A Turkey-Less Thanksgiving & Recipes

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peanut butter pie
Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away? For many Thanksgiving is a time when everyone plans these huge lavish meals with family and friends. Sometimes everyone meets at your house, other times we travel miles and miles to meet with family members. The best part is seeing one another, sharing stories and of course the big meal, that is unless you have someone in your family with allergies. Am I right? Ever since my oldest was 3 my family has basically done the unconventional because we found out he was actually allergic to turkey. When you have a child actually allergic to just about every Thanksgiving meal that is served it makes going to these type of things a bit more difficult, so we normally decided to have our own dinner at local restaurants where we knew there would be no mistake. Meatloaf for him because it was always his favorite, ham for me and steak for my husband. But sometimes you just can’t avoid the get-togethers and that’s why I made a Foodie.com collection of Turkey-less thanksgiving meals.

Check out Thanksgiving Meals Without the Turkey

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

I always get excited to read that not EVERYONE eats turkey on Thanksgiving, especially after reading other turkey  alternatives. In the past if we didn’t go out to eat I would attempt other dishes. We’ve had lasagna for Thanksgiving, ham and of course my favorite, seafood. But to me it has never felt like Thanksgiving when there wasn’t a lot of family/friends or turkey.



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Our Halloween 2014

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This year was a low-key but really fun Halloween with the kids and I. We didn’t buy many costumes, in fact the only one we got was the Skylander’s Spyro Costume (which will be in the next review) that Little A wore. The rest of the costumes were basically face-paint, minus the one that BabyGirl wore that was her sister’s from last year.


Many of you know I like to go all out when it comes to my kids, this doesn’t stop for the holidays. I tend to make a meal-themed for whatever the holiday is. St.Patty’s Day everything is green. This year was no different, except we went to the Wild West Fall Fest thrown by our church and had our own Halloween on Saturday. BalletGirl was volunteering for her class at school and manned a booth to get some community service hours. (In California for AVID they must do 10 hours a semester) Yes, this meant I made my Halloween menu which consisted of black (turned out a darker grey) snakes with leaches and eyeballs swimming in a bloody swamp. (Yes, it is spaghetti and meatballs in sauce) The kids went as far as throwing on string cheese and melting them in it to make it even worse. We watched Halloween cartoons and scary movies and hung out with each other. As you can see by the photos the kids had a ton of fun. I did try dressing up Nicoli as a puppy but as soon as I tried putting dots on his face he was done, so he went as himself. Comfortable.

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Halloween Craft Link-up

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Happy Halloween!


I would love to say I’m all mom and am able to do remarkable arts & crafts with my kids but that is not the case, but I do try as hard as I can and the best that I can. Instead I’m the mom that gets inspired to try to do arts & crafts by other mothers like the ones below. I thought to myself that I simply couldn’t be the only one that loved Halloween as much as I do and maybe, just maybe others would like to try some of these really neat Halloween Crafts that I found around the blogosphere. So now I am going to share these spooky creations with you all. Let me know if you try any of them and if you create your own I’d love to do a round up of a Tried-and-true craft link up on Monday. You can either email me your attempts at homemom3@gmail.com or write a post and link it up to me.

For Little Ones:

I have five kids, one in just about every age group which can making crafting time fun but sometimes a little hard. First I’ll share with you some of the easier crafts with you that your younger kiddos could do, with minimal help from you. I’ve always been a fan of anything dealing with fingerprint artwork because it is the one thing that is always the same but gets bigger, which is probably why I loved the Thumbprint Spiders that Trisha of MomDot did for Life with Levi. How many of you remember doing any thumb or fingerprint artwork as a kid or with your younger ones? If your child loves to get paint on them you may also want to try something I’ve done in the past and coat the bottom of their CLEAN foot with white paint and have them step on a piece of construction paper (heal towards the top). Let it dry and then either put googley eyes on it or draw with a black marker some and you will have a ghost footprint to hang on your wall. Don’t forget to label it at the bottom with the year so you know how old they were. Robyn of The Neighborhood Moms posted some great Halloween handprint art that makes you think of a scary tree at a cemetery. Ghosts make me think of skeletons of course, which reminds me of the Q-tip Skeleton that Bre created over at The Small Things. Want to toss up a few Halloween decorations around the house tonight before anyone gets there? Have your kids make a paper plate spider web and hang up egg carton bats.  Oh and don’t forget to make the Lollipop Halloween Booquet over at A Cowboy’s Wife, the kids and I are going to pass out a few of these tonight if we get trick-or-treaters out here.

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My 5 Superstitious

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Yes, I am superstitious and not just around Halloween. I don’t know where these really stemmed from for me but to this day I will not do them and if I do I react. I know it is silly but while some are silly some actually make sense to me. Below I will list my top 5 Superstitions but I’d love to hear yours.


Ladders- Yes, I’m the freak that will not walk under a ladder. I mean you can’t tell me it is wise to walk under one can you? Think about it, if you walk under a ladder and the thing somehow collapses on you that is going to hurt. I never go under them at a bookstore either, picture someone being above you, you move it just slightly and they fall off. Or what about you being under it and a book falling from above. OUCH. So

Helene in Between Blogtober

yes, I do not walk under ladders, you are asking for something to happen.

Umbrella- Nope, never, ever open an umbrella inside a house….at least not around me. For one it is bad luck to open them in your house. Two if you do and the tip hits something you could possibly break something. Not to mention if you open an umbrella in your house how are you going to get it through your door?

If I’m walking with someone I tend to shout bread and butter if a pole comes between us or something. I don’t know where it came from or when I started doing it but I do.

Yes, if you have an eyelash falling I will tell you to make a wish. If the clasp of your necklace is in front instead of back I will do the one swoop to get it to the back. Pick up a penny on the ground but only if it is heads, I won’t pick it up on tails. No, I’m okay with a black cat crossing my path, in fact I had a black cat that I adored and would love another one. The number 13 doesn’t phase me, in fact I find myself luckier on that day. What superstitions do you have?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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20 Spooky Halloween Treats for Your Guests

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Check out Halloween Treats: Spooky Treats for Your Little Monsters

by Eliza Ferree at Foodie.com

Halloween is my favorite time of year. This is the one time we all get to be someone we are not, we can dress sexy, scary, something not even human and no one will say anything to you. It’s all about scary and fun to be had. My favorite thing though is having a late night movie night with my family and our Halloween Menu. Almost every year I come up with our Halloween list and hang it up on the door for trick-or-treaters to read. I’ve been asked how I’d give my kids puss and brains for breakfast and just what is kitty litter. haha. I love to have fun don’t get me wrong and with my kids you have to get grosser every year because you can’t just have the same thing over and over. Thankfully Foodie.com has helped me pick a great selection that I think will make even my kids say ewww gross. I mean while my favorite sweet treat for Fall has been my daughter’s amazing peanut butter pie (which we discovered last year) these will definitely have to be tried.


I’ve compiled a list of 20 spooky Halloween treats for your kids that will definitely be creepy, gross and disgusting desserts for you to try out on your Halloween guests this year. Imagine sitting jello shaped like spiders and every time they wiggle it looks like they will jump at you. Or maybe your child is into guts, blood and brains, there’s even a gelatin brain or if you are into fruit you can have a watermelon one. There are a ton of ideas over there, if you sign up please follow me I’m Eliza Ferree over there and I’d love to see what you like so let me know so I can find you too. What fun things do you like to do at Halloween? Ever create a Halloween menu? I’d love to hear about it.

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