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Yes, I am superstitious and not just around Halloween. I don’t know where these really stemmed from for me but to this day I will not do them and if I do I react. I know it is silly but while some are silly some actually make sense to me. Below I will list my top 5 Superstitions but I’d love to hear yours.


Ladders- Yes, I’m the freak that will not walk under a ladder. I mean you can’t tell me it is wise to walk under one can you? Think about it, if you walk under a ladder and the thing somehow collapses on you that is going to hurt. I never go under them at a bookstore either, picture someone being above you, you move it just slightly and they fall off. Or what about you being under it and a book falling from above. OUCH. So

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yes, I do not walk under ladders, you are asking for something to happen.

Umbrella- Nope, never, ever open an umbrella inside a house….at least not around me. For one it is bad luck to open them in your house. Two if you do and the tip hits something you could possibly break something. Not to mention if you open an umbrella in your house how are you going to get it through your door?

If I’m walking with someone I tend to shout bread and butter if a pole comes between us or something. I don’t know where it came from or when I started doing it but I do.

Yes, if you have an eyelash falling I will tell you to make a wish. If the clasp of your necklace is in front instead of back I will do the one swoop to get it to the back. Pick up a penny on the ground but only if it is heads, I won’t pick it up on tails. No, I’m okay with a black cat crossing my path, in fact I had a black cat that I adored and would love another one. The number 13 doesn’t phase me, in fact I find myself luckier on that day. What superstitions do you have?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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20 Spooky Halloween Treats for Your Guests

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Check out Halloween Treats: Spooky Treats for Your Little Monsters

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

Halloween is my favorite time of year. This is the one time we all get to be someone we are not, we can dress sexy, scary, something not even human and no one will say anything to you. It’s all about scary and fun to be had. My favorite thing though is having a late night movie night with my family and our Halloween Menu. Almost every year I come up with our Halloween list and hang it up on the door for trick-or-treaters to read. I’ve been asked how I’d give my kids puss and brains for breakfast and just what is kitty litter. haha. I love to have fun don’t get me wrong and with my kids you have to get grosser every year because you can’t just have the same thing over and over. Thankfully Foodie.com has helped me pick a great selection that I think will make even my kids say ewww gross. I mean while my favorite sweet treat for Fall has been my daughter’s amazing peanut butter pie (which we discovered last year) these will definitely have to be tried.


I’ve compiled a list of 20 spooky Halloween treats for your kids that will definitely be creepy, gross and disgusting desserts for you to try out on your Halloween guests this year. Imagine sitting jello shaped like spiders and every time they wiggle it looks like they will jump at you. Or maybe your child is into guts, blood and brains, there’s even a gelatin brain or if you are into fruit you can have a watermelon one. There are a ton of ideas over there, if you sign up please follow me I’m Eliza Ferree over there and I’d love to see what you like so let me know so I can find you too. What fun things do you like to do at Halloween? Ever create a Halloween menu? I’d love to hear about it.

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Worst Halloween Memory

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When I first sat down to write about my worst Halloween memory I thought I’d write about the time of my sister’s 13th birthday, but then I started thinking that wasn’t my WORST Halloween Memory. No, falling against a broken television set the night before Halloween and profusely bleeding from my knee which would later require stitches was not the worst one. See, that was a bad Halloween, I mean not many can say they ruined their sibling’s birthday by falling into a television. Now for all fairness I did try very hard not to ruin it. Everyone was playing kickball in the road and in order not to show anyone I was bleeding I sat down in a pile of leaves. That was until someone noticed the leaves were leaking and it wasn’t pee but blood. Yeah the party ended about 10 minutes after that. But that wasn’t the worst Halloween. See that was more the day before, Halloween that year meant I had to hobble around but that’s kind of fun, even as a teen. ahalloween
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12 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe Ideas for Kids to Make

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This post is created as part of the Foodie Contributor Program.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching there are many out there searching to see what types of gifts they can get mom. I don’t know about you but for myself I love homemade gifts, especially the ones a child makes. I have loved the last few years because the kids are getting much more creative and these days they are wanting to serve me breakfast in bed and what started off as cereal and toast has become so much more. How many of you remember trying to make your own mom breakfast in bed or had your own children run in on Mother’s Day morning with a tray full of food for you.

peanut butter pie

This year I’m collecting 12 of my favorite Mother’s Day Brunch ideas for kids to make for their mom, some of which will require assistance but not all because I know how much fun a child has and to see the pride in their eyes as you sit down to eat what they made. My own children have made many of these meals and will be making one or two of these dishes for me, just don’t tell them that I already know. Shhh. I love the excitement they get when they know they’ve made me something.

Be sure to check out my latest collection above at Foodie.com with 12 Mother’s Day Brunch ideas for Kids to make to help them make a wonderful Mother’s Day delight. You will discover breakfast ideas that will take little or no supervision for your child to make, sandwiches, desserts and even sweet tea. Mother’s Day doesn’t always mean mom has to cook, nor does it mean the family has to go out to eat. A simple home cooked meal that mom doesn’t have to make is a really great treat.  Now off to go make a few more of these collections, these are a lot of fun. You should try out Foodie.com.

Do you have any favorite Mother’s Day Brunch ideas for kids or one from the list above?

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It’s a Peeps Holiday Weekend!

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Disclosure: We were sent the products mentioned in order to do a fair review. For anyone that has never had a Peeps I think they are great, definitely full of sugar but can go with just about everything and make for great additions for the Easter Baskets. 

It’s Easter weekend! WOo hoo! I love these little mini breaks I get with my kids and you all know it. So what better way to spend it then by making stuff. The kids and I got Peeps to review for this holiday weekend and when I say Peeps I am meaning every type that I can picture. I’ve included a list below. But here is something I had no clue they would come in so many different colors and now some are made with chocolate mousse. YUM! My favorite though is the big milk chocolate egg with a marshmallow yellow chick peep inside. Eeek!


Now of course I know many of you will be waking up Easter morning to discovering one, two or maybe a ton of Peeps in your children’s Easter Basket. Instead of just gobbling up I’m sure we can all come up with a few recipes to use those peeps in. My kids and I have been brainstorming and are going to do a few. I must be completely honest with you, I have always been a fan of the yellow chicks and I love opening up the package just a bit to dry them out. Yes, I’m that girl. I like my Peeps stale.  Do you have a favorite way of eating them? Okay, here is what we got.
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