LG TV Giveaway

November 5, 2014 By · 23 Comments

Disclosure: This giveaway is only being hosted here, I am in no way responsible for delivering the prize.


Do you need a new TV? How would you feel towards an LG TV? With Thanksgiving and Christmas upon us there are many shows coming out that would look great on an LG TV. Every year I love sitting in the living room and gathering up with the kids watching Christmas movies. It doesn’t matter what month it is either, but the closer we get to Christmas the better. Last year we watched at least 35 Christmas movies, by this I don’t just mean your regular Christmas movies either. We’d go on Netflix and type it in and watch whatever (minus a few), rented Christmas Cartoons and reviewed Christmas romantic type of shows.
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KitchenAid Mixer Group Giveaway

November 4, 2014 By · 13 Comments

Disclosure: This is a group giveaway, there is no compensation for this on my part. The Life of a Home Mom is only hosting it, I am not responsible for getting the prize to the winner. 


My husband and kids recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday (which is November 30th) and Christmas. One of the things on my list was this Mixer. I told them, “You know the mixer your aunt has?” Nods were given, “That’s the one I want, the one she makes her awesome mashed potatoes with.” Sure I have the small mixer you hold in your hands but I want the heavy duty kind. The kitchenaid mixer, I mean I have 5 kids and a very large family and with the holidays this would definitely be a time saver. I’m tired of mixing and mixing or mashing. Now is your chance to win this beautiful mixer. Want it? Enter by filling out the widget below.
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Thanks and Giving Back

November 1, 2014 By · 80 Comments

Disclosure: This giveaway is only being hosted here, I am in no way responsible for delivering the prize.


With the holidays so close and getting closer every day some of us are scrambling to figure out a way to make some more money for Christmas. Wouldn’t an Amazon Gift Card be great? I’m working with a group of bloggers for this giveaway, I’m just hosting it so hope you have fun and if you win come back and let me know. To spread the thanks, some of our favorite bloggers are participating in this giveaway which means you have even more ways to enter! Make sure you check out all of the entries and give them some love! For a full list of participating bloggers, please look below the widget.

November to me means a time when family gathers around, being thankful, shops and celebrates milestones. One of my sisters’ birthdays is later this month, as well as mine so lots of celebrating to do. Thanksgiving means lots of recipes popping up online and food to be served, but it also means I have to be edgy on everything served at the table as my oldest is allergic to Turkey. November is a time to begin or end your Christmas shopping, for me it’ll be the beginning. I want to take a moment to thank all of my readers at The Life of a Home Mom for your continuous support.
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Garage Door Survey Results and a $25 Giveaway

April 29, 2014 By · 139 Comments

How many of you have a garage? Chances are you are constantly using it without ever thinking of it either going out or what happens if it breaks one time. I know I didn’t, at least not until the day I went to pull it down from inside the garage and the metal door fell off the track and smacked me in the head. I immediately dropped to the ground, thankfully none of the kids were hurt but it did quite some damage to me, my neck, back and head hurt for quite some time…I got lucky. Not everyone else gets lucky like that, even if I did deal with some horrible pain.


Many people don’t even realize that with a simple little maintenance they can save themselves a lot of bills later on. A simple squeak of the wheel may mean it needs WD40 but if it isn’t done it can mean having to replace a wheel or the entire track later on.  Here are a few statistics for you:

“Home and vehicle maintenance and safety are two things you don’t neglect. You diligently change the batteries on your smoke alarms in the spring and fall.  You don’t neglect oil changes for your car.  But when was the last time you thought about maintenance on the heaviest moving appliance in your home, your garage door?  If you are like most of the homeowners recently surveyed by Harris Poll – you rarely, if ever, perform routine maintenance on your garage door.  And that can lead to inconvenience, or even injury.

The International Door Association (IDA), a trade association comprised of more than 2,000 door and access system dealers and installers worldwide asked Harris Poll to conduct a survey on their behalf of homeowners with garages.  The IDA would hope that homeowners consider maintenance of their garage door the same way the consider maintenance of their smoke alarms and cars – as a necessity for the overall care and safety of their home.”

  • 54 percent have never had a garage door and/or garage door opener safety check performed by a professional garage door/dealer installer
  • 47 percent have never had a garage door professional inspect or service their garage door(s)
  • 34 percent admit that no one in their household has ever personally tested the safety features of their garage door(s) and/or garage door opener(s)
  • 27 percent say that their garage door’(s) hinges and rollers have never been lubricated
  • 12 percent say that they are not at all sure when their garage door’(s) hinges and rollers were last lubricated

For a chance to win a $25 Visa Card click the survey link and come back here and let me know something you learned or read. Tell me one way you maintain your garage or a horror story for an extra bonus point. (must be a separate comment). Share this post and get another bonus. The winner will have 24 hours to respond.

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TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk Target Giveaway

February 4, 2014 By · 4 Comments

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for TruMoo as part of the Markerly Blogger Program.

My kids have already discovered #TruMoo milk both the original and of course chocolate and they have just found out that now there is a chocolate marshmallow being released for February. Imagine a better way to spend a cold wintry morning than by drinking a nice warm cup of hot chocolate made with TruMoo chocolate milk. For those of us in California, we aren’t getting too much of that cold stuff (but since I just moved from Indiana last year I know all about it and feel for those getting it) I still like chocolate and any chance of eating/drinking it I will. So this afternoon I asked the kids if they’d like to try it while doing their homework. I gave them a choice of hot or cold and of course they jumped for it. Currently our store is out of stock of the marshmallow flavored TruMoo milk, but that didn’t stop us, we just threw in extra marshmallows into our hot chocolate mix. To find out where the store nearest you has one check out the Store Locator.


Which way do you like to drink chocolate milk? Do you like it hot or cold? I, myself, like it ice cold after it has been in the fridge for a few hours at the least. Little A likes it hot with a few marshmallows added to it. The others don’t really care as long as they get it one way or the other. haha. I can’t say that I blame them, chocolate is chocolate right? Now I hadn’t thought about it before but later tonight I think I’m going to make a chocolate milkshake using TruMoo. Yummy!
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