What Do You Like?

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You come here every week and read up about my life and the reviews I post, sometimes you enter my giveaways. Today though, I want to ask you something.

What do you like the most about my blog?
1. the stories about my life
2. the reviews
3. the giveaways

I would also like to ask you what you’d like to see in upcoming posts.
1. News stories about families, moms, etc
2. Articles about making money online
3. More giveaways
4. more life stories
5. something else. (please discuss what here)

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Words That’ll Make You SCREAM

August 7, 2010 By · 2 Comments

This topic is going to be all about BlogHer, Class and Shopping with Kids and if those three phrases didn’t make you break out a sweat or scream I don’t know what will. Okay well maybe this will do it….I went school shopping with all four kids today. Where did we go?  Walmart of course because they have cheap prices and I like to save money when I can. Since we only have a week before schoolstarts (less than that since they go back on Thursday) there isn’t much time left to grab those clothes, supplies, pay the school book bills (Did you know that only three states in the United States charge for renting school books? Indiana is one of them) I had the kids pick out two outfits each. Not to worry they’ll get more next week, shhh don’t tell them. (Geez I hope they aren’t reading my blog today.) I wanted them to try on the outfits for me, since daddy wasn’t here I had to wait outside the fitting room with Little A and wait for all three of the older to try on outfits. We were there (in the store) for well over three hours. Ugh! Ready to pull your hair out yet?

No? Okay, well imagine for the very last class homework (College) assignment you have to do an oral presentation online. Yep, that’s what I had to do tonight. So on top of a frazzled day of shopping (even though they were on their best behavior I still hate seeing the price at the register to go over $200) I had a voice that was going in and out, I’m still not over that darn cold so I have moments where I have no voice what-so-ever. Now my horror of talking and having it record was coming up. I use to love doing speeches but not like this. I did it, but went .27 seconds over so not sure how I did. Still with me?

BlogHer ’10 is currently going on in New York City, which I had really hoped it would be somewhere near me next year so I could DEFINITELY go. I found out after reading my blog buddy’s blog, “Mrs.Day” that it has been announced that “BlogHer ’11 will in fact be in San Diego, California. I’m not sure if I can go but I figure I could kill a bunch of birds with that trip. Why? Hmmm, I have family near San Diego, some in the Mojave Desert, LA and of course the hubby has some in Northern California and Vegas. So this might be possible. It would be pretty cool to meet some of the bloggers and PR people I’ve done business with over the years. Erica, of “Mrs.Day” is talking about trying to go too. I would love to meet her, she seems like a lot of fun and gives it to you straight.

Lets go over to to Mrs.Day blog and take a peek. She introduces herself as not being a domestic goddess, which makes me laugh because by no means am I. In fact the kids will joke that I’ll burn down the house if I cook, truth is I’ve never burned down the house, however I have had to take out all the batteries to the smoke detectors when I do because they are so darn sensitive. She even got married March 30th, the day after SoccerBoy turned 13, and it was to her very first boyfriend. Oh and by this I mean they reconnected after 20 years. Wow, imagine running into your old high school sweetheart after 20 years, falling back in love and getting married?  It sounds sweet, truth is I’ve been with mine now for 14 years. I hope Mr & Mrs Day share 14+ years together full of happy memories. The part that really makes me smile was in her comment section, her new stepson wrote how happy he was to have her as his mom. SOOOO SWEET!

Now before she got married she already had one son but when they married she was welcomed by 5 more boys. Read her post on how she keeps a bit of femininity into a house full of boys. Don’t forget to tell her I sent ya. 🙂 Enjoy. Will you be going to Blogher 11?

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How to Make Your Email Hyperlinked

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How many of you have your email on your blog somewhere? I was asked yesterday why I didn’t make it into a hyper-link. Truth is I haven’t played with html in a few years, not since I had my own book review site. I guess it would be helpful to some of those that just like to click the email link and send a message.

After going through some OLD emails to myself, yes I send emails to myself to remind myself of things later on in years…..ya never know if a computer will die or explode but email is always there. I found the email that told me how to make a hyper-link email. Ready?


I also found a website that has a lot of fun Hyperlink things you can do, from changing the color of your writing to opening links in a new window instead of the same one. I hope this helps someone out there.

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Day 10-15: 31 Days to a Better Blog

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Wow, I was very busy getting caught up this weekend since no one ever comes outside where I live due to the heat. Kids were watching movies or playing video games all day. So lets discuss what I learned over the past week from Days 10-15.

10: Get Alerts- This wasn’t hard for me as I have used Google Alerts for several years now for celebrity blogging. But since I am focusing on this blog I set up alerts for: Homemom, home moms, kids, product reviews, mommy, mommy blogger and Life of a Home Mom. Do you have any alerts?

11:  Come up with post ideas- This was a fun one for me. As a freelance writer we tend to use those bubble games and brainstorming techniques. But I had never thought of using my last 5 posts to create 5 more ideas with a positive and a negative side of things. I have a lot of different posts coming up using this technique.  What are some ways you come up with ideas? Another fun thing I do is use one word and tell the kids and see what things they come up with…hey it works.

12: Design an editorial calendar- I couldn’t get the wordpress plugin to work the way I wanted. However I’m writing down my ideas on paper and then will write them up, send out press release requests and post my editorial calendar on my blog in order to help others and keep as a reminder. I also use the pre-post scheduling on wordpress to help out. Have you made an editorial calendar?

13: Take a trip to the mall and easedrop- I haven’t been to the mall yet, as I’m doing that this weekend. (had to wait until I got paid because why else go to the mall with kids) But I have been to a gas station, walmart and signing kids up at school. By going I listened to others discuss issues, ideas, etc which of course gave me plenty of material for Back to school articles. Fun, fun. What have you heard lately?

14: Update a Key Page on Your Blog- I updated my About and Contact page for readers to get in touch with me or learn more about the site. I’m always open to suggestions. Got any?

15:  Get a blog buddy- I do have one blog buddy, her blog is  “Mrs.Day.”  I do want to reach out and say I’d love to have a few more. Looking for at least 1 mommy blogger, 1 product review blogger and 2 of any other type.  Want to be my buddy?

My idea on blog buddies. We would comment on each others posts, encourage each other to continue to post. If one doesn’t post, email and find out if everything is okay or if they need a bit of brainstorming to get through writer’s block. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook and help promote their site by posting links every now and then.

Now to catch up to the rest of the #31DBBBers. How are you doing?

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Day 9: Joining Communities

August 1, 2010 By · 5 Comments

It is funny because online I can get out there and make friends but the truth is I rarely leave my house or if I do it is to hang out with the kids, take a walk etc. I really think what I need to do is join communities in my town as well as online. Today’s lesson is to get yourself out there and get to know those in your niche field. One way to do this is find a forum in your niche, I decided to head on over to “The Blog Frog” and look around. I found a few mommy communities and posted some threads.

I joined MckMamas forum and posted my first thread there, “How do you deal: A child Pulling Items off Store Shelves” yesterday. Today I woke up to see 5 responses from other mothers that have been in similar situations.

Some bloggers will open their own forums on their blogs. Every Monday 1000 Reasons I’m a bad mom Blog is going to open “My Confessions” where bloggers can post their secret confessions. I like this because as a mom we all do something we want to confess about, even if it is eating the youngest leftover food, or secretly putting the toys in their correct spots even after the kids have already done it.

Currently my favorite forum is the Sitsgirls group where I’m taking the 31DBBB challenge. This group is so supportive and likes to visit and leave comments on your blog. Who wouldn’t love that?

Have you joined any forums lately? What are some of your favorite forums?

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