Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway: Take a Break!

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(Disclosure: I bought this myself, however there are affiliate links in the giveaway)


I don’t know about you but as a mom and a parent I always need something to wake me up. There are some days I feel like I just don’t simply have the energy to make it through the entire day, other days I’m just fine. This week I have had one thing after another. Every day I drive to the high school to pick up my oldest because he has senior release, at the end of the day I drive back to pick up my daughter because of practice. Mind you that is just twice, this week I’ve had dental appointment, driving to the elementary because of a book sale, there is an award ceremony today, a choir concert and a play and that is just this week. haha. Yes, some days I definitely need something to help me keep going. I’m guessing I’m not the only one so I’m giving away a $15 Starbucks Gift Card. I’m sure someone here can use it because I can’t get near one myself.

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Now if I could just get them to build a Starbucks here in town I’d be doing great. 45 minutes is simply too far to drive in this heat, so guess it is off to the store I go to make my own fraps. Anyone got a nifty how-to recipe for me to make? This momma needs a break too.

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Black or White DVD Release & Giveaway

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Black or White is the story of a grandfather (Academy Award® winner Kevin Costner) who is suddenly left to care for his beloved granddaughter. When her paternal grandmother (Academy Award® winner Octavia Spencer) seeks custody with the help of her brother (Anthony Mackie), the little girl is torn between two families who love her deeply. With the best intentions at heart, both families fight for what they feel is right and are soon forced to confront their true feelings about race, forgiveness, and understanding. Anchored by an all-star cast and based on real events, the movie is a look at two seemingly different worlds, in which nothing is as simple as black or white.

I haven’t seen this movie myself, but the kids and I can’t wait for it to hit the store shelves so we can watch it. I have always loved Kevin Costner in his movies and I think this tear-jerker will definitely be a keeper.


PRIZE: Black or White Blu-ray DVD

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Extra entry: What’s your favorite scene from the trailer?

Deadline: May 19

These will be drawn through random.org and the winner will have 12 hours to respond before a new name is pulled. (homemom3@gmail.com) The company will be sending the winner the prize, not myself. Have a great day!

Disclosure: I will be sent the movie for compensation.

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Hallmark’s Mother’s Day Card Collection Giveaway #PutYourHeartToPaper

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Hallmark always has the perfect card no matter what the reason. I love that they have something for everyone, they don’t just make cards for the perfect mother/father/sister/brother or that perfect relationship with all the mooshiness. Instead they have your sentimental, the humorous and everything in between. I couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with for this Mother’s Day and once again they have not let me down. I was sent 10 cards, 5 from the Shoebox and Signature Collections.

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VeggieTales Noah’s Ark Review & Giveaway

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As an official Family Christian Blogger, I received a copy of the Noah’s Ark VeggieTales Movie to review.  All opinions/pictures are my own. 

I have been watching VeggieTales since SoccerBoy was 5 years old, he’s turning 18 at the end of March if that tells you anything. This has been one of the staples in my house even when I wasn’t attending church. I love the little stories they tell and how they relate to the bible. I was lucky enough to be asked to review the screener of VeggieTales Noah’s Ark and with all the recent Noah’s Ark movies that have come out in theater I had to see the VeggieTale version. (yes I knew it would have some dramatization, I mean there aren’t too many veggies that can talk) We have watched it as a family twice and today Nicoli (20 months old) is watching it as I type this. I love the fact that all my kids still love it (it teaches a message every time) and will sing the silly songs together.

About Noah’s Ark:

Noah and his family together with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. After 40 days and nights of rain, everyone’s faith has been tested, and they’re ready to jump ship. Will they chart a new course, or will they remember to trust God’s promises?

This was all about “God’s Plan” and how you must listen to it even when you think it might be crazy. I dno’t know how many of you out there question what he asks of you but I have. It starts right off with Noah’s son, Shem and his wife talking about starting their home and family on a bike ride, until they see the property and that Noah is up to something. They begin seeing 2 of every animal and as they get closer to the orange grove there is a giant boat (the Ark) in the middle of it. First, let me tell you the characters have changed slightly, by that I only mean the coloring and Bob the Tomato is thinner, these were a few things my kids noticed.

Little A (age 7) loved God’s promise with the rainbow because it was so beautiful and meant he’d never do it again.

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Electric Dog Fence Benefits & a Giveaway

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I am only posting this in an effort to help some of ya’ll win some Amazon cash. How many of you could use $50 Amazon Gift cards? I don’t know about you but I would love to win an amazon gift card. So for this giveaway we are talking about the four benefits of installing an electric dog fence. How many of you have one?


I don’t own a dog, actually I currently do not have any pets. But I grew up with dogs and some days I wish we had something like this. Why? I had a number of dogs growing up but I remember a time we had just moved into a new city and our three dogs got out. If we had an electric fence it probably never would have happened. They pushed open the gate and ran, only one came back that first night but the other two would take much longer. After a week one of the other two came back but we would not see the third dog, my favorite one, for almost 6 months and by the time we did he ended up with mange.

1.  It keeps the dogs in.

2. It can be cheaper than a traditional fence. Traditional fences can go from hundreds to thousands while an electric fence can be as low as $300.

3.  It can be added on without having to buy a whole lot of materials.

4.  Makes it easier for you to keep a nice yard. Just think you’ll no longer have to worry about weed eatting all that grass that grows into the fence.

Enter to win the $50 Amazon Gift Card from FabGrandma

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