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Accident Prone Kid or Something Else?

October 14, 2013 By · 1 Comment

What’s sucks is when you have a parent that is so accident prone that it seems to be a genetic thing. Right? Can being accident prone be something that is carried down from one generation to the next? I’m actually serious, I know as a kid I was always falling down or bruising easily but with that in mind I was also in track and cross country. In track I did the high jump and was constantly hitting the metal bar and bruising myself so there was an actual excuse, as an adult I just bump into things and bruise. Don’t ask me why it just happens.

I have kids that seem to be be magnets to getting hurt, but the one that never did is suddenly getting hurt constantly but not at home…instead it is at school. Last week Little A (age 6 and before you say it yes I know that age tends to get hurt a lot) came home in two of those big bandages like you’d wear for your whole knee cap or something. One was on his left elbow and the other he showed me by lifting his shirt, it was on his left side. He explained to me that he was playing tag at recess (which I’ve been told they are not allowed to do) and was pushed down on the ground during it. OUCH. I never got a phone call, but I know schools can be busy too.

Today I did get a call, this time it was the nurses office. Little A was at recess coming back to class when another kid was rushing to his own class, this other kid had a stick and poked Little A in the eye with it. Little A is currently in the nurses office with an ice pack on his eye, she says it is really red and will probably get worse before he is home but wanted me to know about it.

Is this a kids will be kids or do I need to start watching more? What do you think? Or just accident prone? I’ll update after I see my poor little guy.

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  1. I would always keep an eye on what is going on and chalk it up to being accident prone unless a specific pattern starts to emerge to signify anything else.

    I am VERY accident prone and so is my mother, it is a running joke in our family that we can literally fall over nothing! She once broke her arm just walking around a church fair and randomly falling over, and she once fell off a bus seat with my sister on her lap when the bus went around a corner – we were all on the bus, it was one of those memorable moments she’s never lived down!

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