting a job. Sure enough she wanted that car and ended up getting it after she created Origami Owl. Today, she is a teen millionaire that just graduated high school. This company isn’t just about Isabella Weems becoming a millionaire, if you know me you know I love anything that has a good cause and helps others out.

Origami Owl Teams up with ChildHelp. For those that do not know Childhelp exists to prevent child abuse, neglect and all forms of bullying. Origami Owl actually has three charms in which all proceeds goes to the organization: The Bullyproof shield (blue shield with Bully Proof in silver and a silver heart on it), The Silver Heart Hand and the silver dove with the word “Childhelp” on it. You all know how I feel towards bullying since I have now had all my school-aged children bullied at one point or another.

(IMG: Courtesy of Origami Owl)

My Deal for YOU:
My deal for my readers, if you go to Eliza’s Origami Owl page and get your order ready I will give you a deal. Buy 3 charms, get 1 free. You must place your order through ME though. homemom3@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook at Eliza Ferree. Don’t place it through the site it won’t give you the deal. I also do Facebook parties if you’d like to earn FREE Jewelry. I also have a Facebook Origami Owl page if you’d like to join to keep-up-to-date. I’d like to share this with you all every month just to show you what we have out or if anything new is coming up. Stop on by and let me know what you like best. What item do you like best? Do you own anything from Origami Owl yet?

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12 Delicious Breakfast Meals You Can Have for Dinner

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Disclosure: This is a paid post, but all opinions are my own.
Now that school is back in session many parents are trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Chances are some of you have kids in sports or some other after school activity and you are getting home late and either don’t feel like making some long drawn out meal or you just don’t have the time. I’ve taken the liberty of going through some recipes and found my favorite breakfast meals you can make for dinner. I mean after all who doesn’t like to do a backwards type of day. I can’t even tell you how many times we have had pancakes or french toast for dinner, heck there have been times when the kids asked just to have cereal.

Check out 12 Breakfast Meals for Dinner!

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

In the desert when it is hot, which lately has been almost ALL THE TIME, I haven’t wanted to cook. I say what do you want for dinner and I hear someone say “Frenchtoast Casserole,” or “Breakfast.” If I am actually home during the day I can prep a casserole dish for later and let the kids finish it off….the older ones that is. BalletGirl, aka Katerina, loves make the frenchtoast casserole. Here are a few quick (and not so quick) ideas, feel free to explore my collections at Foodie.com and make some of your own collections. What are some of your favorite breakfast meals you eat at dinner?

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10 Summer Dessert to Make Your Mouth Water

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Partnered post with Glam Media.

This has been a great summer, minus the heat, heat is one thing I can do without and I do believe my kids can agree with me on that. Since it has been such a HOT summer with no AC in my car we do not go far, which means we had to think of a way to make our summer fun and stay indoors. We decided we would craft more and spend time creating and trying out new dishes. Here are a great bunch of easy desserts we have tried and will be trying in the next few week. One of which I couldn’t really find but part of it is in there so I’ll add it here (I actually found this through Facebook and later we saw it on Pinterest)

Check out Desserts of Summer

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

Have you tried any of the summer desserts listed above? If so, which ones do you like? I want to try as many easy ones as possible and post them on here for ya’ll to see how they turned out for us. Tomorrow is BabyGirl’s 11th Birthday and earlier this year she told me she wanted an Ice Cream Cake so I will be using the one provided in the slideshow above, course with 104′ temps I’m not sure how long it’ll stay in ice cream form. I love how the internet has made it so easy for those of us that didn’t really know how to cook to be able to whip something up at a moment’s notice.

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