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Lugz Footwear Make Great Shoes

December 13, 2017 By · 64 Comments

This year I decided it was time to have a man doing some of these reviews on The Life of a Home Mom, so one of the first things I searched for a man’s gift were shoes. I don’t know about your man but mine will use the same shoes until there are holes in them as he is always making sure everyone else is taken care of. I asked Lugz if I could try a pair of their boots out, I mean I knew the ladies footwear was awesome. Am I right? I love my boots that I have got from them in the past and highly recommend them to everyone that asks. So, let’s try a man’s shoe this year.

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NCircle Entertainment Halloween Movies: Flash Giveaway

October 30, 2017 By · 31 Comments

Disclosure: The blogger was provided samples for this review, no other compensation. She thought you’d love a chance to win movies.

Houdini- Little A loved that the kid was trying to stop the evil magician with his own magic tricks he was learning and didn’t use the ones the evil one knew.  By the way, he watched it about 5 times.

Twelve-year-old Harry has lived and breathed magic since his early childhood. The problem is that his hometown, Appletown, is not the best place for his natural talent to blossom. Although he rehearses endlessly in his parents’ barn he realizes that his dream is just that a dream. One day Harry catches the glimpse of a chance: the New York mayor has announced a magic competition due to the official opening of the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, there is a slight problem with this competition, in order to try out one must be trained by a real magician. Poor Harry doesn’t know a single one. Until Harry s father runs into the magician, the Great Tesla, in town and Tesla promises to see Harry. Despite the young boy s lack of knowledge Tesla spots talent, creativity and boldness in Harry. He decides to give him a chance and invites him to his own home, accompanied by his niece, Beth, and his assistant, Amrold. Tesla will teach Harry the basics of magic, his tricks but will also test him. Will Harry be strong enough to become a true magician?

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NCircle Entertainment Younger Kid Halloween Movie Giveaway

October 20, 2017 By · 63 Comments

Disclosure: I was sent the movies below for our review & a giveaway. The winner will be sent the prize by the company, that is not the responsibility of the blogger. I wrote this up knowing a few readers would absolutely love these movies for their little ones.

Nicoli liked watching all four of these movies picked out by NCircle Entertainment as October Selections, but I think he had two ultimate favorites: Sid and ABC Monsters! He loves learning and talking about the alphabet so watching them come to life and run around on the screen was a definite win for him. This is a great selection for those little preschoolers or those just starting out in school.

ABC Monsters: Starring VWXYZ
Release Date: 10/03/2017

Twenty-six cuddly ABC Monsters live within the walls of Capital Castle. Each monster represents a letter of the alphabet, but should any of the monsters go missing for longer than a day, all the letters will be wiped clean from every book in Capital Town!

In this DVD, embark on adventures with Alice, Brian, and Cherry Berry to search high and low for the letters V, W, X, Y, and Z. It’s a very windy day in Capital Town. After checking the ABC Monsters, it seems that one of them is missing – W-Monster! So Alice, Brian, and Cherry Berry head into town in hopes of finding their missing friend, W-Monster. Along the way they meet, Wanda the Weaver, Wendy the Window Cleaner and then Willie Webster. Hopefully, one of them will be able to help Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry find W-Monster during this windy day.

Get set for a spellbinding series of magical adventures that engages preschool children’s imaginations, while making learning exciting and entertaining.

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Sick Just Got Real on Your Summer Trip

July 11, 2017 By · 208 Comments

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

So many families are traveling during the summer, whether it is to go see family and friends are taking a trip to amusement parks, National Forests, just for fun, or moving. What does this mean? Typically it means coming in contact with lots of people you don’t know. This goes for kids too. For those that may realize this is just like when a child first starts back at school, there are those unlucky few that get sick that first week that it starts because of all those germs coming in contact with them.  How many of you have either ended up sick on a trip or had a child that did? Have you dealt with Sick Just Got Real during your trips?

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Jack N Jill Dino Gift Kit Giveaway!

June 24, 2017 By · No Comments

This post contains affiliate links if clicked on I may receive a small commission to support this blog.

Jack N Jill Dino Gift Kit Giveaway

Welcome to the Jack N Jill Dino Gift Kit Giveaway!

Winner receives Jack N Jill Dino Gift Kit including organic toothpaste, storage cup, bio toothbrush, silicone finger brush, and sleepover bag. This is an adorable set and if you have a little boy like I do they are going to get a kick out of seeing them every day.
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